My Singing Monsters Diamond Farming Guide

Welcome to our My Singing Monsters Diamond Farming Guide. A true guide on how to get a lot of gems fast. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the My Singing Monsters game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our My Singing Monsters guide.

My Singing Monsters Diamond Farming Guide

A true guide on how to get a lot of gems fast.

Mines (Mini-Mines and Maximum-Mines)

Total: 133/week (175 with IRL purchases)

Diamond Farming Guide

The Mini-Mine can be bought on 19 islands:

  • Plant & Mirror Plant
  • Cold & Mirror Cold
  • Air & Mirror Air
  • Water & Mirror Water
  • Earth & Mirror Earth
  • Fire Haven
  • Fire Oasis
  • Light
  • Psychic
  • Faerie
  • Bone
  • Shugabush
  • Ethereal
  • Magical Sanctum

On Plant and Mirror Plant, the Mini-Mine costs 500,000 coins. On every other island, it costs 10 diamonds. The Mini-Mine makes 1 diamond every 24 hours, which will get you 14 diamonds per day, or 19 diamonds per day if you have every Mirror Island.

On Plant and Mirror Plant, you can upgrade to the Maximum-Mine for 20 diamonds, or 40 diamonds if you’re buying straight from the Marketplace, after making a purchase with real money. This will double the amount made and halve the time it takes, letting you get a total of 25 diamonds per day.

My Singing Monsters Diamond Farming – Daily Login

Total: 3-28 diamonds/week

Diamond Farming Guide

This one is pretty simple: log in every day to get rewards!
The daily login bonus runs on 10-day cycle, with 3 diamonds on the 3rd day and 25 diamonds on the 10th day. After the 10th day, the bonuses reset. Depending on the week, if you log in every day (which you should be doing anyway), you will get either 3, 25, or 28 diamonds in a week. Plus, you’ll get relics and keys along the way that you can use to get more monsters!

Spin Wheel

Total: 0-1000+ diamonds/weekDiamond Farming Guide

Spin a wheel to get a prize. You can either get a spin once every day for free, or you can buy a spin for 2 diamonds. Every time you spin, there will be a chance to get diamonds, and you can get up to 1000! However, the likelihood of this happening is very small. I don’t recommend buying spins, so just use the spins you get for free. The amount you get every time can change, but on average with the odds, you will get 5-6 diamonds per week.

Memory Game

Total: 0-1000+ diamonds/week

Diamond Farming Guide

The memory game is very simple, match the images to get prizes. The longer you play, the higher value the prize. There is a choice make when you play this, either:

A. Play only the first level to get the chance to get 2 diamonds, or

B. Play all levels to get larger prizes, including the chance to get 1000 diamonds

This is all up to personal choice, but I usually play only the first level, since the game is very time consuming. You can get cooler rewards for playing longer though, like shards and keys.

Wublin Island (Zynth Farm)

Total: 214 diamonds/week

Wublins have a 7% chance to produce 2 diamonds every time they’re available for collection. To maximize the amount you get, you’ll need to get a lot, with the recommended Wublin to get is Zynth.
Below is a diagram of where to place the Wublins, with green, blue, and brown spots being where to place Zynths, orange spots to place any 3×3 Monster, ideally Brump, and white spots being where to avoid placing anything.

Diamond Farming Guide

Tribal Island

Total: 20 diamonds/week

Diamond Farming Guide

On Tribal Island, you can form a large group of players to make a song and get diamonds. The best way to max the diamond count of Tribal Island is to get 30 members that feed their monster to level 50 every week. To feed your monster to level 50, with the recommended usage of Shards, it will cost you 45,300 shards every week. This can be easily achieved if you have a full Wublin farm, or 12 monsters on Ethereal Island. Along the way, you will also get Starpower, which you can use to get rare monsters or decorations to increase the happiness of Werdos and Wubboxes.

My Singing Monsters Diamond Farming – Celestial Island

Total: 118 diamonds/week

Diamond Farming Guide


Celestial Island acts like Wublin Island, except for the fact that you can only get 5 of each Monster. Also unlike Wublin Island, each Celestial is VERY HARD to get, so this is only if you have absolutely nothing else to do. It also takes a significant time to break even, with the shortest time being 134 days.

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