DEATHLOOP Archives Gate Code

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Deathloop, like many other Arkane games, is full of secrets locked behind doors and safes, and you’ll need to locate codes using various methods to uncover these prizes. Unfortunately, we cannot just give you the codes, because all codes are randomized for every playthrough. Instead, this page contains information on where to find the location of codes for locked doors and safes.

Some codes can be found by reading certain notes left behind, while others are scrawled on walls, and may require you to solve small puzzles to figure out where they are and how they can be used!

DEATHLOOP Archives Gate Code

Updaam Code Locations

This section contains codes for all safes and doors located in the Updaam district of Blackreef.

Archives Gate

As you exit the upper tunnels into Updaam, there’s a narrow alley path leading down a flight of stairs to a large archway with a gate that blocks your path towards the Moxie and the lower tunnel entrances.

To unlock this gate, read the note on the other side of the gate that mentions a bug where incoming telephone calls to the booth above trigger the gate to open. Climb up to the balcony above or aim your Hackamajig at the booth and disrupt the ones nearest the gate, and the you’ll see the buttons flash on the lock before the gate opens – giving you the code discovery.

Unlocks: Shortcut between tunnels.

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