Dragon’s Dogma 2: Start Game After Creating Character

Creating a good character in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is very important for your success and strategies in the game. There is no indication in the game showing how to start the game after creating your character. At this point, in our guide, we told you how to start a new game after creating your character.

How to Start Game

In this guide, you can find out how to start a new game in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and a few tips that will be useful for the game.

NOTE: This does not erase your character preset from the character creator companion program, so you can make your cool preset there and then fine-tune it in the actual game!

  1. Make sure to disable cloud sync in Steam. You can enable it after you are happy with your new save.
  2. Locate your Steam folder, there go to: …\Steam\userdata[your steam id]\2054970\remote\win64_save\
  3. Here delete the data000.bin file.
  4. Go back to main menu if not there already, choose to continue from the last saved game. It will give you an error. Confirm.
  5. Start Game should now appear in main menu.
  6. Have fun!

TIP: Later in the game you can get an item that allows a 1-time change of appearance. Backup the data000.bin file manually with clould sync off and change appearance as many times as you like until satisfied!

Other Tips

There’s some information floating about soft-bans for altered save data.

This method should not result in a soft-ban as long as you use it to start a new game or simply use art of metamorphosis and make sure the result looks good in game.

Obviously, don’t go trying to dupe stuff or do something else sketchy since I can’t vouch you won’t catch a soft-ban for that. Game sends info to the server when you rest at a tavern, so in theory if you back up your save, do stuff, rest in a tavern, then restore old save you may appear suspicious to the server. So probably shouldn’t do that.

NOTE: Probably shouldn’t use this method before spending RC to buy the Art of Metamorphosis. Buy it first, backup, then do your thing. If you save before spending RC you can catch some side-eye from the server when you come back with higher RC after rolling back.

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