Space Engineers – Uranium

Uranium Finding

Uranium is much easier to find in space than it is on Earth. You will need an ore detector or you will have a hard time finding anything in space.

To get uranium, what you did was make a ship that would use only hydrogen thrusters and have minimal systems so I could go up to space and mine uranium. This solved the power problem, because hydrogen thrusters use almost no power, or a very small amount.

After you got uranium, you started running everything on uranium.

Uranium is extremely easy to find in this game honestly. The asteroid we setup in at the beginning of the game had massive deposits of uranium, iron, gold, magnesium, nickel, and silver inside of it.

Currently running a handmade miner with 14 drills on it. And believe me when i tell you, we havent even used up a fraction of the uranium ore inside of the asteroid, and we’re burning through about 4.0 ingots of uranium every 2 hours.

Not only that, but the spot we’re mining uranium is just a very small spot inside our current asteroid, my ore detector has discovered it all over our asteroid in huge deposits.

Plus one of the asteroids closest to ours has a hole leading into it, most of the asteroid is fairly hollow, but there are TONS of resources, including uranium, essentially mining 3 10m deep holes with my miner nets us about 140k uranium, or any other ore for that matter except gold, gold seems to mine more slowly for some reason.

Anyway my point is, once you get going things get a lot easier. If they added Solar energy it would give more incentive to build outside of a asteroid, but they would need to balance it so the panels generate less than half of the energy that a small reactor does.

  • Check the ice lakes. It is not that its more common there, but the ground is perfectly flat and it is very easy to see all of the ore deposits beneath that ice. I’ve heard many times on here that people always find a uranium deposit under at least one of those ore deposits.
  • Check the dark spots on the map. On my planet, I was walking in a straight line and found a bunch of ore spots, a few of them being uranium. Just keep searching till you find it, its statistics.
  • I have found that the ore detector always points to a location in the earth that is deeper than the ore vein actually is. Normally 1.5-2x as deep as the ore. If you aren’t getting it on ore detector when close to the ground then just keep looking. I give each ore spot a good 10s within 10m pass to give time for the ore detector to update my HUD.



7 thoughts on “Space Engineers – Uranium”

  1. I don’t know what version of space engineers this article was written for but what you say makes no sense at all with the latest release. I have searched well over 100 asteroids orbiting an earth like planet and found no uranium, also you state…

    “The asteroid we setup in at the beginning of the game had massive deposits of uranium, iron, gold, magnesium, nickel, and silver inside of it.”

    Where as every single asteroid i have searched has only 1 or 2 resources in it, I have not seen any asteroids with three or more resources let alone 6.

    Uranium and Platinum are now considered rare resources and it seems extremely rare as i have yet to find any other than in reactors of signal source drones.

      1. Cool comment bruh, apparently you missed the word “asteroid” written 4 separate times in Ian’s post.

  2. Master Engineer

    “If they added Solar Energy”

    It’s clear that you haven’t played the game. Solar energy has been in the game since it was in beta years ago. To other readers, take this guide with a grain of salt. Uranium’s spawn was decreased in a recent update to encourage players to use hydrogen more. OP may be playing an older version, but OP has no idea what he’s talking about.

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