Drug Dealer Simulator Recipes – Mixing Guide (2024)

Learn the art of mixing drugs like a pro with our ultimate Drug Dealer Simulator mixing recipes. Get step-by-step instructions and maximize your profits.

Welcome to our ultimate Drug Dealer Simulator Recipes and Mixing guide. In the underground world of drug dealing, mastering the art of mixing drugs is essential for maximizing profits and gaining an edge over the competition. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the basics or a seasoned dealer seeking advanced techniques, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions, insider tips, and strategies to create potent and profitable drug combinations. Discover the secrets to success and unlock the power of mixing in the drug trade. Let’s dive in and elevate your drug dealing game to new heights. In this Drug Dealer Simulator Mixing guide, we told you how to mix drugs and the best drug recipes for you. Share the best drug mixes you find with us in the comments.

January 13, 2024: We updated our Drug Dealer Simulator Recipes 2024

Drug Dealer Simulator Recipes & Mixing

There are many, many ways to reach a good thing here… or a deadly one. This guide (and myself) cannot tell you “What will happen if I add X to Y and then combine with Z.” The information herein is to help you make more educated choices when you are trying out new mixes, but cannot tell you what the absolute-set-in-stone-amen-goodnight right and wrongs are.

This guide will give you the numbers, but it won’t be able to tell you what numbers your clients want to see and don’t want to see without you doing some trial and error. You want safe potency that isn’t toxic while being of high quality and good addiction properties for the return business. How you get there is up to you.

This guide utilizes the .pak files of the game in order to extrapolate out what the different available mixing ingredients actually do so that you can better make YOUR ULTIMATE MIX!

A List of Mixing Ingredients & Their Applicable Numbers

Baking Soda (The other side of sugar, stretches the product while reducing it’s potency.)

  • toxicity = 0.0
  • strength = 0.0
  • mixStrengthening = 0.9
  • addictiveness = 0.0

Washing Powder (Least toxic of the strength-increasers but very inefficient.)

  • toxicity = 9.0
  • strength = 0.0
  • mixStrengthening = 1.1
  • addictiveness = 0.0

Ibuprofen (Good early game addiction assist, mind the toxicity.)

  • toxicity = 12.0
  • strength = 2.0
  • mixStrengthening = 1.25
  • addictiveness = 1.0


(The most toxic of all ingredients. This is also what you will use to mix liquids. 1g acetone in the liquid tray > add other mix > put into dryer > package or process more.)

  • toxicity = 25.0
  • strength = 4.0
  • mixStrengthening = 3.0
  • addictiveness = 1.0

Edit update for Acetone: It appears that when Acetone is used to liquid mix products (like crystal) and is then dried out of the product the levels it adds are pretty much completely removed from the final mix.

Eg: If you evaporate it out, it is like it wasn’t there. This is probably something you don’t want to mix in other situations besides where you add it in liquid mixing then evaporate it out. When you do this currently there seem to be no real reason to use more than 1g at a time as the effects seem to go away anyway when it evaporates.)


  • toxicity = 2.0
  • strength = 0.5
  • mixStrengthening = 1.0
  • addictiveness = 0.0

Sugar (Sugar stretches the product but doesn’t weaken it, instead making it more toxic.)

  • toxicity = 1.3
  • strength = 0.0
  • mixStrengthening = 1.0
  • addictiveness = 0.0


  • toxicity = 12.0
  • strength = 3.0
  • mixStrengthening = 1.3
  • addictiveness = 4.0

Viagra (The most addictive of all ingredients.)

  • toxicity = 3.0
  • strength = 2.0
  • mixStrengthening = 1.6
  • addictiveness = 7.0


  • toxicity = 15.0
  • strength = 2.0
  • mixStrengthening = 2.0
  • addictiveness = 1.4

A List of RAW Products & Their Applicable Numbers


  • Toxicity = 0.5
  • Strength = 2.0
  • mixStrengthening = 1.0
  • Addictiveness = 0.8

Note: I have yet to find any reason to mix anything with the above as it always seems to result in a bad product… kinda like what you would expect from you know… a simulator.

