DeathSpank Thongs Of Virtue Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Looking for a guide to conquer DeathSpank Thongs Of Virtue? You're in luck! Our guide covers missions, checkpoints, side quests, and more. Check it out for all the details.

In need of a walkthrough guide to achieve success in DeathSpank Thongs Of Virtue? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve explained missions, checkpoints, side quests for leveling up, and much more in our DeathSpank Thongs Of Virtue Walkthrough and Achievements guide. Take a look at our guide for details.

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DeathSpank Thongs Of Virtue Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

All achievements can be gotten in 1 playthrough besides from reloading checkpoints (endings etc). In this DeathSpank Thongs Of Virtue Walkthrough and Achievements Guide will show that! In the game you often find ‘Fortune Cookies’ (lucky cookies), which you can use to get individual tips on the quests. Use outhouse / toilets to teleport to each any area (once found and activated).

There is 1 achievement that you MUST get before doing a certain quest, and 1 that is missable (next point below) otherwise you won’t be able to get it on that playthrough and will need to start a new game. The achievement is Primp V.I.P. and tips on how to unlock it at shown below. Just about everything else else can be achieved without having to worry about doing another playthrough, even the two endings achievement, since you can just reload a checkpoint.

Konichiwa is also missable if you do not speak with the Japanese judge before you start the cook-off. In some games during the fight with Wortten, she’ll take the judge and eat him and if you did not speak with the judge beforehand and went straight to the orphan, the book on how to learn Japanese will not become available and you will need to do another playthrough.

The achievements are in an order that follow the story. So it’s walkthrough game and which achievement you can get at that point.

Make sure you complete all side quests in the game to get your levels up (Achievement – A True Hero)

Orque Impostor

Head through the initial area until you end up in the POW camp and you’ll receive an initial quest to escape the POW camp. In order to get out of the POW camp, you’ll need to find a way to get past the guards. After speaking with the three POW soldiers in the POW yard, you’ll have a bunch of quests that need to be completed. These quests are:

Find an Item to Write With – You’ll complete this quest when you defeat the giant chicken in the Interrogation Isle and he drops a quill.

Collect an Orque Uniform – Although there are six separate quests including this one this is sort of like the main quest of the uniform quests. To complete this quest, you need to kill Jungle Beasts, which have the uniform items in their stomachs. Kill the whole group at the base of the jungle and you’ll have acquired the entire uniform set.

Find an Item to Use as Ink – When you’re on your way to the latrine, you’ll be ambushed by several squid. Eventually as you make your way up a larger squid will attack you. When you kill it it drops the ink that you’ll need to use.

Find Paper to Write On – As you enter the latrine, you’ll see a giant latrine goo monster at the top. Kill it and it’ll drop the toilet paper you can use as paper.

Learn the Secret Password – After you kill the Goo Monster, two orques will begin talking, you can’t miss it. They’ll say the secret password which you must remember when you are at the bridge.
Forge Orque ID – To complete this quest, go to your inventory and combine the quill and the ink and then combine the quill with the paper.

Once you have all this completed, go to your equipment section and equip all the orque armor in the appropriate slots. Once you’re finished, move towards the Outhouse at the top right and then next to it is the bridge. Make sure when the orque says the beginning line of the password you use the correct statement to finish it. The password is: ‘And The Mighty Orque Barks Back’.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Death Of A Penguin

The quest you need to complete for this achievement is ‘The Thong of Compassion’. (See Walkthrough below). The Evil Nun is found in the Sanctuary up in the north in the top right of the map just east of Strumfuquel. When you first reach the Sanctuary (image 1 below)you will be blocked by the Monk of Admittance.

To be able to get past the Monk you must be in critical condition (when you’re in critical condition hearts will blink on the screen while you hear the sound of a heart beat). After you get past the Monk you’ll walk up the stairs to see two monks arguing.

Convince them to go swim otherwise during the fight with the Nun they’ll join in to defend her. Finally, speak with the monk next to the door. Make sure that he goes inside twice. When he goes inside the second time you can enter.

You’ll need five red books to enter the basement, one of which is in the main Sanctuary room.

Red Books 2, 3 and 4 – These can be found in the library in the Le Beaux Kuckelle library.

Red Book 5 – This book is found in the Tricore 7 area (Tricore 7 Outhouse). There is an opponent at the bridge towards Strumfuquel, whom you have to defeat.

After you’ve got all the books return to the Sanctuary and listen to the five Tourist Monks around the base of the Sanctuary. They’ll tell you the story of each God and therefore you’ll be able to have the dialog options that will make the Gods not hostile with you. After you’ve listened to them all go back inside the Sanctuary and go to the basement.

