Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough

Welcome to our Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough guide. A guide to the current four scenarios. In progress of writing! Currently completed: Lies and Fraud, Welcome to Townsend.

Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough

Currently there are 4 Scenarios in this game.

1. All-in-One and One-in-All
2. Lies and Fraud
3. Soladnit
4. Welcome to Townsend

Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough
Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough

Currently I have not done Soladnit, and I will take some time to write about 1 later. For now I have 2 and 4 done, but it may not be all the endings yet.

Because explaining everything step by step is painful, I will be listing places where you can get stuff that are needed or just generally around. There will also be a summary of what you can get from the Scenario at the end, as well as generally where branches for endings take place and a brief description of the choices made to get there.

Lies and Fraud


This storyline takes place entirely inside the church, and near it.

Where you start off in. To the bottom left, a locked room that you can only access if you convince your client to escape and fight the enemies after him. To the top, the church’s hall.

Important: The guy on the bottom left near the door? Steal from him and pick the Note. You get your first clue. This note can be later used to recruit Walker, whom will be very important unless you are good at fights.

Has torches around the area. Take them all-you’ll need it. In fact, take every single thing that has flames on it.

You will confront some enemies if you convince your client to escape. This immediately branches to three endings. Fight the enemies leads to Princess Rose, and telling him that you’re leaving to get help leads you to the street, which can lead to either All that Have Been Settled or Flower of God’s Blood.

To the left, a confessional hall. The top right, the Preparation Room. Bottom right, Cemetery. Near the entrance, you may take Water, which allows you to douse fires.

There is a statue here you should be careful of passing checks on. Sometimes its best to leave things alone. Passing Erudition Check will allow it to make an Inspiration check. Passing Inspiration check does weird things to you.

Multiple people are here, the only ones you need to care about is:

1. The Client
Convince him to escape with Irene after you gained enough clues. This will lead you to the princess rose ending!
Only two ways to convince him: Irene’s Candy, or after telling him what happened in the Preparation Room.

2. Irene
You will want to talk to her about the ‘purple bottle’ you will find in the Cemetery, for a Clue. This Clue can convince the Client.

3. Walker, the hunter
With a diplomacy check, you can calm him down. Afterwards, telling him to go to the confessional hall(and listening in on his talk with the head priest) does not do much. If you have the note you stole from the guy in the Hall, he will give you a crowball, and you can invite him to join your team for battles.

He has a bow in his inventory and his default weapon is the gun. He sucks at it, so swap him over to use the bow.

4. Sharpen Knife guy, to the right of the entrance.
He has the key to the Cemetery. Steal or Fight him for it.

5. The guy who is reading a book. Pleasing him gives you the Holy Bible: Upon using it you get Trait: Interact with cult. You may also attempt to steal from him.

6. Gambler – The guy to the right of the book reader: He sells a dagger and holy medicine. Bribe him for a way to Altar Hall early. Try 300 gold. Don’t Gamble with him. Now you can unlock the Altar Hall Directly if you wish. If you do gamble and win, he kills himself. If you gamble and lose, he leaves with your money.

Service: Nora
If you had killed Noel in the Cemetery after listening to her story, Nora shows up.
Failing the willpower check kills you.
Refusing immediately will lead into a fight. If you win, you will still go to Anantarya Cage.

Saying that you will join gives you some time to either prepare for a fight, or get the other endings.
Attempting to flee will immediately kill you, sickle style.
You can loot your client for 10000 Gold and an Armor.

You can pick to accept or resist.
Accepting will lead to you having three endings.

If you check on Irene before talking to Nora, you can look for a way to protect yourself.
Passing a Diplomacy Check with her by looking for a way to protect yourself leads to the Wealthy One Ending, which gives you the Trait: Wealthy One.

Looking for a way to repel her and passing the concealed check will give you a way to Pledge yourself to her religion, or decide not to in the end. This leads you to Anantarya Cage… and towards the The Glitch World After Glitch ending.