This may change when more green-related stuff is added to the game down the line which devs have said is coming (like self-growing))


  • Toxicity = 4.0
  • strength = 2.5
  • mixStrengthening = 1.6
  • addictiveness = 1.7


  • Toxicity = 3.5
  • strength = 2.0
  • mixStrengthening = 1.3
  • addictiveness = 1.3

Crystal Meth

  • toxicity = 5.5
  • strength = 3.0
  • mixStrengthening = 2.4
  • addictiveness = 3.0


  • toxicity = 5.0
  • strength = 4.0
  • mixStrengthening = 2.0
  • addictiveness = 3.0


  • toxicity = 6.0
  • strength = 4.0
  • mixStrengthening = 3.0
  • addictiveness = 4.5

Fentanyl (Think of this more as a drug-mixing-ingredient more than a raw product.)

  • toxicity = 18.0
  • strength = 6.0
  • mixStrengthening = 3.0
  • addictiveness = 9.0

Edit for Fentanyl: Use caution giving mixes that contain this to addicts as their chance to overdose is higher than un-addict clients. Consider a separate mix that is lower in strength and toxicity for your “return customers.”)

What This Tells Us and What It Doesn’t?

We can assume that toxicity is just that — how dangerous the final product will be and how much each ingredient contributes to this. Note that the most dangerous of the mixing ingredients are also the ones that most greatly increase the potency of the final product! A product that is too toxic CAN and WILL kill your clients, and lose your respect.

EDIT: No we don’t know what the cutoff is for toxicity yet but it’s being worked on.

Strength vs mixStrengthening is a little more confusing.

Strength is related to how strong the effects of the individual ingredient is, and thus how much these additional effects add to the overall quality of the end product. For example Ibuprofen is a pain reliever with a strength of 2.0 reflecting how strong said pain relief actually is. Fentanyl is an extremely strong pain killer that can help with quality (strength 6.0) and addictiveness (9.0) but at the same time is very toxic and can be dangerous — it can also be outright deadly if you were to use straight. Things like baking soda and sugar have no side effects and as such have a strength of 0.0 thus won’t affect the quality (other than lowering the potency from being mixed-in in the first place, though again some drugs will need a lower potency to not be deadly (a 10-toxic level drug at 50% potency will be closer to 5-toxic assuming you didn’t add something else toxic to lower the potency)).

EDIT: It is possible that Strength also factors into what causes deaths from overdose along with Toxicity. It is being researched and this will be updated as/when we learn more.

mixStrengthening either increases or reduces the final potency of the end mixed product (outside of what stretching the product from mixing other stuff in already does); values less than 1.0 lower this and values higher than 1.0 will raise the end potency. For some stuff you want to lower the potency or it can be dangerous and for other stuff you want to raise it or it won’t achieve the desired effects from and on your clients. Lower potency can mean lower quality for some stuff, which can be offset by adding stuff which has it’s own unique effects (those with strength scores). Cutting a raw product will always lower it’s potency, however mixStrength stats help to mitigate (or increase) this effect.

The way the game does this, is it takes the average numbers across all ingredients factoring in their quantities. The end result then multiplies the Strength by the MixSTR to get the final number the end mix will use. If your MixSTR is 0.9 (say with baking soda) the strength would be lowered, if the MixSTR is higher it would increase it.

MixSTR in Layman’s Terms

Use mixSTR when making a new recipe (mainly with the calculator) to help keep numbers higher or lower. mixSTR helps determine the other 3 variables (toxic, strength, and addiction) through magic fairy dust and ruby red slippers being hit together by a trained monkey. Just assume the only numbers your customers will look at are toxic, strength, and addiction and they don’t even know mixSTR is there.

Addictiveness is straight forward and is just like it sounds — how much an ingredient does or does not contribute to… return business. This is something you always want to try and keep high without adding too much to the toxic levels of the end product.


You want to keep toxic stats low, strength stats high, addictive stat high, and you need to adjust your mixStrength either high/low/neutral depending on what main product your are cutting/mixing in the first place (remember you are mixing stuff here so having a high mixStrength doesn’t mean potency isn’t going to drop, just not as much). Some stuff is dangerous if too potent, other stuff will be considered garbage if too low. The base toxic levels of the RAW MATERIALS is a good starting place to gauge what to do. Again: see trial and error.

What does this not tell us though?

