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Die in the Dungeon Origins How to Break game

Master the game, break barriers, and conquer the toughest achievements! Learn the secrets with our Die in the Dungeon Origins How to Break Game guide.

How will you break the game and how will you achieve the most difficult achievements? You can find out the details using the information in this Die in the Dungeon Origins How to Break game guide.

This is the guide Migan it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Die in the Dungeon Origins How to Break game

This Die in the Dungeon Origins How to Break game guide will show you how to break the game and get the most difficult achievements.

5 Step Guide

  1. Get 1 Terrain Dice.
  2. Give it Flash (Hollow and Heavy too, if you have the chance).
  3. Get the Bullseye and/or Mark of the Chosen One Relics (Bullseye is much better early game).
  4. Remove every Dice in your deck except 1 Terrain Dice, 1 Attack Dice, 1 Block Dice, 1 Heal Dice and 1 of whatever Dice you want.
  5. Repeat Step 2 for every other Dice you have (Prioritize the Attack Dice, then the Block Dice, then pick whatever you want).

Synergistic Relics

  • Unpolished Shards: Boosts all your Glass Dice by 3.
  • Evergreen Sap: Preserves your Terrain and Healing Dice as long as you manage your energy correctly. Allows your Dice to scale infinitely within each combat.
  • Forge Hammer: Like Evergreen Sap, but it only works for Dice that have Heavy, which is much harder to come by.
  • Scavenger Beak: Increases the chance of finding the things you need.
  • Star Yo-Yo: Speeds up combat by allowing you to kill all enemies on turn 1.
  • Moon Chakram, Blinding Lightbulb, Toxic Cloud and Dancing Shurikens are useful for dealing small amounts of damage to kill the pesky persistent Bug.
  • Providential Vial: Boosts your turn 1 consistency.
  • Munchable Dopamine: Doesn’t synergize with the build much, but it provides more max health for basically free.


  • You don’t have to finish the build before the Boss. You won’t be done by the time you reach Floor 50, so no need to rush.
  • This setup can easily do the “Reach Floor 50” and “Deal 100 Damage in one attack” Achievements, and can, maybe, go on forever (I didn’t do the math on that).
  • Don’t give a Dice Heavy if it doesn’t already have Glass and Flash. Doing so can mess up your next fights.
  • The Bug that puts a Dice on the Board does deny you the Mark of the Chosen One boost but that doesn’t start mattering until waaaaay past floor 50.
  • If you feel like it, you can get a 2nd Terrain Dice and replace your other Dice with better versions, such as Grow Attack Dice, but that is not necessary at all.
  • Important Note if you’re crazy enough to run this build for a couple hundred floors: Don’t pick more than 24 Relics. They will block your dice during events, which means you wont be able to fill in all dice slots, which leads to a softlock. Devs please fix.

How it Works

  • You only have 4-5 Dice, so you will draw all of them every single turn.
  • As long as there is only 1 Dice on the Board, the value of said dice will be multiplied by 6.
  • With Flash Dice you can abuse this boost multiple times during the same turn.
  • Now for some boring math (Lets assume you have Bullseye, Mark of the Chosen One and Unpolished Shards):
  • If you place your Terrain Dice with a value of 6 in the Center, that Square will now have a +42 boost (+36 without Unpolished Shards).
  • If you now place an Attack Dice with a value of 6 on the same Square, that Dice will deal (42[Square Boost] + (6[Dice Value] x 3[Mark of the Chosen One] + 3[Unpolished Shards])) x 2(Bullseye) = 126 damage. The Enemies on Floor 50 have around 40 Health at best.
  • Without Unpolished Shards you deal 108 damage and with only Mark of the Chosen One you deal 36 damage which is still enough to reach Floor 50.
  • With Evergreen Sap/Forge Hammer, your can keep using the Terrain Dice which infinitely stacks your Square Boost.
  • If your Terrain Dice has Heavy and Hollow, the Square boost will instead be 36+30+24+18+12+6 = 126 which boosts your damage to 294.
  • If you, on top of that, got super lucky and have an Attack Dice with Glass, Heavy and Hollow, your turn 1 damage will be 294+288+282+276+270+264 = 1674. Thats a lotta damage. (You can give your Dice the Glass property by failing to meet the requirements of some event, can’t remember what it’s called. It needs to have Glass, otherwise Heavy will make it stay on the field).
  • Now imagine the damage you’d deal with 2 fully upgraded Terrain/Attack Dice.
Written by Migan

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