Without checking on Irene, accept yourself to be Baptised by Nora. This leads to the Cult Leader ending. You automatically get Trait: Cult Leader.

Confessional Hall
Has candles you can take here, and an item on the wall you can read. Nothing else.

Has materials here you can take. Most importantly, Medicine and a Mythos item can be found here! Enter with the Cemetery key… or Walker’s Crowbar.

The table has two parts to inspect. The bottom has medicine(take for actual medicine items), a red bottle(just text to read), and the purple bottle. Inspiration/Intelligence check for what the purple bottle is for a clue!

The top part has research material to read(gives you a clue), and Research Books. Passing the check for Mysticism for the Research Book will tell you its a book about the occult, and you may then take it. Its a Mythos Item: Cultes des Goules.
As you leave the room, if you read the research materials, you will be caught by Noel.

You will then have a choice on if you want to escape or ask about her motives. This will branch into two ways!

Listening to her and then killing her will make you join the service as it is too late to not join. This is the first alternate ending branch. Nora will show up to crash it.

Agreeing to join the service with her will allow you to join the service. Nora does not show up, and it proceeds peacefully into the hidden underground room. This will go into the Flower of God’s Blood ending.

Escaping directly will not make you join the service. You may continue with your game for another ending.

Preparation Room
Can only access by having enough Concealment skill to pass the check, or by using Walker’s Crowbar.

Do not enter unless you are ready to fight a monster!

This areas is abundant with food items! To the right there is a table. It has a book and a dairy. Reading the book and passing the Erudition and Medicine Growth check will increase your Medicine skill. Reading the Dairy will give you a Clue that you can tell your Client about to convince him to escape.

On the top near the table, the cabinet contains medicine. Take the medicine, and checking the cabinet again will let you check a cloth box. It will give a clue about Princess Rose.

Lies and Fraud: 2 – Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough

Corridor of Law and Sin
Can only be accessed if your client has escaped, and you beat the people after him. Because they drop a key to open it. The room at the bottom left of the hall.

There is some stuff you can get in the coffins along the way. You may ignite one on the left immediately to stop your pursuers, or hide in the coffin near the end towards the right.

Moving forward, you will have to fight alone against a church believer. There will be a heavy wheeled door-failing the strength checks do not matter. Failing it thrice will still open the door, passing it just lets you open it once.

Room of law and sin
Utterly disgusting. Its a room that does not have much to take either. The tool rack has some weapons, the body is best left untouched or ignited. Attempting to search it without igniting and dousing it or passing a Dexterity check will cause you harm. On the body, there will be a flamethrower and an unimportant item. You do not need the flamethrower, unless you want it.

Picking up the organs and throwing it into the pool will cause a large tentacle to kidnap you.
Resisting it will cause a strength check-passing it will save yourself from the pool.
Giving up will cause you to fully enter the Princess Rose Ending

Flesh Room
Falling into this area is a result of the above Room of Law and Sin. You will get a Trait: Panacea. The only thing you can do here is check the tentacles, the spores, the skeletons and talk to the mysterious girl.

This is also the place where you fight her if you pick the wrong choices!

Having enough diplomacy to convince her to let you go earlier will give an alternate ending as you continue. She will give you a wreath.

Choosing to stay is the only other option. Afterwards, talking to her only gives two options:
Break the collar

Breaking the collar will cause her to immediately turn into a boss to fight you.(I dont know what happens after, as I did not fight her)
Waiting will eventually make her lose control as well as have a large explosion sound out, and she sends you away with a wreath as she goes berserk.

Altar Hall
Only can be accessed after the church is detonated, joining church service, or via Gambler’s note and triggering the hidden switch.

The Gambler’s Note
If you picked up the Note from the Gambler, you can enter this Area early. Its the table below the statue. Inside, as you go towards the top, you will get an Inspiration/Intelligence check to see if you’ll respond, but the failing the check can also save you. Nothing happens if you don’t respond. But responding to it makes you have a mysticism check, and upon failing, it forces Trait: Alienized Magic Seed. Passing this check gives you a choice to devote or reject devoting yourself for the ‘Gift’ of that Trait.

