Devil May Cry 5 – Enemy Step How and Why to Use?

Enemy Step HOW? First things first, you need to gain 45k to buy “Enemy Step” in […]

Enemy Step


First things first, you need to gain 45k to buy “Enemy Step” in “Abilities” category.

An ability we just bought allows us to jump off any enemy as long as we want and there is more. Every use of Enemy Step will reset our Air Hike ability (our double jump) or Nero’s Calibur, which can be used only once without touching a ground, and most importantly with Enemy Step we can use jump cancel to connect our animations one into another or even into itself if timed precisely. Sounds good, huh?


Have you ever seen those crazy аss combo videos on youtube? If not, search for donguri990 and come back after a couple of hours of watching, even though he has not uploaded full DMC5 combo vids yet (I’ll edit this when he’ll do so). He is literally a god of jump cancel techniques.
Okay. Now, when you saw the Combo, I’ll assume you interested in doing some of your own.

If you didn’t noticed yet, the potential of JC is unlimited as this tech allows you to chain all your moves and tools together. Smooth as silk. Without touching a ground. And that is the reason why I won’t show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do Nero’s Calibur cancel, for example. You have to figure it out yourself to feel a difference between “deep” and “casual”.

Meant no offence to casual players, if you’re somehow still there and reading.


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