Space Engineers – Blueprints

Use Blueprints

How do you use Blueprints?

Pressing F10 brings up the blueprint menu. From there you can create, modify, view, delete, and upload blueprints. It is also worth noting that pressing Ctrl-B will automatically make something a blueprint, rather than storing it in your clipboard first. Double-clicking on desired blueprint from the selection, then pressing Ctrl+V. In Survival Mode, use the Projector to make a holographic projection of the blueprint. Any hologram blocks that touch the real blocks will appear highlighted and will be buildable. With this system, you can design perfect builds with creative tools, then use projector to weld them in other survival world. To import a blueprint, bring up the menu, then select the one you want and press ok. This will put it into your clipboard, where you can then paste it into the world.

Editing a Blueprint

You can edit or replace your blueprint by aiming at your updated creation, pressing Ctrl+C, then in the F10 menu select the blueprint you would like to replace and press “Replace with Clipboard”.

Blueprint Screenshot

When you make a new blueprint, the picture of your screen at the moment of pressing Ctrl+B will be assigned to it in the F10 menu. To replace the screenshot of one of your blueprints, look at your creation from desired angle, open F10 menu, select your blueprint and press “Take Screenshot”.

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