Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace How to Unlock?

Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace Long before the “hoard” genre became a “thing” with Gears […]

Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace

Long before the “hoard” genre became a “thing” with Gears of War, Capcom’s iconic hack n’ slash series in Devil May Cry had quietly set a standard with its own bloody take in Bloody Palace.

Having first appeared in the not-so-great Devil May Cry 2 and becoming a series staple, even appearing in Ninja Theory’s “rebooot”, DmC, from a few years back, this single-elimination “tournament” has in many ways helped defined the DMC series, known of its outlandish environments and explosive, stylish combat.

Before DLC was actually a thing, Blood Palace was an included component of the DMC franchise, although you had to pick up Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition if you were so inclined, given the original release didn’t include the mode. So in essence you could maybe treat that as “DLC”, in that you needed to make an additional purchase (if you already owned the game) if you wished to play that new content.

Capcom probably took on the community’s feedback in that regard — as great as the Special Edition of DMC 3 was – by including it in the base version of Devil May Cry 4, although Vergil,Lady and Trish were added as other playable characters.

DmC received Bloody Palace in the way of free DLC, and also included 101 floors of bloody mayhem, far below the 9,999 in Devil May Cry 2.

As for Devil May Cry 5, we’ll need to wait on Capcom’s release of the post-release content, with only Bloody Palace currently on the roadmap. It’ll be free — as it should be — and at the moment, details are limited, but given Capcom says Devil May Cry 5 is the “biggest” in the franchise, we should probably hope for more than 101 floors.

You may be wondering how to unlock Bloody Palace in-game, but its release is scheduled exclusively as DLC sometime in April.

Bloody Palace Mode – Overview

Challenge Mode Putting Your Skills to the Test

The Bloody Palace is a game mode in Devil May Cry 5 that pits your character against multiple enemies. You will need to hone and develop your skills in order to overcome the horde of demons that await you in the Bloody Palace!

Made Up Of Multiple Floors

Bloody Palace is made up of different floors or levels which you will need to progress through. Reaching the last level of the Bloody Palace will net you valuable in-game rewards!

Defeat Enemies To Progress Through Floors

In order for you to progress to the next floor or level of the Bloody Palace, you will need to defeat the enemies that spawn on the floor with you. Only after the last enemy is defeated will the next level be available to progress to.

Harder Enemies Spawn Later In The Mode

The enemy difficulty will start to rise later on as the mode progresses. Tougher enemies, and even bosses can spawn in the later floors of the game. It is recommended to practice in the Void to hone your skills before facing these enemies.

Bloody Palace DLC Available On April 2019

The Bloody Palace is available as a free update in April 2019.

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