Subnautica – Pro Tips and Quick Start

Get a head start in Subnautica with our Pro Tips and Quick Start guide. If you're struggling to finish the game, let our Subnautica guide assist you.

Welcome to our Subnautica – Pro Tips and Quick Start guide. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Subnautica game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Subnautica guide.

Beginners Guide for Subnautica

This guide will show you everything to you need!

Getting Your Feet Wet

When you first begin, you will be in the life pod. The pod should have a fabricator, storage locker, radio, and a med-kit fabricator. You should be able to craft a variety of extremely useful gear almost as soon as you dive in the water and collect some titanium / copper. Just break the limestone outcrops you see around you. Collect any quartz you see as well. Grab a few acid mushrooms to use for battery production. Mind your oxygen!

Speaking of oxygen, use some of those resources to make a tank in the life pod. You should have the ability to go cave diving now. Watch out for crash fishes. They are loud, red, and deadly! ( Just like a another creature in this game. xD ) These fish will hunt you down and explode in your face, but make sure to check their nests for cave sulfur. Sulfur can be used to make a repair tool. Now go to the surface and use 1 titanium and a battery to make a scanner.

Now simply enter one of the kelp forest areas and collect some creepvine seeds. They grow on the kelp, and glow yellow. You should collect at least 3 or 4 of them. Scan any fragments of seaglides or mobile vehicle bays that you find. These fragments unlock blueprints for cool items. There are also outcrops containing rare resources. In this area there are shark-like predators called stalkers who are very hostile, so avoid them. Turn a few seeds into silicon rubber, and one into lubricant. You now have access to a lot of life saving equipment, such as a knife for defending yourself, fins for boosting swim speed, and a seaglide to make you super fast when you hold it underwater.

Now just create yourself a flashlight and some other starter gear, before fixing the life pod’s secondary systems and radio. The radio should give you more directions / clues over the next few days. This radio being fixed begins Subnautica’s epic story line. I won’t spoil it! You now have the gear to go out, look for blueprints, upgrade, solve a mystery or two, and beat the game. Good luck!

Tips and Tricks

Finding Food and Water

The fabricator can cook fish that you catch. Just swim up to your prey and click on them to grab them out of the water. A particular fish, the Bladderfish, can be used to purify 12 oz of water. Don’t ask how, I am not a developer. You can also purify water with bleach. (No you can’t drink bleach, so don’t make that joke.) Use a knife on the coral tubes, and combine the sample you got with salt. Salt can be found in deposits on the ground. This method yields more water, but is more obnoxious and time consuming for the player.


Some items require multiple steps to craft. You can only craft one thing at a time. I know that is annoying, but at least it is fast, simple, and you aren’t forced to memorize how to arrange things in a grid… Many items require a more advanced fabricator device, such as a mobile vehicle bay, upgrade console, or modification station.

What to Bring With You

I recommend keeping a relatively free inventory, because some items take up a lot of space. Take essentials on trips, like tools, gear, and snacks. A thermo-blade can be made at a mod station, which allows you to instantly cook fish and do extra damage with a knife. This means you can travel a lot farther, and not bring dehydrating cured fish or extra water bottles. This is only available at mid/late game unfortunately.


Once you start the story of Subnautica, you should find blueprints for a lot of new tech. Some great things to unlock are vehicles. Submarines like the Seamoth or Cyclops allow for exploration at extreme depths. Entering these replenishes oxygen, and they can be fitted with extra storage and upgrades. The Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano-suit, or PRAWN Suit, can reach even farther depths and navigate rough terrain with ease. Great for collecting or exploring. It has a drill arm upgrade that doubles as mining tool and a weapon. It can jump and grapple walls like Spiderman, too. This machine is really cool.


Navigating deep under water in caves can be disorienting. Bring beacons to mark locations such as cave entrances, bases, resources, certain biomes, and more. There is no form of map in this game, so it is up to your memory and beacon placement to help you get out alive. Beacons are cheap, use them! They do clutter your HUD and inventory though.

Avoiding Glitches

Glitches are obnoxious, expensive, and time consuming. To avoid loosing your stuff to glitches, save frequently. You can always re-load your save. I have lost vehicles or gotten them stranded due to terrain issues before, like this Cyclops, which decided to clip into the wall and get stuck out of bounds.

I have also just been straight up eaten by the world in a PRAWN…

You know you messed up when you see this in your camera view…

* This is a WIP, and I will add more stuff *

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