Devil May Cry 5 – Nero Skill Guide

Nero’s Best Skills to Unlock First in DMC 5

1. Speed

This ability simply lets Nero run faster, but man is it helpful to get around.

2. Streak

Streak is a Red Queen Skill that lets Nero rush forward to an enemy he locks on to. This skill is essential to keeping up with enemies, especially when they spread out, or try to run away.

3. Roulette Spin

This aerial Red Queen Skill give Nero a combo that lets him stay in the air longer. As explained in-depth on the Tips and Tricks page, staying in the air is fantastic for both offensive and defensive reasons.

Use Y,Y, (pause), Y when jumping to give Nero a boost that helps him stay aloft.

4. Split

This Red Queen Skill gives Nero a combo-finisher from the air that slams enemies back into the ground. While locking onto an enemy in the air, press RB+LS back + Y. Follow up with a Streak to keep the combo going.

5. Enemy Step

This ability will change Nero’s air game. It lets him jump on enemies with A while near an enemy midair, allowing him to stay aloft pretty much indefinitely. It’s expensive, but very worth it – especially for bosses!

6. Air Hike

This gives Nero a second jump, letting you explore areas a little easier.

7. Calibur

This one is also expensive, but this Red Queen skill basically gives Nero the ability to use Streak mid-air.

Honorable Mentions:

Wire Snatch 2 – Longer Wire Snatch reach, what’s not to like?

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