Disco Elysium – Where is Ruby?

Where is Ruby? Before you woke up, Ruby fled the Whirling-in-Rags and is currently hiding in […]

Where is Ruby?

Before you woke up, Ruby fled the Whirling-in-Rags and is currently hiding in Land’s End, the marshy area beyond the fishing village. However, Land’s End is a big area – more specifically, she’s in/under the Feld Building, the large brick construct with the mural painted on it, next to the boardwalk and being admired by a father and son. The problem is that now you, the player, know this vital information – but your character and Kim still don’t.

That can only be done with a mandatory Shivers check, prompted by selecting the mural itself. Don’t worry, if your Shivers skill is low, there’s a way around that.

How to Pass the Shivers Check on the Feld Building Mural

Part of the challenge is the idea that experiencing more and more of Land’s End both gives you a better knowledge and understanding of the area on an intuitive level, as well as simply narrowing down your search. Bearing that in mind, here is a list of the things you can do to lower the difficulty of the Shivers check.

  • Recover your gun.
  • Establish the nightclub in the Dolores Dei church.
  • Go on a date with Lilienne.
  • Find the empty cryptozoologist’s trap when Morell asks you to check them.
  • Find the body on the boardwalk and deliver the news to the next of kin.
  • Use the boardwalk payphone until Dolores Dei answers.
  • Help Soona complete her project at the church.
  • Hear the truth behind Lena’s cryptid story.
  • Reconstruct the firing squad execution at the building South-West of the mural.
  • Find Idiot Doom Spiral’s windbreaker jacket and try to give it back to him after cleaning it.
  • Try and open the door to the Land’s End bunker (even if you fail, it still gives you a bonus).

You do not need to do all of these to pass the check, or even any of them. Each one simply lowers the difficulty of it.

Once this is done, your character and Kim will decide to check inside, prompting two choices: either a Savoir Faire check to teleport up the ladder to the roof (no, really) or a Physical Instrument check to open the pipe by the boardwalk. Either option will get you into the building. Once inside, you can find Ruby by exploring the basement. Now is a good time to save! Meeting her marks a point of no return for several quests, not to mention risking health and morale damage.

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