The Nun is covered in five force fields. You must deactivate all of them by going to each altar. Once that is completed, go to the Nun and the statues will ask you questions. Answer them correctly and not only will they not fight you, but the Evil Nun will not have their powers. The answers to their questions are:

  • Beatrice – It could take nine years and still cannot reach the perfection of your nose.
  • Lucy – I will give all that I have to the Downtrodden
  • Susan – It would make flowers bloom and birds sing
  • Albert – The last thing you ever lifted
  • Walter – You are not confusing me

If you do not listen to all of the Tourist Monks these choices might not be available and the statue will be hostile with you for what ever choice you’ve chosen so make sure you listen to all FIVE Tourist Monks.

The Nun is very simple to defeat. When attacking her use your block as much as possible in order to save health. If you run low on health at any time use a potion immediately and if you do not have a potion, try to run around her in circles as you eat food. Try to use a combination of attacks as that will give you your justice attack faster. Use your justice attacks when possible and the Nun will be dead in no time.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough
DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Witness the tragic fate of your fellow escapees, head on into the Orque army base and murdelate the Orque boss there with righteous Justice, then head through the newly opened gate and leave this area. In the next area, follow the jungle path and have a nice chat with Sandy. She’ll give you three quests to recover the Thong of Cuisine, the Thong of Generosity, and the Thong of Compassion. Speak to the outpost soldier just beyond Sandy for a couple of quest regarding the Comm tower and complete them. He’ll give you another quest to obtain the Orque battle plans. Head back west to complete this quest and return. Head to the western outpost and collect the bazooka from a soldier there. Use it to blow up the bomb and head to town. Take the outhouse back and return, then deliver the plans to the Army General at Fort Discharge. Proceed north from town and you automatically receive a quest to lower the Orque drawbridge. Head all the way north, then east and south to find the drawbridge controls.

Return to the now lowered bridge and cross it with a victorious spring in your step. Follow the road to the north-south crossroads and go south. Talk to the Thongolith Researcher near the Jungle Entrance Outhouse for the storyline quest Thongolith of Compassion, then explore the jungle area. When finished, speak to the Thongolith Researcher again to get the next story line quest, Thongolith of Cuisine. Return to the Greem Camp and take the southwest cave to the Mountain Base Outhouse. Follow the path around to Scurvyville. Talk to Captain Taint to receive several storyline quests of Justice. Enter the cave east of Scurvyville and follow a series of caves to bypass the Orque Barricade. Go back to Strunken’s Farm in the Destroyed City to get the lemon. Go back to the Snowy Mountains and follow the road to the Dark Forest. Follow the road through the forest to The Sanctuary. Convince the two monks in the Sanctuary to go skinnydipping, then follow them to Dark Forest Lake and steal their clothes. Put on the monk robes and enter the Sanctuary. No one will bother you in your monk robes, so grab the book on the floor and leave.

Leave the Sanctuary and follow the road north and west through the Dark Forest until you can’t go any farther. Kill Mr. Frangtrangle and take a red book from him. Teleport back to Le Beaux Kuckelle and check out three red books from the library, and return to the Sanctuary. Put your monk robes back on and enter. Before going inside, be sure to talk to the 5 Monks of Tourism about the 5 gods. Place the 5 red books on the pedestals and flip the switch to enter the catacombs. Head south, picking up any gun parts you come across. At the colored switches, activate them in the following order: brown, orange, red, brown, red, blue, yellow, green, yellow. Cross the bridge to the store room and collect all the gun parts you need to complete that storyline quest. In the Inner Chamber, shut off the colored beams at the end of each of the 5 corridors. Go back to the Evil Nun complete statue quest above.

Primp V.I.P.

Use the warp gate to leave this place and go to the Gate to the West, which is to the west. Talk to the Stagecoach Driver along the road and complete his quests to remove the blockade then proceed to Strumfuquel.

Head into Madam Primp’s Brothel and speak with her. Give her a set of the dog tags you’ve hopefully collected from the Jungle. Continue to request her services until you’ve seen all 20 of her costumes to unlock this missable achievement.

TIP – The chest, which is located in the room can only be opened with a suitable key. One should not try to open it without the key otherwise you will be attacked by it.

01) Totally traditional
02) Patty cake
03) Make heroic whoopie
04) The birds and the bees
05) Double by Prong
06) Bishops scepter
07) Gorilla’s wheelbarrow
08) Rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle
09)Saucy sasquatch
10) Isosecles inversion
11) The one-eyed pirate
12) Chunky peanut butter
13) Purple pagoda
14) Twirling fantastic
15) Spider monkey
16) The skillful zombie
17) Plaid bagpipe
18) Forbidden planet dance party
19) You must be this high to ride
20) The John Galt railway

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Well Educated

Next head into the Haunted Crotch and speak to Grimtub Hobblepotty to receive a storyline quest. Speak to the Engineer just southwest of Strumfuquel for a storyline quest and deliver the nitroglycerin. Continue west to meet the Stagecoach Driver again. Speak with him for another storyline quest to clear yet another blockade. Get the stagecoach wheels and return them to clear the blockade on the road.

