Devil May Cry 5 – Qliphoth Roots Walkthrough

DMC 5 Blood Slicked Vegetation – Qliphoth Roots

This is a boss fight, but you haven’t escaped the tutorials just yet. There’s a lot to learn! Here, you’ll learn to press LT/L2 to charge Nero’s Ex-Gauge to power up the Red Queen sword.

Tip: You can automatically charge Nero’s Red Queen Sword by pressing L2/LT at just the right moment after you swing the sword. It’s exactly when the sword would hit an enemy, but this timing is the same even if Nero is swinging at air.

You’ll also learn to dodge: While pressing RB/RT, use the left stick and A/X to dodge a direction. Remember, you can always jump to avoid sweeping attacks at ground level.

Attack the mass in the center of the roots here. Keep your eye on the roots, though. You’ll know one will attack when it rears back to strike.

More importantly, avoid the stronger attacks. You’ll know this is coming when the camera pans out, and one of the roots flashes. It will strike down below.

When a root slaps down onto the floor, be ready to jump over it. We had the most luck jumping over the one to the left, treating it like a macabre game of jump rope.

If you ever need health, remember there’s a blob of Green Orbs on the floor on the left, as well.

Slash and shoot your way to victory while dodging the piercing strikes and jumping over the sweeping roots to earn a high score and defeat the Mission 01 boss.

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