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Master the art of angling with the DREDGE Anglers Guide. Catch more and bigger fish with expert tips and strategies. Elevate your fishing game!

Are you looking for a new way to play at DREDGE’s? Then you’ve come right! Anglers can be called a new way in the game! And in this our DREDGE Anglers guide we have told you the details, tips and strategies about Anglers! Take a look for the details!

This is the guide Samster68 it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

This rule set is a new way to play through Browsing, which makes the experience difficult for experienced players. In our DREDGE Anglers guide, we talked about tips and strategies for the new path. Check it out!

What is ANGLERS?

Inspired by BTD6’s CHIMPS mode, ANGLERS is designed to make the game tougher while still being beatable. It is a ruleset that removes a few mechanics while still making it possible to collect all five relics and finish the game. ANGLERS is an acronym that represents the limitations the challenge presents.

ANGLERS requires you to play without:

  • Abilities
  • Nets and Pots
  • Guidance (Books)
  • Lights
  • Engines
  • Research
  • Shipwright Dock Upgrades
ANGLERS - A New Way to Play

Breakdown of the Rules

No Abilities

The player is not allowed to use abilities or the ability wheel. This means that the player cannot use lights, crab pots, trawl nets, spells, etc. unless it is absolutely necessary. I see no reason to limit the player’s use of the camera, but it is an ability, so it is not allowed.

No Nets and Pots (Almost!)

The player cannot use a trawl net or crab pot, or research them. However, there is one spot in the game that requires a trawl net and one spot that requires a crab pot.

The Research Assistant pursuit in the Stellar Basin requires the collection of the Aurora Jellyfish. This can only be caught with the trawl net. At this point in the game, the player will have to get a trawl net. The player is not allowed to sell anything from the temporary trawl net, and has to give the Aurora Jellyfish to the Researcher once it is collected. The trawl net must then be sold.

The Flames of The Deep pursuit in the Devil’s Spine requires the collection of a Squat Lobster and a Spider Crab. These can only be caught with a crab pot. At this point in the game, the player will have to get a crab pot. The player is not allowed to sell anything from the temporary crab pot, and has to give the fish to the rock slab once they are collected. The crab pot must then be sold.

No Guidance

Books can be collected from NPCs and pursuits, but cannot be read for bonuses.

No Lights

The player cannot use the Lights ability, or equip them onto their boat.

No Engine Upgrades

The boat has to have an engine and it comes pre-equipped with one. This engine cannot be removed, sold, or replaced in this challenge. You cannot research engines, either.

No Research

The player is allowed to research Rods in this challenge, but nothing else. This is because some of the rods are necessary to complete the game, and many others cannot be equipped. The player may not do any other research unless it is absolutely required.

No Shipwright Dock Upgrades

The player may not use any optional features of the Shipwright’s Dry/Floating Dock upgrades, which severely limits the boat. The only one that is required is ‘+4 Net Spaces’, as a run requires the trawl net.

ANGLERS - A New Way to Play

Tips & Strategies

Basic Strategy

Your biggest enemies will be light, speed, and storage. Sanity appears very quickly in the nighttime without light or upgrades, so it is best not to be fishing at night. You will move at a snail’s pace, so if anything starts to chase you, you will be in big trouble. Finally, you will have to be extremely picky about what you put on your boat, as you will have very little space for fish.

Fish Shrines

The fish shrines are allowed in this challenge, but some cannot be completed or their rewards are useless.

  • Cod Shrine (Greater Marrow): Possible, grants Sinew Spindle which is usable.
  • Crab Shrine (Gale Cliffs): Impossible, since it requires crabs.
  • Shark Shrine (Stellar Basin): Possible, but the Viscera Crane cannot be equipped.
  • Aberrant Shrine (Twisted Strand): Possible, but the Tendon Rod cannot be equipped.

Random Tips & Tricks

  • Always have a plan. You have very little storage space, so make sure you know exactly what you need to do before leaving the dock.
  • Monsters are a huge threat. After playing the game a few times, the monsters are no longer a threat to me. This challenge allows them to be scary again by reducing your movement to a crawl. Keep your eyes and ears open for dangers!
  • Dredging for resources is almost useless, as you are not doing any Shipwright Upgrades. There are other places in the game where you will use cloth, wood, etc, but you will use a lot less than a standard playthrough.
  • Most sidequest pursuits will not be very helpful, as most give books or research parts. Both of these rewards are not valuable in this challenge.
ANGLERS - A New Way to Play
Written by Samster68

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