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Tips and Tricks Always Stay Moving In Doom Eternal, anything short of constant movement means absolute […]

Tips and Tricks

Always Stay Moving

In Doom Eternal, anything short of constant movement means absolute death. Thankfully there are many way stay quick throughout all your encounters. Not only will you have your double jump and double dash, most environments will also have several different intractable. Jump pads, pull up bars, and platforms all offer moment to moment escapes and rest that allow you to assess your surroundings and understand what move to make next, without stopping and leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

The dash is essential to use in all aspects of Doom Eternal, whether your are platforming the world or dodging enemy attacks, the dash is incredibly useful. The dash recharges quick, and can be upgraded to recharge even quicker, so use it constantly to save yourself from demons. You can even stun smaller demons close to death to set them up for a Glory kill.

Balance Your Ammo, Health, and Armor

The most important skill to learn in Doom Eternal is balancing the three mains sources of life and protection in the game. That is the Flame Belch, Chainsaw, and Glory Kills.

Using the Flame Belch makes the enemies afflicted drop armor for your Doom Slayer, the best way to capitalize on the power of the flame belch is to use it on a group of 3 or more demons. This will maximize the amount of armor drops you are given at a time before you need to wait for the tool to recharge.

The Chainsaw is your main source of Ammo. Any enemy killed with the chainsaw drops ammo and the chainsaw kills most enemies in one hit. The catch with the chainsaw is it uses gas, and can only hold three charges at once. While the chainsaw itself will only recharge 1 gas charge, you can pick up more charges in the world to hit the max. If you have 3 charges you can Chainsaw bigger demons, but it will waste all 3 charges, only leaving you with one after the cool down. It is rare you should ever need to use it on all 3, you should really focus on using it on smaller enemies quickly when you need a shot of ammo. The second your low ammo warning hits, start looking for a small demon as soon as possible

The Glory Kill is your main access to health regeneration in the game and unlike the other two there is no recharge to use it. You can use it whenever you want, but you must damage an enemy until they begin to blink and stagger on screen. Follow the prompt on screen to execute the glory kill and get some of your health.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Weapons

It may be easy to get used to a few weapons and stick to them, but don’t be afraid to try the entire arsenal that Doom Eternal throws at you. Each gun will be useful in different situations, so if you find yourself stuck during a combat encounter. Maybe try switching up your approach or the weapons you are using. With 8 weapons and 2 mods for most weapons, your arsenal is varied with many opportunities to try different combinations and see what makes your enemies tick.

Another helpful tool is the codex available to you in game. Each time you kill a demon for the first time, the codex will then tell you the best weapon to use in the next encounter with them. Reading this each time you encounter a new demon will ensure you try out each weapon at least once, so you will be ready to use it when the time comes. If you ever struggle to take down a demon, it doesn’t hurt to check out the codex for a little refresher about what makes them.

Get to Grips With Your Other Abilities

Speaking of trying out new weapons, get used to using your other abilities too. The first few missions help to ease you into Doom Eternal’s combat but, the further into the campaign you progress, each battle becomes much tougher.

Your weapons are your go-to source for ripping and tearing, but your other suit abilities are vital in getting you out of a pinch. Your Frag Grenade, Ice Bomb, Blood Punch, and Flame Belch are useful for clearing out swarms of enemies, knocking back opponents who want to get up close and personal, and reducing their health by setting them on fire.

Spend Your Praetor Suit Points

Throughout the game, you will find Praetor points that can be used to upgrade different components of the suit. The most important thing you should focus on right away is unlocking the ability for your Suit to reveal the location of secrets on your Auto-Map. Not only with this stop you from wondering aimlessly for the map looking for that last collectible, it will help you find the additional Praetor Points to unlock other abilities for your ice grenades, frag grenades, Flame Belch, and the environment.

As you make your way through hell and beyond (Beyond!) think about how you have been playing to upgrade your Praetor Suit. Destroy the environment alot? there are some upgrades to make barrels respond and drop ammo. Use the Frag grenade but tired of a cool down after each shot? 5 Praetor Points will give you two shots before each recharge. Want to switch weapons and mods quicker? Guess what, there is an upgrade for that too. Doom Eternal Gives you plenty of opportunities to tailor your upgrades to your play-style.

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