Death Must Die: How to Get Sign of the Grasshopper

Learn How to Get the Sign of the Grasshoper in a few easy steps!

In this guide, I’ll explain how to get Sign of The Grasshopper in Death Must Die.

How to Get Sign of the Grasshopper Achievement

Unlock “The Sign of The Grasshopper” Achievement with 4 dashes as Nixi. Follow these methods:

The Sign of the Grasshopper

Method 1: Equip “Rushing Footwear of Vigor” for +1 Dash. With these boots, find “Fleet-Footed” or “Totem of the Hare” for an extra dash.

Method 2: Discover “Fleet-Footed” and “Totem of the Hare.” Dash your way to success!

Totem of the Hare
Totem of the Hare

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