Decarnation Achievements Guide

Hello everyone from our Decarnation Achievements guide. Decarnation is a story-rich adventure horror game. Solve cryptic puzzles, fight disturbing enemies, explore an illusory world of dreams and nightmares. Check out our guide without wasting time to find achievements in this adventure!

Decarnation Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Decarnation Achievements Guide. A rough achievement guide on how to get some of the more hidden trophies.

Story Achievements

There are only 15 trophies for this game, and only 6 of them are story related. We won’t talk too much about them because you’ll be able to pick them up by just beating the game.

The Dancer

  • Complete Act One.

The Captive

  • Complete Act Two.

The Kid

  • Complete Act Three.

The Princess

  • Complete Act Four.

The Phoenix

  • Complete Act Five.


  • Complete the game.

Missable Achievements

The rest of the game consists of Achievements that are easy to miss, but after completing the game the “Chapter Select” feature can be used for easy clean up! We’ll go along in Chapter order of how and when you can pick them up.

Possible Spoilers Ahead

Act One

  • F*** the Police!

Enter the museum without paying.
Simple enough, once you regain control of Gloria when inside the museum for the first time with Joy ignore the woman at the front desk and walk into the main room of the museum. You will be stopped a couple times, but continue to push your way into the museum proper. What are they gonna do? Lock you up?

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act I – 03 “The Statue.”

Act Two

  • Checkmate

Make a fourth chess piece fall.
This one is probably the more elusive one of the bunch, imo. We need to make a fourth chess piece fall onto the “board” but there’s no obvious switch to trigger it. However, the answer lies in the Achievements name. You must Checkmate Gloria and the easiest and possible only way to do so is to trap yourself into a literal corner.

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act II – 07 “Anger.”

Act Four

  • Stupid Game, Stupid Prize

Win five games against the Magician.
There’s no grandiose trick into solving this puzzle for it’s a simple memorization game. Act Four is where we can first encounter the Magician in the town square next to the mechanical ballerina statue but he does show up in a later chapter. You can take as many tries as you like to beat his little card game. The prize is a trophy, so I don’t think that’s all that stupid in the long run to completion.

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act VI – 02 “Gluttony.”

Act Six

The rest of these Achievements are gained when Gloria enters into The Nest.

  • Monster Tamer

In the night club, make peace with Grolia.”
Another simple affair, is to locate Grolia the several headed creature, and play a game of cat and… monster? Approaching Grolia and speaking with her will cause her to run away. Gloria is to give chase and after a few rounds around the night club, Grolia will eventually stop running and give Gloria the chance to have a heart to heart with her. Achievement will pop after the final confrontation and all dialogue is exhausted.

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act VI – 08 “The Nest.”

  • Apex Predator

In the night club, win a game of hide and seek with a score of 3-0 in each location.
After you’ve approached the dance floor with Joy and are given the option to make a few more rounds, three more variants of Gloria will emerge. Talk with The Kid to start of this game of hide and seek. The object of this one is to never let The Kid score a single point in each map location. Just keep at it until you eventually reclaim your title of Legendary Hide and Seek Master.

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act VI – 08 “The Nest.”

  • Night Club, Fight Club

In the night club, defeat The Princess in combat at every difficulty level.
This one is a little tough! The Princess pulls no punches! Approach the Princess Gloria who’s still looking a little worse for ware, and challenge her in every difficulty to a battle. Thankfully defeats and damage do not matter, so keep chipping away at it, and the Achievement will pop once the hardest difficulty has been cleared.

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act VI – 08 “The Nest.”

  • Fleur & Bleue Fan

In the night club, obtain 5 stars on each song.
The night club is already bopping with some sweet tunes, but we can really bring up the heat by asking Dancer Gloria to dance. There’s three songs to pick from, any order with no noticeable difficulty spike between them. The rhythm battle only requires you to hit every prompt. As long as none are missed, those 5 stars are all yours.

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act VI – 08 “The Nest.”

  • Goodnight, Party People!

Say goodbye to everyone in the night club before leaving.
It’s finally time to say goodbye. I personally talked with every single person that would share dialogue with me before hitting the dance floor, so I’m not sure if that would affect the Achievement pick up or not. But when it’s finally time to head out and all the mini-games are through, make sure to talk to every person without a face covering before heading out on that ol’ dusty trail.

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act VI – 08 “The Nest.”

  • Starcatcher

Collect all the stars on your way to the South.
We’re here, we did it! The last Achievement to gain. As the credits roll, you’ll be able to control Gloria for a short while and just collect the stars that appear in the road. Easiest method to make sure you’re in position for each and everyone is to reset yourself back into the center and move accordingly. All that’s left is to listen to that ending song and coast.

This can be backtracked in Scene Selection at Act VI – 10 “Credits.”

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