Lacey’s Wardrobe: All Endings Guide

Reach All endings in this guide, hidden in vague hints. No spoilers! Save often; Ren'py engine offers tons of saves for a smoother journey.

Welcome to our guide where we explain how to reach all the endings in Lacey’s Wardrobe. Below you can find a separate guide for each ending. This guide was created by rexxor04. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Lacey’s Wardrobe Endings Guide

This is a guide to all the endings of the game, they are quite hidden as the hints are pretty vague. I have tried not to spoil them or their respective scenes. Please, save, save a lot, Ren’py (the game engine) allows a hell of a lot of saves, make good use of them.

1st ending

The first important choice is at the 3rd dress-up, at night, where the stalker calls you and knocks on your door. To get the 1st ending, don’t dress up, and simply advance the game.

Making progress

To further advance (and not die), it is needed to dress up like this at the previous mentioned section.

Lacey's Wardrobe 1. Ending

2nd ending

We just survived. Hooray. Now continue until you are given a gift, accept it.

Lacey's Wardrobe 2. Ending

Take a guess on what will happen

Not dying

  • That means the “right” choice is to not accept the gift, the way you dress does not matter.

Lacey's Wardrobe Not Dying

3rd ending

  • We have been invited to a party, how nice. Don’t go
  • You are given around 15 seconds to dress up, some of the accesories will glitch out to make it harder for you to fully dress in time.

Lacey's Wardrobe 3. Ending

If the timer runs out, well…


To complete this section, you MUST dress all red and be quick at doing so. This is the way you should dress:

Lacey's Wardrobe Red

Things get messy

  • Our beloved friend just died, now we have to attend her funeral.
  • Our clothing choice here doesn’t seem to matter. But I dressed her like this:

Lacey's Wardrobe things messy ending

Lending a hand to our friend

  • In this section, we’ll have to help our friend, yes, we will dress the corpse of our beloved friend. Such an honor!!!
  • Depending on the set of clothes we use, her family will be pleased or upset, sending us off early.

These clothes are for the first option:

Lacey's Wardrobe friend ending

4th ending

  • Our good deeds have placed us in a pleasant situation with the family, so we are a little late returning home.
  • Who would have thought that such a small decision would have brought such consequences.
  • There is noting else you can do to save yourself.

Lacey's Wardrobe 4. Ending

Endings 5 & 6

If we decide that this is the best way to dress the corpse of our friend, then we will upset the family and get back home early.
Lacey's Wardrobe All Endings

  • At home, Lacey will start talking to us, even asking our name.
  • We are then given the choice of continuing to play or closing the game when she asks us to do so.
  • If we choose to ignore her, the game will automatically close and when it reopens, we will see a change in the main menu. This will allow us to play again, but Lacey will suffer forever.
  • If we decide to listen to her and close the game, she’ll be free. The next time we open the game, we’re locked out because there is no Lacey.
  • I won’t spoil the images, you’ll know which ending you’ve got from your menu screen.

About the Game Endings

Not too long ago, ghosttundra, a YouTube channel, dropped a video featuring a game called “Lacey’s Wardrobe,” and its peculiar storyline quickly became an internet sensation. Despite its initial appearance as a classic 2000s dress-up game, it turned out to be anything but ordinary.

Viewers were bewildered and scoured the web in hopes of finding this elusive game, only to discover that it never actually existed. The video was nothing more than a faux gameplay created by the YouTube channel’s owner.

This fangame sets out to resurrect that analog horror for fans, lost-media enthusiasts, and anyone curious enough to delve into what “Lacey’s Wardrobe” might have been in a real game. All the art is meticulously crafted from scratch, introducing plenty of new content.

For tips on unlocking endings or any other game-related matters, check out the Twitter account @veratrumgames.

Game Story:

Meet Lacey, a highly sociable and active girl whose schedule is jam-packed with exciting places to visit (sounds awesome, right?). The only hitch – each place demands the perfect outfit, a responsibility too overwhelming for Lacey. She needs your help.

And that’s where you step in! Think you can pick the prettiest clothes for every occasion? Dress up Lacey and create unique moments with her!


  1. Sensational Strategy: Just as love is a serious matter, deciding which shoes pair well with that skirt is a matter of life or death. Ponder each outfit choice carefully!
  2. Multiple Endings: With a plethora of clothing options, why not have multiple endings? Play continuously to unveil all six endings!
  3. A Charming Protagonist: Lacey will adore that you’re playing alongside her!
  4. Unique Art and Soundtracks: Dive into eye-catching colors and immerse yourself in spectacular ambient music.


What a game. I was no stranger to the series, so I already knew what I was getting into, and really enjoyed every second of it. Some stuff I’d like to talk about, since this game literally came out today, there may be some things or interactions I missed, so I’d really appreciate if you have something to say, like another way of getting this done, some secrets or just your thoughts about it.

I’m no sure if this was a feature, but sometimes the game loads me to some random area with a specifically dressed Lacey… happened quite a bit at the end of the game, and actually creeped me out lmao. I geniunely thought this game was cursed, I had no idea on how to get out of the missing Lacey menu, delete everything, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. I simply had to press F1 to load a save… I felt really dumb after that. Well, hope you liked my first ever guide, if you have any suggestions, or anything you want to say really, please, do so. Thanks a lot for checking it out!!!

Written by grexxor04

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