This list helps us to better understand what the different ingredients do, but it does not tell us what the limits and “sweet spots” for these numbers are. For example while we know what increases or decreases to toxicity a certain ingredient contributes to, we do not know at what point that toxicity contributes to the death of clients.

Trial and error, and additional digging through the game will help us to better understand this as the game grows and we know more. There’s no “Magic best mix recipe” that can be lifted out. Finding the cutoffs for things like what makes a product deadly and what promises a addiction are going to be extremely hard if not impossible to pull from the .pak files. But this guide gives you a rock solid foundation to work off of without going in blind.

Using Drugs Yourself – What They Do

Yes it is possible…

…to use the drugs yourself in the game. The game does not teach or tell you this anywhere, but you can.

To do this, add 1g of any of the raw (not mixed) drugs to your quick use slots in your inventory. You then use the number keys for each slot to activate them (1, 2, 3, etc). There is no animation played when this happens, but it happens and causes different effects on your person. Some of these help you, some of them inhibit you.

You can use more than 1g if you want up to whatever you wish. However as it stands when you “consume” the drug yourself, it isn’t actually used up, so if you carry 1g around or something it acts like an everlasting-gobstopper and goes on forever without being used and disappearing. This may change in an update to the game if it’s a bug, and if it does this will be updated to note that.

Using higher or lower quantities has no effect on the results, it will always be the same. and  no you cannot overdose yourself in the game.

A breakdown of what each one does with a description:

  • Marijuana: Makes you stoned. Enough said.
  • Amphetamine: Higher FOV, faster sprinting, fast walk speed w/ no stamina use when walking.
  • Ecstasy: Makes you slower, lowers FOV.
  • Crystal Meth: Even wider FOV, faster sprinting, fast walk speed w/ no stamina use.
  • Cocaine: Higher FOV, Faster Sprinting, fast walk speed but does use stamina in walk mode, oh yea and a little thing you may not care about….NIGHT VISION! 😉
  • Heroin: Zoomed-in view, wobbling of camera, slow-motion.
  • Fentanyl: Same as Heroin but with even sslooowerr slow-motion.

Taking a drug more than once will stack the effects it causes making them stronger and last longer. Because of this things like meth and crack can also give night vision if used enough. The list above is what happens from a single use!

Also, if you get arrested under the influence, the effects will still be there. Have fun with that one lol.

There are six different variables in place. Note that these values can be both positive or negative — not all stuff helps you!

Here we will reveal what these actually do when you use them:

  • Speed Multiplier: Affects how fast or slow you move compared to normal. Note that this affects walking speed AND running speed. Some stuff increases your walk to a run speed so you can essentially move at a run without using stamina.
  • Stamina Multiplier: Affects how much longer or shorter you can run/jump-over compared to normal.
  • Time Multiplier: Affects the movement of time. Time will literally move faster or slower based on this.
  • Field-of-view multiplier: As it sounds, affects the FOV for the game more or less than what it is set to.
  • Confusion Multiplier: Affects how colors and the graphics appear, and can affect how well your controls work.
  • Dose Timeout: How many seconds the effects lasts before stopping.

And here is what each one does in NUMBER FORM in an easy to read chart!

Numbers are shown as they are in the game’s files. 1.00 means it keeps it the same, less than 1.00 reduces the variable, and higher than 1.00 increases the variable.

  • Blue = Best
  • Green = 2nd best
  • Yellow = 3rd best
  • Red = Everything else
Effect of drugs on player
Drug Dealer Simulator Mixing Guide

Amp and Meth improve your walk speed to a run speed. As long as you don’t hit the sprint key you can “run” without using any stamina. While they may lower your base stamina, you don’t use stamina when walking.

Drug Dealer Simulator Mixing Spreadsheet

Thanks to the work of Silent1 (and with their permission) we have a fancy calculator tool that helps to automate your processes when figuring numbers. There are plans for this to be improved some in the future with new features and new info as we dig it out of the game so make sure to make you check it out! This is 100% made and maintained by Silent1 and I have/had nothing to do with it — all props for this go to them!

Make sure to save a local copy of the google document for yourself to use without affecting others! Failure to do this will result in changes being made by others on your chart, and your changes messing up theirs and not being permanent.

