Distraint – %100 Achievement Guide

100% Completion Guide for Distraint

Welcome to the Distraint achievement guide.

First and foremost, this guide is absolutely NOT spoiler free. In order to reveal the ways to get these particular achievements, there is no other way to do it than to spoil parts of the game. If you have an issue with that, make sure you do a vanilla playthrough first.

The achievements are extremely easy once you know what to do to achieve them, and your second playthrough will be incredibly short since you then know how to solve all of the puzzles and where to go to progress.

Distraint Story Related Achievements


The First Distraint
Take over the property of Mrs. Goodwin.
Story related, cannot be missed.


Coffee, Please!
Find water to make coffee.
Story related, cannot be missed.


The Fire Maker
Create fire.
Story related, cannot be missed.


The Second Distraint
Take over the property of Mr. Tailor.
Story related, cannot be missed.


The Electrician
Get the electricity back on.
Story related, cannot be missed.


Win the jackpot.
Story related, cannot be missed.


The Third Distraint
Take over the property of Mr. Jones.
Story related, cannot be missed.


The Light
Visit the grave of Mrs. Goodwin.
Story related, cannot be missed.


The End
Complete the game.
Story related, cannot be missed.


Distraint The Rest Achievements


Where Is Your Dignity?
No Description Available
After you’ve taken Mrs. Goodwin’s home, you will be in your flat. You will want to make coffee, but lo and behold you have no running water. Before solving this easy puzzle, head into the bathroom and use the coffee pot on the toilet.


The Long Walk
No Description Available
An easter egg in the description, which is a reference to the game The Long Walk. To get this achievement, you will need to use an item on a sign. So, naturally after Mr. Tailor requests that you build a fire in his home, take the firewood from out front of his home and head all the way to the left again. You will eventually come across a sign that says “No Tresspassing!”. Use the firewood with the sign.


Sniff This!
No Description Available
This will take place during the second distraint. You will stumble across some gasoline when you get closer to finding Mr. Tailor’s dog. Do not do the obvious thing of dumping the gas into the compressor, but instead continue onward to find the dog. Once you’ve found her, use the gasoline on her.


The Whistle
No Description Available
From the Developer: It will unlock when you speak with the cleaning lady, or attempt to give her any item. The cleaning lady appears in the front of the reception after you’ve found the hanger.

[su_note]NOTE: She’s gone after you insert the hanger to the television [/su_note]


A Flower To You, Beautiful!
No Description Available
When you are visiting Mrs. Goodwin at the hospital, and before you give HER the flower, take the flower to the nurse in the front lobby.


Cheer Up, Mate!
No Description Available
During the distraint of Mr. Jones’ property, you will gain a five dollar bill along the way. Before continuing the progression with this item, take it back to where you found Mr. Jones and you will see that his depressed friend is no longer in front of the balcony door. Go out on the balcony and attempt to offer him the money.


Hah, Hah, Hah
No Description Available
When you’re at the Office near the end of the game, there will come a point in time where you must use a salt shaker on a coffee pot. You then go visit Jenni, the receptionist, and she will go make more coffee. Follow her, and talk to her when she’s standing at the coffee pot.

That is all. Distraint All Achievements guide is completed

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