DOOM Eternal – Sentinel Prime Walkthrough

DOOM Eternal Sentinel Prime Walkthrough Steps

  1. After the cutscene, follow the path until you enter the first building
  2. Take the elevator down to trigger another cutscene
  3. Continue pushing forward until you reach an elevator that goes up
  4. Move past the corridor with imprisoned demons and enter the room in front
  5. Another cutscene will play
  6. Defeat the Gladiator and other fodder enemies that appear
  7. After killing the Gladiator, another cutscene will play
  8. Mission ends after the cutscene

1/5. Heading to Daeg Grav Tips

Straightforward Path

The path leading to the room where Daeg Grav is in is pretty linear, meaning that there will be no twists and turns that will confuse you on your way. There will also be transmissions of Khan Maykr popping up to let you know you’re on the right path.

Imprisoned Demons Will Not Attack

Do not worry about the imprisoned demons when walking along the corridor right before Daeg Grav’s room. They will not attack, so you do not need to use up ammo trying to kill them while they’re imprisoned.

vs. Gladiator Boss Fight Tips

The Gladiator boss will have two phases. During the first phase, it will have a shield, and will not move around as much. The second phase of the fight will give the Gladiator two flails and make it move around more often!

Boss Fight First Phase Tips

Shoot at the Shield When it Blinks

Keep an eye on the Gladiator’s shield during the fight. When it blinks, get ready to fire your gun at it. Once the shield blinks, its eyes will turn green. Attacking it at that moment will stagger the Gladiator, giving you an opening to close in and deal some damage!

Ballista Is Effective

A good method for a guaranteed opening is to aim at the Gladiator from distance with your Ballista. When The shield blinks, fire and dodge away. The shot should hit around the time Gladiator throws its flails.

Move Around the Gladiator

The Gladiator will mostly stay in the middle of the room. You will need to be constantly on the move to avoid its attacks. Thankfully, dashing will allow you to avoid most of the boss’ attacks since they don’t home in on you.

Resupply From Fodder Enemies

At times, the boss will spawn some fodder enemies after its attacks. This is a great time to resupply on ammo, armor, and health if you are in low supply. You will also be invincible while performing these kills so there is no need to worry about sustaining damage!

Boss Fight Second Phase Tips

Avoid Shooting When Gladiator Twirls its Flail

The boss will start to twirl its flails around, producing a circular yellow barrier. Do not shoot at the boss when this is active as it will reflect the projectiles back at you! Wait for the barrier to disappear before engaging.

Move Around to Avoid Getting Hit

The boss will start to move around the arena during the second stage. Use your dashes to avoid taking direct hits, and stay away from danger.

One of the boss’ notable attacks is that it will corner you in a section of the stage, and produce electric strands that you will need to jump over or duck to avoid. There is a small window after this attack where shooting it will cause it to stagger, allowing you to deal some damage!

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