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Do Not Feed the Monkeys – Achievements Guide

A digital voyeur simulator where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras. Invade their privacy and witness […]

A digital voyeur simulator where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras. Invade their privacy and witness their most intimate moments, but don’t interact with the subjects, anything could happen if you dare feed the monkeys.

Welcome to the complete Do Not Feed the Monkeys Achievements Guide.

This guide may contain spoilers. We don’t want to ruin your game experience, so, please, be careful while reading this instruction.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Achievements

Pongo lostintranslansis

They may communicate in a strange manner, but these apes can be very loving and passionate.

Talk to Peole in her language, so you don’t know exactly what you’re talking about. If you choose the term “LOVE” three times in a row, you’ll get this achievement.

Callimico oviparus

The only primates able to lay eggs.

If you speak with Amelia Winnipeg and convince her that you know about the money in her safe, you can blackmail her and ask her for a Mallarmé Egg.

Papio stellaris

Their natural habitats include outer space, dreams and rainy cities.

Getting the Umbrella gift sent to you.

If you record different videos of Captain Rush and will be sending it to Shock.TV for three days in a row, you’ll be able to make the Government send a rocket to rescue her. If, also, you get to talk to the Captain’s son, in return, she’ll send you this gift.

Galago cholesterolus

Generous by nature, they ensure everyone in their group eats.

Order some food for Rick Stevens.

Microcebus nudensis

They look past appearances, these monkeys search for inner beauty.

Get the Naked Ashley’s Photographs gift.

Record the driver taking photoraphs of Ashley and then blackmail her. If you do so, you can ask for different things… including photographs of the actress naked.

Petterus supermegafan

They are crazy about spotlights, flashes, and teen-ape actresses.

Get the Ashley’s Signed Photographs gift.

Tell Ashley’s agent someone is taking photographs of Ashley naked. If you give him enough accurate information, he will send you some signed photos as a reward.

Aotus chauffeurii

They hate moving around the jungle on foot.

Record the driver taking photoraphs of Ashley and then blackmail her. If you do so, you can ask for different things… including being your driver, so going to supermarket will be much quicker.

Prebytis freedonius

They group around charismatic and a bit genocidal alpha males.

Encourage August Henkel to conquer the world again. As a reward, he will send you some of his most valuable items.

Mandrillus lupus

They transform, shriek, and easily replace their fur.

Get the Blonde Wig.

Discourage Jonathan Dull from pursuing his dream of being famous as The SheWolf of Wall Street. So, he’ll send you his wig, since he’s not going to use it anymore.

Cebus smilenis

These monkeys put their offspring’s happiness before anything else.

Get the C.H.C.S. Trophy gift.

Denounce the parents of the crying child to the C.H.C.S. Service, by recording a video of the kid crying and sending it to the service. If you do so, they’ll send you this gift in reward.

Colobus corsarii

They love sports and cleaning. And they really hate closed environments.

Get the Corsair’s Mascot Doll gift.

Have the cleaning operator rescued by getting his telephone number and calling his wife. If you do so, she’ll send you this as a reward.

Lepilemur poopoo

The most creative and talented, but somewhat inclined towards eschatology.

Choose the name of the book the crew of Gustav Jenkings will write for you. If you choose a crazy, scatological one, you’ll get this achievement.

Allocebus darwiniana

Monkeys with a passion for natural selection and the fight between species.

Get the Three Antlered Deer Head gift.

Record a video of the Three Antlered Deer and send it to the Hunters… they’ll slaughter them and send you this gift in return.

Lemur wylonii major

Apes with flawless morality. TOTALLY flawless.

Get the Wylon’s Bible gift.

Have a thriving plant when the Wylon’s Witnesses come and take their plant back

Lemur wylonii medus

Good, caring, empathetic… These primates are morally acceptable.

Keep your plant healthy and green.

Lemur wylonii vulgaris

Never trust them, these monkeys have the worst morals.

Make your plant dry and thorny.

Gorilla clubensis minor

Obedient and helpful primates.

Answer correctly to 3 or more Club’s quests.

Gorilla clubensis medus

Very obedient and very helpful primates.

Answer correctly to 6 or more Club’s quests.

Gorilla clubensis major

The most obedient and helpful monkeys: ALWAYS at the service of their keeper.

Answer correctly to 9 or more Club’s quests.

Macaco amateurensis

They belong to the second Club level, Amateur Zoologist

Get to Level 2.

Macaco masteriensis

They belong to the third Club level, Master in Primatology

Get to Level 3.

Macaco doctoriensis

They have reached the Club’s highest level, The Great Primate’s Cage

Get to Level 4.

Aotus televisibus

They go crazy about the most extreme emotions from the idiot box

Send 20 or more different videos to Shock.TV.

Propithecus molli

Half ape, half mole, these primates cannot keep their mouth shut.

Uninstall MonkeyVision after FBI have moved to your block and collaborate with them.

Hylobates silensis

The most faithful, loyal, and discreet primates.

Refuse to collaborate with FBI after they have moved to your block.

Hapalemur dolarii

They like money almost as much as piggybanks like money.

You have more than $499

Colobus express

Now you see them, now you don’t, these are the fastest monkeys in the jungle.

You uninstall the MonkeyVision application very fast, before 12:00 of Day 1

Tarsius amazonius

Big fans of maxing out their card without leaving the tree.

Buy and send 4 or more items of ProOwl Mart, regardless of the results.

Ateles pencilianus

Methodical and obsessive, they don’t stop until their pencil has worn out.

Write down more than 190 words in your notebook in a game.

Mandrillus barfii

They have an insatiable appetite. Worth having a mop at hand when they are about.

Eat 9 times in a row.

Mandrillus collector minor

Amateur collectors. They always keep some souvenirs.

Keep more than 4 gifts simultaneously.

Mandrillus collector medus

Skilled collectors. It’s hard for them to get rid of their stuff.

Keep more than 6 gifts simultaneously.

Mandrillus collector major

Compulsive collectors. They keep everything. Absolutely EVERYTHING.

Keep more than 8 gifts simultaneously.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Full Achievements Guide is done.

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