Head north and west of the Red Bandito Camp to find the Thongolith of Cuisine. Use the instrument on it and collect the reading then return it to the Thong Researcher in Strumfuquel to complete a storyline quest. He’ll then give you another storyline quest.

Talk to the Engineer just north of Red Bandito Camp and accept his side quest, but don’t try to complete it yet. Follow the tracks west and turn south down the path toward Blood Mountain.

Follow the mountain path south, then west, then back north. When you get to the Shack Outhouse, go back to the engineer and get the dynamite. Use the nearby outhouse to teleport to the Shack Outhouse and quickly run the dynamite to the Conductor. You must do this side quest for an achievement later.

Head a little west along the tracks, talk to the Engineer again, and accept his side quest but do not attempt to complete it yet. First go get some Speed potions, then go west along the tracks to see where the Conductor is.

Return to the Engineer and get some acid, then use your Speed potions to quickly deliver it to the Conductor before the acid kills you. You must do this side quest for an achievement later. Follow the railroad tracks all the way west to the end. Talk to the Engineer there, then watch the cutscene and unlock this sweet achievement of Justice:

This next trophy is obtained after you have helped the engineer build a tunnel through a mountain. This is the LAST quest to do for him and you find yourself in Sierra Mountains (Wortten’s Outhouse). With this last quest there is no quest mark drawn on the map and you have to speak to the engineer directly. Before you can accept the last quest, you have to fulfil 3 quests. With all these quests you have to transport dangerous goods to clear the further way for the train. Alternatively, you can use the item ‘Outhouse Of Limited Teleportation’ for all quests, since you can choose any location for teleportation.

1) Nitro Run: Before you talk with the first conductor, make sure to clear out the tracks of all enemies. When you accept this quest, you’re given “nitro” and you can’t use your weapons, or get hit, otherwise the “nitro” will explode. When the track is cleared up to the first engineer, grab the ‘Nitro” and run to the engineer.

2) Dynamite Shuffle: This one is a little tricky. It’s a short distance, however, you’ll need to use the Outhouses. When you get to the blockage, you’ll notice that the engineer is on the other side of the rocks. even though you can go around with the dynamite, it would take too long and will explode. Once you have the side path already discovered, get the dynamite from the second conductor, use the outhouse to the right of the second conductor and travel to the closest Outhouse on the other side of the rock.

3) Acid Reflux: Use a Nature resist potion to carry the acid safely to the engineer.

After you’ve completed all this follow the tracks all the way down to the end of the map and you’ll see an engineer that is NOT highlighted walk up to him and talk and you’ll enter a cut scene with DeathSpank getting an education. After the cut scene is finished you’ll get the achievement.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough


The tunnel you create leads to a secret hidden room full of Orques named after the developers. Head east and north to Worrtens and enter the factory. Talk to the receptionist to get several story line quests. Enter the factory floor and make your way to the Infirmary.

Use the machine to take the drug test and pick up the test paper. Be sure to kill Orque ninjas along the way and collect their vests. Go the the Break Room next and grab the vest from the corkboard. If you don’t have 6 pieces of Flair yet, go to your inventory and press “X” to use some of the “torn vests” until you do. Combine the T.G.I.W. vest with 6 pieces of Flair. Leave this place and return to Strumfuquel.

Get a newspaper from the stand in front of the Haunted Crotch. Teleport to Le Beaux Kuckelle and go to the Library. Get a new library card with a birth date the same as what the newspaper says, then return to Strumfuquel. Talk to Tina at the taco stand and order the birthday cake to learn the birthday song. Return to Worrtens and turn everything in to the Receptionist. Grab your new ID card and head back into the factory. Make your way to Worrten’s Office and use your card to get in. Proceed through the puzzle traps and enter the Kitchen Arena.

You must do the next steps very precisely. Talk to Worrten when you reach the Kitchen Arena and she will challenge you to a cook off. When you’re done talking, go talk to the Japanese Judge at the top of the Kitchen Arena, then leave Worrtens. Teleport to Le Beaux Kuckelle and enter the Library. Search the shelves until you find the book Learning To Speak Japanese. Check it out and a cutscene will come up showing how DeathSpank learned Japanese ans achievement will pop

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

To Serve Man

Return to Worrtens and reenter the Kitchen Arena. Talk to the Japanese Judge again and he will tell you the food he likes, so tell it to the Bratty Orphan. Pick up the food and give it to the Judge. He will summon ninjas to attack Worrten. Give them a hand and kill her with lots of Justicey violence. When she goes down for good the achievement will pop. Be sure to pick up the liquor license that she drops.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Raise Your Mast

Leave this place and return to Strumfuquel. Deliver the liquor license to Grimtub Hobblepotty in the Haunted Crotch, and buy some rum from him.

