Lords of the Fallen Vestige Locations

In Lords of the Fallen, Vestiges are fast travel checkpoints. This guide describes the locations of all Vestiges and Vestige Seeds.

In Lords of the Fallen, the fast travel points are called Vestiges. Players can activate these checkpoints, just like in regular games, to enable fast travel. Resting at a Vestige will respawn all the enemies in the area. Additionally, while taking a break and replenishing your health at these locations, you can also enhance your character’s abilities. Vestige Seeds are also used to create temporary travel points in Umbral Flowerbeds. In this guide, you can learn the exact locations of all Vestiges and Vestige Seeds in Lords of the Fallen. Let’s take a closer look at these Vestiges!

Lords of the Fallen Vestige Guide

In the dark and treacherous world of Lords of the Fallen, Vestiges are your lifelines. These special locations serve as checkpoints, marking the spots where previous adventurers met their fate. Vestiges offer a brief respite from the relentless enemies and formidable challenges that lurk in this unforgiving realm. However, keep in mind that resting at a Vestige comes with a price – it respawns all the regular enemies around you.

Lords of the Fallen Vestiges

Vestige Options

When you interact with a Vestige, you’ll have several menu options to choose from:

  1. Rest: Resting at a Vestige will fully restore your Health and Mana.
  2. Warp to Vestige: This allows you to teleport to another activated Vestige.
  3. Upgrade Character: Spend Vigor to enhance your character’s stats.
  4. Multiplayer: Invite another player to join your game.
  5. New Game+: Unlocks after completing the main campaign, starting a new cycle.
  6. Runesmithing: This option becomes available when you provide the Rune Tablet to Sparky.

Vestige Effects

  • Resting replenishes your health and mana.
  • Refills the number of uses for the Sanguinarix.
  • Regular enemies respawn when you use a Vestige.
  • Warps you back to the Axiom if you use a Vestige while in the Umbral Realm.
  • Vestiges can be used even when enemies are nearby, but be cautious as you’ll be vulnerable to attacks.

Vestige Seedlings

Vestige Seedlings are unique figures grown from a Vestige Seed. You can warp to them and use them as temporary Vestiges. However, their practical functions remain a mystery, even though they imitate true Vestiges.

Umbral Flowerbeds

When your Umbral Lamp vibrates and emits a special color near an Umbral Flowerbed, it’s time to act. Position your Umbral Lamp by pressing down on the d-pad, raise it with L2/LT, and hold Δ/Y to grow a Vestige Seedling. These Seedlings serve as revival points if you meet an unfortunate end in Umbral. They offer the same services as regular Vestiges.

Where to Find Vestiges in Lords of the Fallen

All Vestige Locations in Lords of the Fallen

  • Abandoned Redcopse
    • Redcopse Village Entrance – Vestige of Hannelore
    • Redcopse Windmill – Vestige of Marco the Axe
  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters
    • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters – Vestige of Rosamund
  • Bramis Castle
    • Bramis Castle – Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim
  • Cistern
    • Not applicable
  • Defiled Sepulchre
    • Defiled Sepulchre – Vestige of Ranik
  • Fief of the Chill Curse
    • Fief of the Chill Curse – Vestige of Svornil
    • The Crow’s Nest – Vestige of Loash
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge
    • Shrine of Adyr – Vestige of Betrayed Eliard
  • Forsaken Fen
    • Forsaken Fen Lookout – Vestige of Olleren
    • Forsaken Fen – Vestige of Valade
    • Shuja Hamlet – Vestige of Pale Butcher
  • Lower Calrath
    • Lower Calrath Depot – Vestige of Sebastian
    • Lower Calrath Alehouse – Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers
    • Manse Supply Pathway – Vestige of Ferrers the Charred
    • Hallowed Brothers Leprosarium – Vestige of Brother Jeremiah
  • Mother’s Lull
    • Sublocation – Vestige
  • Path of Devotion
    • Path of Devotion Memorial – Vestige of Dieter
  • Pilgrim’s Perch
    • Sanctuary of Baptism – Vestige of Chabui
    • Pilgrim’s Perch Ballroom – Vestige of Blind Agatha
  • Revelation Depths
    • Revelation Depths – Vestige of Lost Berescu
  • Skyrest Bridge
    • Skyrest Bridge – Vestige of Ethryg
  • Sunless Skein
    • Sunless Sekin Mines – Vestige of Hooded Antuli
    • Sunless Skein Hoist – Vestige of Catrin
  • The Empyrean
    • The Empyrean – Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight
  • Tower of Penance
    • Not applicable
  • Upper Calrath
    • Upper Calrath Mining District – Vestige of Doln
    • Upper Calrath – Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian

Vestige Seeds

In Lords of the Fallen, a Vestige Seed is a consumable item. This small, fossilized figurine can be planted in a suitable spot to nurture a Vestige Seedling.

