DEATHLOOP Colt’s Safe Code

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Deathloop, like many other Arkane games, is full of secrets locked behind doors and safes, and you’ll need to locate codes using various methods to uncover these prizes. Unfortunately, we cannot just give you the codes, because all codes are randomized for every playthrough. Instead, this page contains information on where to find the location of codes for locked doors and safes.

Some codes can be found by reading certain notes left behind, while others are scrawled on walls, and may require you to solve small puzzles to figure out where they are and how they can be used!

DEATHLOOP Colt’s Safe Code

As part of the tutorial, you’ll find a locked safe in Colt’s flat in Updaam in the middle of the room just past your personal terminal. You’ll later learn that the safe holds the LPP, and that it used to be stored in the Security Office located at Fristad Rocks out on the water.

Head into the Security Office by hacking the door controls through the window, and look for an empty hole where the safe used to be for a note, which will tell you the code.

Unlocks: The Loop Protection Protocol Note (Available in the Morning).

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