Teleport to the Piratey Outhouse and turn in everything to Captain Taint in Scurvyville. Ask him about the keys then teleport to the Plaid Pete Outhouse.

Enter the cave, talk to Plaid Pete, then kill him and take the keys to the ship. Return to Scurvyville and talk to Captain Taint, then board the pirate ship and achievement will pop.

The quests are fairly simple and once you finish them you’ll be able to use the Pirate Ship to get to the North Pole and the other islands. The three quests you need to complete are:

1) Lemon – In order to prevent scurvy on the high seas, you will need some lemons. They can be found in Ima Strunken’s farm. You will need to separate Strunken and his wife, since Strunken will not let you have any. Just keep selecting the first dialog option and you’ll eventually lead them to get divorced. After he leaves, go back to Ima and ask her for the lemons. She’ll let you have them, and after you pick them up, return them to Captain Taint.

2) Keys to the Ship – To get the keys, you’ll need to kill Plaid Pete who is located in the cave west of Scurvyville. The cave does not have the cave icon on the map, but instead a skull. Once again, use the tactics you’ve used before on bosses and he’ll be a piece of cake. His ‘special ability’ is to pour liquor on you and get you drunk. You’ll know when you get drunk since the screen will start moving and pink monsters will appear. Kill all the monsters and you’ll return to normal.

3) Rum – To get the rum, you’ll need to go to the Haunted Crotch in Strumfuquel. The owner is Grimtub who will tell you that Wortten stole his liquor license. Kill Wortten using the technique in “To Serve Man” and you obtain the license. Return to Grimtub and then buy the rum.

Once you’ve done these three quests, return back to Captain Taint and he’ll say that you’re all set. Go straight until you reach the pirate ship and the achievement will pop.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

A True Hero

If you’ve been following the walkthrough and completing the side quests you have this achievement by now if not you should be VERY close the level cap in this game is 21.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Ruin Christmas

Sail to the middle of the ocean area and sail all around the coast of the North Pole to map it out and complete a storyline quest. Now we just need that chunk of gold.

Teleport to Strumfuquel and enter Madam Primps. Check the Odd-Shaped Chest go to Le Beaux Kuckelle and have a key made then go back to Madam Primps and open the chest.

You need to get her to change clothes before you can mess with the chest. When Madam Primp turns hostile kill her and take her Heart Of Gold.

Return to Le Beaux Kuckelle and turn everything in to the Army General at Fort Discharge. When you’re ready talk to the Army General to begin the invasion of the North Pole.

Head northwest to the Thongolith of Generosity and use the instrument to take a reading. Teleport to Strumfuquel and give the printout to the Thongolith Researcher. Return to the North Pole and head north to confront Santa. He’ll throw you in the dungeon. In the dungeon, locate the three numbered switches.

Manipulate the levers in this order: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1.

Cross the bridge to the right and emerge into the Reindeer Pen. Hope that Rudolph is in the Reindeer Pen or you won’t be able to complete the game. This achievement is glitched (Some times).

If Rudolph is not there let the reindeer kill you and respawn. Do not exit the game, or dashboard out. Keep trying the respawn method until Rudolph appears.

At any rate Kill Rudolph and grab the Reindeer Earmuffs. Be sure to equip them and return to Santa (the earmuffs will keep Santa from stunning you). Bring Justice to Santa and the achievement will pop.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

A Tale Of Two Endings

Leave here head back to Strumfuquel and talk to the Thongolith Researcher. Go into your inventory and use the miniature outhouse that the Researcher gave you to be teleported to Sandy’s secret base on the moon. Use the fire extinguisher to get through the purple fog barrier. Defeat the Space marines at the Altar of the Thong and move onward. At the end of the path have a chat with Sandy.

When you have to make a choice give Sandy your Thong. Go back to the main menu choose Continue. Head back to Sandy at the end of the moon base again only this time choose to fight her. Kill Sandy and the achievement will pop.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Mystic Transport

Find all 44 outhouses (image below)

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

Dispenser Of Justice

Simply kill every enemy you can. If you do not have this yet then I suggest grind to hit Red Orques Outhouse and clear out the Red Bandito Camp, hit Shack Outhouse and clear out the Blue Bandito Camp, hit Haunted Farm Outhouse and clear out Boot Hill and the White Bandito Camp then rinse and repeat until the achievement pops.

DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough
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