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OMFG One Million Fatal Guns Guns and Traits

Welcome to OMFG One Million Fatal Guns! In this guide, we tried to explain the guns and their traits detail in OMFG One Million Fatal Guns.

Hello everyone from our OMFG One Million Fatal Guns Guns and Traits guide. OMFG One Million Lethal Weapons is a fast-paced, hyperbolic, roguelike first-person shooter! There were times in this adventure where you took a gun and saw a feature on the gun and told you what it was for. In this guide, we tried to explain the weapons and their features in detail.

OMFG One Million Fatal Guns Guns and Traits

Welcome to our OMFG One Million Fatal Guns Guns and Traits guide. There have been times when you buy a gun and see a feature on the gun and say what it does. Here in this guide, we tried to explain the guns and their traits in detail.


Well first thing we’re going to talk about are the guns you can obtain in this game. We’re going to say them in order you get them in game.

  • (Pistol, Revolver, SMG.) Stage 1&2
  • (Shotgun.) Stage 3
  • (Assault Rifle.) Stage 4
  • (Assault Shotgun.) Stage 5
  • (Minigun.) Stage 6
  • (Double barrel shotgun.) Stage 7

Traits / Prefixes

Now talking about the actual reason on why we’re making this guide. We’re going to tell you which name does which. A-Z

  • Auto Aiming – A cross hair will be on the screen and then the bullets will go in the way the cross hair is aiming. So if there a wall in the way it will hit the wall.
  • Accurate -The spread on gun is greatly decreased but does not work on shotguns. So no sniper shotguns sadly. 🙁
  • Abundant – Its just Copius but with a different name.
  • BIG – gun is now BIG
  • Corrosive – Gives the gun poison damage but when you kill them it drop a poison puddle which cant hurt you.
  • Copius – Increases the chance on droping a gun from enemies and crates. Honestly This is just a guess because of the name Copius like copy so it makes more copy’s of guns. Idk that’s my guess. The wiki does not know either.
  • Double Points -Well it Double’s the points. What do you think it does.
  • Explosive – Make bullet go bomb hehe
  • Editorial – Turns the bullets into words like Fatal,Final,and Fancy. And it slows the bullets down a ton.
  • Filmic – Changes how the screen looks like changing the grain and the VFX.
  • Feeble – The damage on the gun goes down
  • Fully Loaded – All of the ammo in the gun is inside one mag.
  • Focused – Enemies,Crates,Bullets,And explosives are colored but everything other then that is gray.
  • Frozen – Freezes enemies that you shoot in place for a little then they let it go. 🙂
  • Flaming – Burning enemies that you shoot and does damage overtime.
  • Glass – Turns your gun to glass. Just cosmetic
  • Golden – Turns the gun into gold and oneshots anything but only has one mag.
  • Homing – Like Auto Aiming but instead the bullets come out of the gun then homes in on a enemy instead on bullet auto looks on the enemy before shooting.
  • Hot n Ready – When you swap your gun it reloads it.
  • Infested – Gives the gun poison damage and apon death they drop a robot spider that goes to a
    enemy and explodes.
  • Merciless – its like Wild Shot but on Automatics shoots two bullets at a time. Kinda like Double tap in COD zombies.
  • Punchy – A little bit more damage and stuns smaller and weaker enemies. Does not work on big boys.
  • Plasma – Bullets are now no longer bullets and now big green balls that are slow.
  • Party Time – Your gun now has RBG lights.
  • Powerful – Bullets now do big damage.
  • Paper Thin – Guns are now well paper thin. Cosmetic nothing in game.
  • Quick Fire – Guns shoot faster now
  • Quick Draw – Guns Reloads faster
  • Retro – Guns are now 64 bits. 32 bits. 16 bits. 8 Bit! 4 BIT!! 2 BIT!!!!! 1 BIT!!!!!!!!! HALF A BIT!!!!!!!!!!!! No, its just 8-bit style. Cosmetic Nothing game-changing.
  • Recoiling – The gun does NOT go up when you shoot it but you get pushed back when you shoot. Pretty far too.
  • Standard issue – basic, normal, straightforward, OG gun.
  • Spider Queen – Bullets are now Robot spiders. Honestly my favorite Trait.
  • Spelunking – Turns the game into a horror game. Makes the room very dark and the gun points out a flash light.
  • Smol – gun is now smol (no its not a typo its the name of the trait.)
  • Shock – Bullets now shock enemies which makes them spin a circle for a little.
  • Sharpshooter – The spread is almost completely gone. So you turn into my dream skill in valorant. (joke being my aim sucks in valorant.)
  • Triple Points – look its in the name.
  • Unstoppable – Turns the gun “Unstoppable.” (look not even the wiki knows what it does.)
  • Wide Spread – Does the opposite of what Sharpshooter does. Spread is increased but does not go on shotguns.
  • Wild Shot – Its just double tap from COD zombies but only works on pistols and Revolvers (Double tap shoots two bullets then one.)

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