Disney Dreamlight Valley Mining Routes

Welcome to our Disney Dreamlight Valley Mining Routes & Guide. Just a lil guide on how to run up the ores on ur map and get as much money as possible. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Disney Dreamlight Valley game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide.

Mining Routes

Don’t forget ur mining-mate while running! Always be sure to have ur friend with u which is specialized on mining. Remember – 2 ores are better then 1 ore x).

Fresh Start Route

At the beginning u won’t have the optimal route and u will have to wait a bit for ores to respawn but imma mark how to run it for Plaza and Peaceful Meadow (the first 2 Zones).
The ores i put a “X” on are available later on in the game but they might have confused u if u new to the game.

Mining Routes/Guide

Endgame Route

So here is my endgame route i personally find to be the best.
You will start in the cave that got released in the Scar update and keep rotating the map,
u can easily forget about the other zones since they are not that profitable imo.

Mining Routes/Guide

About Disney Dreamlight Valley

Discover the Secrets Of Dreamlight Valley

Free the Dream Castle from the insidious grip of the Forgetting, and unlock the unique Realms of well-loved Disney and Pixar characters. Each Realm has its own challenges, with puzzles to solve and friends to bring back to Dreamlight Valley. Free the Dream Castle from the Forgetting’s grasp and unlock the Realms of great queens and kings such as Anna and Simba. Each Realm contains unique challenges with puzzles to solve in the quest to bring friendship back to the Valley.

You’ll start your adventure in the Valley, but your journey will take you to infinity… and beyond! Explore what looms in the Forest of Valor and brave the deepest caverns as you take on challenges from iconic Disney and Pixar heroes and villains. Who knows who—or what—you might discover.

Forge friendships with Disney & Pixar characters

Garden with WALL•E, cook with Remy or kick back and fish with Goofy. What better way to collect, craft, and rebuild the Valley than with a friend! From beautiful princesses to nefarious villains, every Dreamlight Valley resident brings their own story arc, quests, and rewards. Meet up in daily hangouts and make friends with some of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters..

More about Disney Dreamlight Valley

Restore the Valley to its former glory

Free the Valley from the grip of the Forgetting and return Dreamlight Valley to its former greatness by making it your own. In Dreamlight Valley, you can build the perfect neighborhood that is just for you with a fully customizable layout, creative landscaping, and thousands of decorative items.

Will you settle on the Beach next to Moana, or call Buzz Lightyear your next-door neighbor in the Plaza?

Express Your Disney Style

Bring out your inner princess, villain, or Disney bounder! Assemble unique outfits and decorate your home with thousands of fantastic items. Using the Touch of Magic tool, you can even create your own designs using Disney and Pixar decals!

With the in-game Camera, get ready to snap a sunset selfie with Rapunzel, a culinary creation with Remy or simply cherish a moment.

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