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A little advice: invest your augs in stealth i.e. cloaking, battery branch and hacking (don’t bother […]

A little advice: invest your augs in stealth i.e. cloaking, battery branch and hacking (don’t bother for breaking cameras, turrets or drones).

Enemies will call reinforcements, respawn if you trigger an alarm, so your best strategy will be dashing invisible.

Servers and Darknet Files

Tier 1-4 Network

  • Complete servers in: 1A, 1B, 2A, 3A, 4A networks

Data Detective, Ashes to Ashes, Camera, Action, Red-Handed.

  • Complete cases (files) 1, 4 and 5. They open as you progress naturally


  • Complete 10 Santeau servers.
  • Santeau servers are high multi-stores black and white servers.

A Heist of Olympic Proportions

  • Complete 5 PICUS Servers.
  • These are complex servers with lots of guards in network 4A.

Bad Sector

  • Complete 5 Ghost Servers.
  • Ghost servers open before network 1A and restart each day.
  • 1 firewall key is required to access a Ghost network.

Beating an entire network is highly likely to grant you some rare items, such as firewall key fragments, 200k credits, S rank weapon and Expansion Item.

The 40-Yard Digital Dash

  • Succeed 3 Data Sphere deliveries.

Comparing to other servers, Data Sphere (or Data Transport) is not very common.
Watch out for that specific symbol: a blue cube.

Completion Rules

There are few achievements, requiring to beat a server with specific augs or items,
e.g. expansion kits. That what they look like.

Excess Baggage Fees

  • Complete a server using 6 Expansion Items at once.
  • Expansion Items can be found in Rewards Booster Packs, e.g. Ghost Rewards packs or
    Challenge Completion Rewards.
  • You may place 6 identical expansions to your inventory. Then just beat any server.

Now, there are two augs related:

Burning Neodymium

  • Eliminate a Prime Unit while the Titan.aug is active.
  • You will encounter multiple Prime units. Make sure you have applied a spare Praxis for Titan branch. Then in a server damage one Prime close enough, activate your shield and finish him off.

Not The Rippers You Are Looking For

  • Use the Alarm_Cancel.pkg in a server.
  • Another aug needed to be purchased.
  • Once it’s done, in a server cross any alarm laser and activate the aug.
  • Finally, a specific kill to be made.

Fire Sale

  • Destroy 2 enemies at once using a Red Unstable Cube.

The first environment perfect enough is in network 1A, S04_TalonPike

These besties stick together and die together.


You will receive challenges. Beat three for the achievement, beat more to get booster packs.

Challenges float above server selection in a separate window. You get three tries to beat one.

Note that challenges difficulty is different (usually lower) from your current network AI tier.

Now I’m Feeling A Little Motivated

  • Win 3 Challenges.

You’re Not Worthy As My Opponent

  • Send 3 Challenges.

After you completed any server, you’re given an option to send a challenge to either your friends or random players. Send three and get the achievement.

Just like a Ghost Network, challenges reset each day.

You can beat 3 each day and send 5 of yours to others.


Unfortunately, some server require to eliminate enemies, who cannot be taken down by bare hands. So, you need to increase your firepower!

There are few ways to achieve this:

Attaching abilities, applying weapon parts and using game cheats.

If you go to your inventory and examine a riffle, you’ll see upgrades opportunities.

Both weapon and ability parts get earned in Rewards Packs (another reason to play challenges!). The higher the AI defences, the score, etc.. the more you get these parts.

There are a lot of Heavy Units, so I personally invested into Heavy Unit Damage ability more, than into others.

Game cheats are server modifiers i.e. 200% extra damage from n-riffle, 150% extra speed or HP.

You can apply 3 to almost any server, as long as there are none pre-loaded modifiers. Should you choose to quit a server – you lose a modifier.

You may also invest into Battle Focus aug, so you move even faster, deal a lot more damage with already applied damage weapon abilities. oof –  eventually turning a server attack into a 10 second walk.

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