Deus Ex : Human Revolution Director’s Cut – Quinn’s Scavenger Hunt

Quinn’s Scavenger Hunt Parts Location After you start the mission and proceed further, you will eventually […]

Quinn’s Scavenger Hunt Parts Location

After you start the mission and proceed further, you will eventually meet with the good soul that secretly freed you from captivity and helped you escape. After you meet him/her, she will give you the next mission, which is “In the belly of the beast”. When Netanya Keitner explains everything about the next quest you are tasked to take, you will have the option to ask for Weapons and more info. When you specifically ask about the Weapons, she will tell you to meet her contact Quinn. After a long dialogue with Quinn he will ask you for help assembling a Grenade Launcher, but you need to find the parts.

Part 1 – The Barrel

That part can be found in Loading Bay 2 on second store red container. The container is open so that gives some clue there must be something on that spot.

This is the exact location of the barrel:

Since you are on the second story container the game detects as if you are on the second floor of Loading Bay 2.

This is where the container is located in Loading Bay 2:

There is one particular guard that may give you a hard time if you want to play stealthy.

If you want to continue to be unnoticed, one idea is to hide as I do on this screenshot, show just for a second or two until this guard becomes suspicious (not alarmed!) and comes to investigate. Stay in cover, like on the screenshot, and when he comes closer spam the Takedown button (by default it should be Q) until you knock him down.

The container is higher up so you may need some boxes to make it easy for you to go up there:

It is much easier if you have the skill that allows you to jump higher, but even if you don’t have it, there are plenty of boxes around that container, which will allow you to go up there.

And when you enter the container with the part, this is what you should see:

Part 2 – The Trigger

The trigger is located in Loading Bay 1 in a container again.

There are 2 containers placed one next to another and both of them are open from all sides, so you can easily access both of them from your desired side.

There are a few guards walking around, but you shouldn’t have problem lurk around if you want to be stealthy.

This is what you should see when you find the part (the trigger):

Part 3 – The Scope

The scope is located in one of the offices as located on the map:

Nothing much to explain here. As usual a few guards walking around. There are cameras, so this may be tricky if you want to deal with the guards and also there are lasers that divide parts of the hallway. The lasers are connected to a console which you should be able to hack providing you have the required hacking level skills. If you manage to enter the office next door (from what I remember) there is an air shaft which leads to the other office, so this is also a good spot to check if you want to be unnoticed.

This is where the scope is located in the office:

Finishing The Quest

After you collect all of the parts, a marker should pop up showing where you need to go next.
Give the parts to Quinn, he will assemble them and you will get a free grenade launcher. I should warn you, it requires a lot of space in your inventory.

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