Deep Rock Galactic – Salvage

Salvage In salvage the players will have to repair a few mini mules, which involves digging […]


In salvage the players will have to repair a few mini mules, which involves digging out legs and bringing them to the mule before repairing them. Afterwards, molly will be called back to the broken down drop pod. The players will need to then defend two objectives, before finally holding out and extracting. There are no swarms in salvage, but an occasional group of enemies will spawn to harass the player, and there are usually many ambient mobs including spitballers and cave leeches.

Cave Structure

Players land in a starting cave with a single exit leading to a usually colossal cave where most of the mission will happen. Other dirt walls will lead to tunnels that loop back around to the main cave.

Repairing the Mules

When looking for the mules, listen out for a beeping sound that gives the location away. Repairing the mules can be tricky considering the size of the cave, so making use of equipment to traverse and move legs should be a priority. When you approach a mule, a wave of enemies will spawn and start to attack the players. As you move the legs, throwing will be the quickest way to transport them to the mule. Ziplines and platforms can help you to get to the mule with legs.

Preparing the Area

Once molly is called back to the droppod, an uplink closeby will need to be repaired and then protected by the players. Soon after, fuel cells will arrive and have to be gurarded in a similar fashion.

Preparing for this is critical as it can be some of the hardest moments in the game. The zone is often very small, and letting the progress drop to 0% will fail the mission. Enemies will constantly spawn and attack the players, and can often overwhelm them.

Using platforms to make more ground, and drills to clear a line of sight or parts of the zone that are blocked off is vital. Turrets are an important tool for letting you know where enemies are coming from. A good idea is to call down a resupply for each zone, allowing you to resupply midway through battle.

Holding Out

When everyone is ready, fully repair the device and stand in the zone. At this point waves of enemies will spawn to force the players out of the zone, so use every tool at your disposal. Engineer’s grenade launcher, detpacks and grenades are incredibly useful. Cyrocannon can be used for crowd control, and scout’s IFGs can slow all enemies down. If the area is getting overwhelmed, a gunner can deploy a shield giving breathing room. Use this time to clear out as many enemies before the shield ends. Don’t worry about ammo, surviving is your biggest concern.


Just run in circles around the pod, there will be massive amounts of enemies, and at this point you might be barely holding on so kiting is a good option. Don’t go too far away from the pod.

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