The Gem will tempt you. Refusing it gives you the Trait: Fortitude feeds on itself.
If you pick up the Gem, it leads to the Flower of God’s Blood ending. Because it forces you to attend church service.

Putting out the candles at both sides of the statue and moving close to it, allows you to fight the Haunter of the Dark, winning gives you a Mythos Item.

Church Detonation
You will find the Haunter of the Dark guarding the way out. Being defeated by him still allows you to leave, but winning against him will give you a Mythos Item: Shining Trapezohedron. He fears the light-now is your time to use your flame items, it damages him massively when it attacks you and nullifies his damage to you. Try to attack him, and next turn you get a new action in Skills called ‘Light up the battlefield’. It gives you Light stacks.

Service: Noel
You enter this area with Noel by agreeing to join the service with her.

You can, in fact, insist to leave midway through this service if you pass a Concealed oppose dice Psychology Check and notice something is wrong.

Going up will trigger the worship to begin.
Choosing to chant gives you a Trait: Alienized Magic Seed and you will end up being driven away from the church to the street.


If you do not, you can resist being driven away. But you can’t stop the Wiseman, the priest.
In any case you will end up on the street.

StreetIf you have left earlier by convincing the mysterious girl, you will get out of the church by the front door. You will get the Trait: Windfall, from your client by talking to him after he ushers you out so that he may detonate the church.

If you attended Noel’s service, and ended up here, you get the Flower of God’s Blood ending(Including leaving early). Note that you can search your Client’s body for 10000 gold, and saving Irene doesn’t do anything, you end up leaving her behind(Might have something to do with the spores).

You will also get to this area after you are trapped inside the church. Your client will be here for you to get Trait: Windfall.

If you told your client you left to get help, you get two options when leaving the street. Actually getting people to help leads to Flower of God’s Blood, and passing the Dex check will kill you first instead of helping you.
If you just leave(Oh wow, cruel!) you get All that Have Been Settled.

Anantarya Cage – Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough

Touching the Butterfly here gives you Trait: Deconstruction of reason.
Not touching the butterfly and just going to darkness kills you.
Jumping off the Abyss will kill you here.

Really make sure to loot your Client’s body… Armor is very important here.
Find items around the area to escape. Preferably things with no Malice. Like the bow at the bottom left!
Ring on the right.
The other 3 items will have to be approached in this order. Approaching Doll and Mask will trigger a battle.
Wingless Bird

Tips: Prepare your attacks(The literal skill), make sure walker is with you and he has ammo and uses bow.

Noel will offer you a way out. Passing an Inspiration/Intelligence check will give you a choice. Failing it will trigger a fight with Sloth, a 80Hp boss that can use a move to stun all targets, and a skill that makes your damage to it be dealt to you. A tip: It doesn’t seem like she does moves when you attack her sometimes, you you’ll want to hit her at least once while another prepares their attack, preferably walker with a bow.

Refusing will allow you to jump off into the abyss and exit this area safely. Accepting still triggers a battle with sloth. Defeating sloth continues the same storyline as Refusing to her taking a part of you.

You’ll end up in the Church Hall with the Bloated women. You can, in fact, choose not to engage and run out of the church to see an ending that can’t be saved named Escape?!.

Fight against Noya/Bloated Women. For the first round, you can do whatever-but you must grab a corpse for the second round, because she will use an instant kill attack. Afterwards, you’ll want to have one character wake up Noel, and the other attacking or preparing an attack. From then on, she will occasionally end up cutting herself, so fight her!

The end of this gives the The Glitch World After Glitch ending.


  • Princess Rose
  • Flower of God’s Blood
  • The Glitch World After Glitch
  • Wealthy One
  • All that Have Been Settled
  • Cult Leader

Escape?!(This cannot be saved, but can be read as an ending text. You die though. Happens to be one of those death endings that actually have a name.)


