Death Must Die Beginner Tips and Tricks

Death, slave armies, elections, new heroes and more! Welcome to Death Must Die. If you have just started this adventure, you will need a lot of information and tips. Here this Death Must Die beginner’s guide will show you all the tips and tricks.

This is the guide FritzTheFascist it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Death Must Die Beginner Tips and Tricks

This Death Must Die Beginner Tips and Tricks guide’s purpose is just to pass along information that may be helpful to those playing the game for the first time and hold some tips!

First Things First

You are going to die, a lot. This game is rogue-like, so multiple attempts are expected to have happen. That’s okay! The first class you will have will be Avoron, the Knight. As you unlock more characters you can switch between them at the campfire area.

The following are the classes you will unlock with more runs under your belt. Next to them will be listed their armor types:

• Avoron – The Knight – Heavy
• Merris – The Sorceress – Light
• Nixi – The Assassin – Light
• Kront – The Barbarian – Heavy
• Skadi – The Warrior – Medium

Beginner Tips and Tricks in Death Must Die

As you can see in the image above, there are Signs you need to complete to unlock these perks that can improve your characters and give you an edge in combat.

As you continue to play you will unlock 2 other areas that are of some use, the Library and the Scriveners.

Beginner Tips and Tricks in Death Must Die

The Library is used for storing books that you may come across from Library Shelves in the runs. These books contain lore and are useful for delving into the lore of the game.

Beginner Tips and Tricks in Death Must Die

The Scriveners are just the Achievements you can see in game but also show what perks you can unlock for each class and a description of the unlock requirements for them.

Time Limit?

Each run consists of 20 minutes at most (Not counting time after the Baron Fight begins). The following is the timetables of when events will occur in your run:

• 00:00 – Run Begins.
• 04:00 – Black Square Trap & Green Ooze Horde spawns.
• 07:00 – The Hand Barons Bosses spawn. (Left and Right)
• 12:00 – Blue Ooze Horde spawns.
• 14:00 – Necromancer Boss spawns.
• 17:00 – Black Square Trap & Shielded Enemy Horde spawns.
• 19:00 – Massive Skeleton Horde spawns.
• 20:00 – Baron Boss Spawns.

The Shop

Here in the shop there is a lovely trick that took me some time to realize personally (as I am special to say the least). At the bottom of the shop there is a tab called Reserved (See Image)

Beginner Tips and Tricks in Death Must Die

This Reserved shelf allows you to save items you want to pick up but do not have the coin for yet. Reason for this is because after every run attempt you make the shop refreshes and new stock appears to replace the old! As you can see, I have several items I am saving currently as I am broke at the time of writing.

Dice? Where is my roll for initiative?

Dice are used to help you in your run. They are added from armor/weapons in their descriptions and are used at your discretion. They refresh upon each run your partake in. There are 3 types of dice you need to be aware of:

Banish Dice – Banish dice prevent a god blessing of your choice (from the three that appear) from popping up in your feed again for that attempt. But you need to know, it prevents all rarities from doing so as well. So, if you banish a Novice level of Execution, you will not see any other levels of Execution for the remainder of that run.

Reroll Dice – This is the number of times you can reroll the god’s blessings before you and get potentially three new choices.

Alteration Dice – This is the number of times you can select a new god’s blessings in your run. This is important to know as you can only have three unique gods of your choice (Along with the Fates, but we will cover that more shortly) in a run at one time. These dice help you adjust the run more to your liking and leave it less to chance.

List of Gods & Goddesses

Working on it ATM.

Funny Status from Abilities

Some of the abilities you chose from the selected God or Goddess will have unique attributes that feed into their other abilities. These are listed below (and also are listed on the abilities themselves by using the show more button, ALT for K&M users):

Weakened – Affected deals -30.0% less total damage.
Cursed – Affected takes 66 damage after 1.6 seconds. Cursed damage scales 3x from spell damage bonuses.
Burning – Affected takes 30 damage and loses 1% of its life per second.
Ruptured – Affected takes 30 damage for every 1 range they move and 300 damage for every 1 range of knockback.
Knockback – A knockbacked enemy is pushed away form the source knockbacking it.

Written by FritzTheFascist

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