Red Dead Redemption 2 – Banking, the Old American Art Walkthrough

Banking, the Old American Art is a Main Story Mission and last part of Red Dead Redemption […]

Banking, the Old American Art is a Main Story Mission and last part of Red Dead Redemption 2 part four.

This guide highlights mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements.

Banking, the Old American Art Mission

Gold Medal Checklist

  • Crack the safe without making any mistakes
  • Complete using only sidearms
  • Get 25 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Start this quest by approaching Dutch at camp. He’s downstairs in the house’s dining room. He and Hosea are discussing the bank robbing plan, and Hosea says any plan is a good plan if it’s executed properly.

You get ready in your three-piece suit, and ride out with your caravan in the morning. Again, everyone goes over the plan. Abigail and Hosea create a diversion for the police while the rest of the group performs the bank robbery. Arthur (aka, you) will be handling the teller and the vault with Dutch.

A cutscene will start when you’re close enough to town, and end at the entrance of the bank. Dutch will give one more peptalk while waiting for Hosea to draw the police’s attention. It’s easy to see when it happens – it’s a huge explosion across town.

Follow Dutch when he starts moving. Equip your mask with L1, and follow Dutch and the crew into the bank. Beat the bank manager once, and that should be enough for him to open the vault for you.

Here are the numbers: soon

Loot the vault, then head out to the front with your crew. There’s a problem. A big one.

The pinkertons, Milton included, have caught Hosea and Abigail. Dutch attempts to negotiate, but Milton isn’t having it. He pushes Hosea out into the street, and shoots him in the chest.

After that, all hell breaks loose. Start shooting the law out of the window, and continue laying down bullets until Dutch tells you otherwise.

Head over to Dutch when he calls to you. He says there’s no way you’re getting out of the front door, and hands you a stick of dynamite. Place the dynamite with R2 on the northeast side of the building, go back to hide behind the counter with Dutch, then shoot it to create an opening. Dutch gives you a rifle and tells you to go to the roof to cover him.

Go outside, make your immediate right, and climb up the ladder to get to the roof. Keep shooting.

When the gatling gun shows up, equip a stick of dynamite. It looks like a longshot, but you can actually reach it – throw it at that gatling gun wagon to take it out quickly.

Arthur will suggest finding a way across the roofs, but almost as soon as you make your way, Lenny gets shot.

Dutch will tell you there’s not time. Follow him and the rest of your crew across the roofs. Dutch will lead you to a window, where everyone is able to sneak into.

The plan is to lie low until nightfall, head to the docks, and steal a boat…and lie low for a few weeks before returning to camp.

When nightfall settles, follow the group out of the building.You’ll make it near the docks, but the area is swarming with police. Follow Dutch into the train cars. Stay literally right behind him to avoid the guards.

When he says someone is coming, duck into one of the seats and stay put. Don’t touch anything on your controller or you may reveal yourself. Just wait.

Start moving after Dutch says “Come on.” Stop against the wall when Dutch curses, then follow his instructions. Go to the yellow area southeast and whistle to draw the guards there.

Then, go back to Dutch and follow him. You’ll come to a spot guarded by four men. While conversing about what to do, Charles will sacrifice himself and run out, giving all of you a chance to bypass them to a boat.

As stowaways, you discuss your lost comrades, and Dutch leaves to talk to the captain.

The captain agrees to help you guys out for some gold, and you learn the ship is headed to Northern Cuba. Micah points out some ominous looking clouds on the horizon.

Banking, the Old American Art quest is done.

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