  • Panacea
  • Interacted with Cult
  • Windfall
  • Alienized Magic Seed
  • Deconstruction of reason
  • Wealthy One
  • Fortitude feeds on itself
  • Cult Leader

This module focuses on Nyarlathotep. Anan even complains about him after Flower of God’s Blood. He is also talked about in The Glitch World after Glitch. So these are the endings you may want to read, if you want more flavour text.

His two avatars you will see here is The Haunter of the Dark, and The Bloated Women. The church here is possibly referring to The Order of the Bloated Women.

Welcome to Townsend – Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough

West Street

This place has Hotel, Nana’s House?, and Grocery Store.

Many materials are littered around the area. There is a bicycle to the right end of the street, you can climb up here to get additional materials and some clovers(an item that you eat to increase luck)

Second Floor, Guest Room
There are items in the drawer.

In the corridor, you can enter the storage room, but it is best to grab a key/follow merry in later. As you go down the stairs, she will be seen heading up to this room.

Second Floor, Storage Room
More food items, a suspicious flower pot, and at the bottom right where merry will be checking you will find Ryan’s key. This can be used later to open a safe!

You will want to check this room before you meet up with Horn in the slums, for the second time. Particularly that flower pot for a very important Story Item: Black Egg.

First Floor
Merry’s room is behind the counter on the top right.

You will have to come back here before you meet with horn for the second time in the slums, to save merry. Without the Origami Paper, you will have to fight her. With it, you can try to wake her up instead and not die while trying to do so.

First Floor, Merry’s Room
Inside the drawer, you can find the storage room’s key. The wardrobe also has useful items, like gloves.

Nana’s house?
This house is just to the upper right next to the Hotel, and Left of the grocery store.

Inside, you can observe the picture for a Clue, investigate the piano for a letter, and look through the stacks of musical score notes. This can be used later for a trait!

Grocery Store
The place you will see Merry enter.

A man looking at the lottery will be here. Buy a lottery and talk to him to get a Clue. You will want to take the Cleanser item with you for a Mythos item.

Alot of food items can be found here, including Merry’s money. Take them if you wish.

Central Fountain – Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough

This place gives way to the North, East, South and West Streets.

You can get water from the fountain. A man here will be hoping for a broadcast.

South Street

In the Hobo corner you can investigate for some clues, but there doesn’t seem to be much to do for him. Comforting him lets you buy items from him: If you are bad at observation checks, you may want to buy a Crowbar for later. You can get a black seed underneath his bed.

Merry and Nana’s Slum House
The house on the left that you will find Merry in. There is a dagger under the top bed’s pillow, and investigating near it will give show you some text about their past.

Tyler’s House
You don’t have to pass the corpse’s medicine and SP checks. Body search him for an origami paper that wards away evil. If you don’t want to fight Merry later on… You will also find the monster here if you let him out.

East Street

It has two areas: Police Station and Cliff.

Police Station
Has two offices, one on the right, the other on the left, as well as a prison containing a monster. Use the Crowbar or Sheriff Key to let the monster out for additional events.

Right Office
Lots of clues here. Most importantly, you can find the Lottery here(and write it in if you bought the lottery), and with some checks you can switch on the broadcaster.

As you would expect, talking to the lottery guy in Grocery Store and the man at Central Fountain afterwards will now give you a black seed each.

Left Office
Horn will be here, rummaging in the cabinets. If you have Ryan’s key, you can open the Leftmost safe. Around the Table, you pass an observation check for the Sheriff’s Key(If you don’t have a crowbar to open the monster’s cage).

I’m told that you can also open the Rightmost key, but I haven’t found a way to do that.

Progress the story by reading Ryan’s notebook.

You can find the musician here. If you have investigated Nana’s House? Thoroughly, he will give you a Trait: Famous Song. He will also give you a black seed.

North Street

This place only has one area to go to: Wende’s House.