Where to Find Vestige Seeds

Vestige Seeds are essential items in Lords of the Fallen, and knowing where to find them can greatly aid your journey.

Vestige Seed Locations

Here’s list of locations and methods to obtain Vestige Seeds:

  1. Abandoned Redcopse: The Iron Wayfarer rewards you with a Vestige Seed after relocating to Abandoned Redcopse. This also serves as a Vestige Seed tutorial.
  2. Skyrest Bridge: You can purchase a Vestige Seed from Molhu for 2,500 Vigor.
  3. Revelation Depths: Vestige Seeds are available from Winterberry and are included in the default inventory of the merchant.
  4. Pilgrim’s Perch: Dropped by Damarose the Marked, initially found at Pilgrim’s Perch in the lower levels accessed by the elevator.
  5. Sunless Skein: While in the area where you need to soulflay the platform blocking the ladder in Sunless Skein, search near the tunnel entrance for loot, including a Vestige Seed.
  6. Elite Enemies in the Umbral Realm: Vestige Seeds can drop from elite enemies while you’re in the Umbral Realm.
  7. Bringer of Stillness Enemy: You can obtain Vestige Seeds by defeating the Bringer of Stillness enemy.
  8. Mendacious Visage: This enemy may drop Vestige Seeds.
  9. Upper Calrath: Vestige Seeds are dropped by numerous enemies in this area and can also be found in various locations.

Vestige Seeds can be a reward for defeating the following bosses in the game:

  • The Lightreaper: You can receive one Vestige Seed from defeating The Lightreaper at any of the three locations where you encounter this boss. The Lightreaper is first encountered in the Defiled Sepulchre and can be encountered in different locations if you die while fighting.
  • Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal: Defeating this boss in Abandoned Redcopse can yield a Vestige Seed.
  • Scourged Sister Delyth: In Pilgrim’s Perch, this boss may drop a Vestige Seed.
  • Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds: Another Vestige Seed drop can occur in Pilgrim’s Perch.
  • The Congregator of Flesh: You can obtain a Vestige Seed by defeating this boss in Forsaken Fen.
  • Mendacious Visage Mini-Boss: In Forsaken Fen, the Mendacious Visage may drop a Vestige Seed.
  • The Hushed Saint: Defeating this boss in Forsaken Fen can reward you with a Vestige Seed.
  • Ruiner: Drops as a reward after defeating the Ruiner boss in Fitzroy’s Gorge.
  • Crimson Rector Percival: Obtained as a reward upon defeating the boss in Fitzroy’s Gorge.
  • Infernal Enchantress: A Vestige Seed is your reward for defeating this boss in Lower Calrath.
  • Spurned Progeny: Vestige Seeds can drop after defeating the Spurned Progeny in Upper Calrath.
  • Harrower Dervla and The Unbroken Promise: Vestige Seeds are dropped after defeating these bosses in Revelation Depths.
  • “Bringers” Bosses: These bosses reward you with Vestige Seeds.
  • Skinstealer: Defeating the Skinstealer boss can provide you with Vestige Seeds in Cistern.
  • The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity: Dropped by this boss in Pilgrim’s Perch, Belled Rise.
  • Abiding Defenders: Drops after defeating the Abiding Defenders boss in Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.
  • Bringer of Stillness and Several Remnants: A possible drop after defeating these enemies in Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.
  • Abbess Ursula: Dropped by Abbess Ursula after defeating the boss in Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.
  • Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk: Obtained as a reward after defeating the boss.
  • Kinrangr Guardian Folard: This boss also rewards you with Vestige Seeds.
  • The Hollow Crow: After defeating The Hollow Crow boss, you’ll receive Vestige Seeds as a reward in Fief of the Chill Curse.
  • Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho: Drops as a reward upon defeating this boss in Tower of Penance.
  • Tancred and Reinhold the Immured: Vestige Seeds can be obtained as a reward after defeating these bosses in Tower of Penance.
  • The Iron Wayfarer (Boss): Dropped by The Iron Wayfarer, who is located by the gates of Bramis Castle in Upper Calrath.
  • Damarose the Marked: This boss may drop Vestige Seeds in Bramis Castle.
  • The Sundered Monarch: After defeating this boss, Vestige Seeds are part of the reward.
  • Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel: Drops as a reward upon defeating this boss in The Empyrean.
  • Andreas of Ebb (Boss): Vestige Seeds can drop from Andreas of Ebb in Upper Calrath.

That’s a ultimate guide on where to find Vestiges and Vestige Seed locations in Lords of the Fallen. Happy hunting!

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