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Tips And Tricks Resupply Pods Resupply pods are a powerful tool. Being able to one shot […]

Tips And Tricks

Resupply Pods

Resupply pods are a powerful tool. Being able to one shot spitballers or dreadnoughts with ease. They can also be used to mine out ceiling aqaurq or eggs by lining up the beacon directly underneath the gem using the laser pointer. While resupplying during a swarm, chucking a grenade or placing down a shield can give you the time you need. You can also hide behind the pod to give you cover from spitters.

Jumping and Kiting

Jumping is the equivalent of dodge in this game, allowing you to easily get out of reach from glyphids and swarmers. Not to mention, jumping will carry over your momentum that you left the ground with, allowing you to avoid slows by doing the action mid air. For example, gunners can sprint, jump and then shoot while in the air to have the speed of sprinting while firing their main weapon. Just before they land they can stop firing, before jumping again. The same can be done with meleeing enemies, or the scouts grappling hook and other slows. You can also side strafe for an additional movement option.


Carrying gems is slow, and it’s far better to pick them up and then throw them. If you jump and move forwards at the same time as throwing, they will go further. If you are host, look down and then up quickly and while doing so throw the gem to toss it a massive distance.
Carrying versus throwing GIF:
Normal throw versus flick throw:


You can change the angle of the flare by looking up or down. If you are sprinting or jumping the flare will fly further which is useful for finding leeches or larger caves.

Fall Damage

When falling in deep snow, you will be able to fall from much higher heights. Fall damage can be completely negated by landing on an ally or an enemy you can bounce off, for example praetorians. Grapple hook and ziplines will also negate fall damage if used.

Laser Pointer

When held out it will display the team’s inventory, and will highlight allies and show you where the mule and minehead are allowing for easy navigation. The laser pointer can also be used to line up resupply drops with gems to mine them. By left clicking with the laser pointer, one can make a waypoint visible to the rest of the team and by holding left click a waypoint can be created only visible to you – but permanent.


Upgrades for bosco can be found from a terminal in the space rig. Bosco can be commanded using the laser pointer, left clicking on minerals will cause him to mine it, left clicking on walls will cause him to light it up and left clicking on enemies will cause him to attack that enemy. Right clicking with the laser pointer will release a rocket from bosco.


Dreadnoughts will always target a single person, before switching to another, so if you are getting targeted do nothing but run away and try to expose his back to the rest of the team.
Praetorians will always acid spit at you once you enter a certain range, abuse this to give yourself time to shoot them in the back. Praetorians then have a short delay before they can spray again.
Goo bombers won’t drop goo on death if both sacks are popped.
Spitballers are easily frozen, can have their projectiles shot down and have a weakpoint in the neck.
Exploders are walking grenades, and can be used to do large damage to a horde. Make sure to kite them into hordes of enemies.
Swarmers will die in one hit to a pickaxe.
Shoot mactera spawn just before they shoot a projectile for extra critical damage
Kite around warriors and swarmers to get them to group up allowing for effective use of AoE.

Ledge Grabbing

By moving forwards, while jumping you can pull yourself up to ledges that are about waist high if there’s enough space. Ledge grabbing also cancels all fall damage, but this is tricky to pull off.

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