Ryan will be here, and if you have seen the monster at Tyler’s house, he will fight and weaken Ryan for battle, should you decide to attempt fighting Ryan. He will have 40Hp if so, and 70Hp otherwise. His first pawstrike does not hurt too badly, but you may want to avoid his Batter or even Normal Attacks after-it is DEVASTATING(He does multiple dice).

Defeating him gives you a black seed.

Wende’s House
Very Important area that will give you two Mythos items. To the rightmost there will be two bookshelves that you can use to attempt to increase your Medicine and Erudition skills, after you pass their observation checks. The rest are flavor text to read about.

If you let Horn kill Wende when meeting for the first time, it is game over.

On the table, approaching it from the left side for the second time will allow you to use the Cleanser from the Grocery store for you to take the Mythos Item: Merder. Make sure to take this if you want to have a chance at saving Wende later on.

Talking to Wende before meeting Horn for the second time, she will give you a Mythos Item: Badge of the King which she calls a signet pendant.

If you’re on path to the Faded Eternity ending, you will visit this house a third time. This branches off to if you can save Wende, or not at the end of it. Killing her saves her, and allowing her sacrifice prevents her from showing in the Faded Eternity Ending.

Tips: Equip Merder, and have Trait: Famous song.


There is only two ways to reach this area: Beating Ryan, or not.

The story branches out here. If you have beaten Ryan, Horn will succeed in leaving a gift for Tonson-namely lacing the house with explosives and exploding it. You will fall, and reach this area. If you did not talk to Wende for the ‘Signet Pendant’, spider monsters will attack you.

If you have not, Ryan will lead Tonson to the slums. Horn will be attacked by you involuntarily due to what Tonson had done to you, and citizens in the town will be in the Nest.

Tonson takes you and everybody to the nest
You decide to wait and see what happens when Tonson catches you and horn with Ryan.
You cannot do anything in this area but listen to Tonson rant. If Merry was saved, Ryan will attack the enemies, and after fighting them with Horn you get the Life is like a dream Ending. Nobody is saved in this ending, except you.

If Merry was not saved, its a straight bad ending: You die and have to retrace time.

Resisting Tonson’s Merder
You have to have a spare cleanser, and Ryan must not have been killed for this to have happened. Fighting against Ryan and winning will lead to you having beaten Ryan and falling.

For having beaten Ryan and falling
This area has the Spider Stone Statue. Below it is a Mythos Item: Pact of Kadath, which details how to make a… pact. If you have enough Black Seeds(5) you can sacrifice these black seeds for a Trait: Blessing of the Spider God, and If you have the black egg, you win the Faded Eternity ending.

Black Seeds: Musician, Ryan, Lottery Guy, Fountain Man, Under the bed of Hobo.
Black Egg: Storage Room’s Flower Pot

You can jump into the abyss-and reach the Life is like a dream ending, one that you can also get in the other branch ending.
If you do not have the ‘Signet Pendant’ that Wende gives you if you visit her, monsters in this area will attack you.

Summary – Depersonalization Scenario Walkthrough

Mythos Items:

  • Pearl of Naba
  • Pact of Kadath
  • Badge of the King
  • Merder


  • Famous Song
  • Blessing of the Spider God


  • Faded Eternity
  • Life is like a dream

Lore: Atlach-Nacha as Spider God(Rather Obvious, the Pact to Kadath book mentions Atlach), and Hastur, the King in Yellow. It might not be obvious, but Wende uses a skill called Call to Carcosa(Hastur’s Home) in battle, and the man calling her is in yellow(Hastur).



Yes there’s four. Work in Progress.



All-in-One and One-in-All

Mythos Items:

  • Aria Revolver
  • Recita Stick
  • Undead Pendant
  • Atlach Doll


  • None. You can’t bring anything over here as this is Anan’s Origin Story.


  • Yog-Sothoth, Tawil at’Umr, Aforgomon, The Ultimate Gate and the Silver Key. In fact, the Library’s Gate is very likely the Ultimate Gate, and Tawil at’Umr was guarding the Silver Key.

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