Drug Dealer Simulator mixing spreadsheet
Drug Dealer Simulator Mixing Spreadsheet

Note: If you are unable to save a local copy and the file bar does not show up, it is because too many people currently have the tool open and google is trying to control the traffic down thus preventing some functions, which includes the file bar options. Try and keep closing->opening the tool to get it to work. This is a pain but it is outside of control right now. More options will be researched.

  • Close the original when you save a local copy to help everyone else be able to use it.
  • When using this tool always re-open a new instance when you stop playing and start again so you have the most up-to-date-version.

Quick-Reference Map of The Current Game

There is an existing Steam guide for this game that shows the entire map here.

The Following Map Includes

The same info as the other guide (it was listed to give it credit), but also includes the hideout locations thanks to user m1l4 from the DDS Mod community!

Drug Dealer Simulator Map
Drug Dealer Simulator Map

Self Mixing Tips

Sometimes you just wanna do things yourself. Go it alone. Lone man on the path. Nothing but the road and your drugs…

Anyway, here are some general tips and suggestions to consider when mixing your own stuff outside of the recipes listed in this guide!

  • The “Lab Crystaliser” does the exact same thing as dryers but holds less product in exchange for working faster. There’s no reason to buy this over a large dryer. The game doesn’t explain this well.
  • There is no mix that contains weed that will not result in a bad product, period. This may change in the future, but as it is now here is zero reason to mix with weed aside from wanting to lower your respect and lose clients.
  • Addicts are massively more prone to overdosing deaths. Make safe alternate recipes just for them to help them live longer.
  • Start small, don’t jump into a new recipe and make 400g at a time. Make 100g or less and see how it goes.
  • It is safer to use excess from mixing as free samples. It may be tempting to toss the 1g-or-less extra into your next mix — even if it’s from the same recipe — but it’s better to give it away (or toss it on the bed, it clips through and is like a trash can). The extra mix step will more often than now throw the mix numbers out of whack and get you complaints or worse. The odds aren’t in your favor. If you are going to combine two mixes together for storage/selling purposes that are the exact same recipe and ratio of ingredients, do this with a quantity. Don’t mess with those little baggies though, give ’em or toss ’em.
  • COMPOUND RECIPES SEEM TO BE BROKEN. If you try and make a mix from other drug mixes, the game flips out and does bonkers stuff. You can make a cool custom ingredient mix and all that, but combining different custom mixes FLIPS THE HECK OUT OF THE GAME. It has been tested by DDS Mods Community a lot. We tried a recipe that generated an output addiction rating of (no joke here) over 100,000 and not a single person got addicted to it. While compound recipes look amazing on paper, they do not function right in the game for some reason and never trigger addicts or behave as they should from the numbers they appear to have.

The only known mix that works with this at this time that I/we know of is Crystal Palace at some of the Monty mixes at the very bottom of this guide. This is hypothesized to work as it isn’t a true compound mix, as the only compound step is the combining at the end. It doesn’t go through mix after mix after mix after mix after liquid after dry after remix and so on. This is why we call Crystal Palace a semi-compound mix, and I use it a lot for testing the topic a lot still.

The same thing happens with compound ingredient mixes. Sure you can mix your fentanyl with other ingredients to make it “safe(er)” then use that as a custom ingredient in something and get AMAZING numbers. But it just won’t behave like it in the actual game. Perhaps it’s because mixSTR stat triggers so many times, or there’s a catch-all in the game somewhere, but it just doesn’t behave right.

You are better off at this point in making mixes that have all the stuff you want to add in one batch as opposed to making custom ingredients/mixes and then making a mix out of the mixes (ow that made my head hurt). Yes, compound mixes look cool on paper. You can give them all cool flashy names for the different unique compounds and stuff, but as the game works right now it just isn’t effective because of how the game seem to do stuff. Maybe this gets tweaked some because making custom ingredient mixes sounds cool.

The Appendix: Proven Mix Recipes

Recipe Disclaimer: All submitted recipes will be tested and evaluated for possible submission. Only ones that come back with the best numbers after evaluation by the DDS Mod Team will be listed here. If you don’t see yours added IT IS NOT AN INSULT and we may still be looking at it.

We also don’t want to add a bunch of stuff that is almost the same and have a bunch of almost-duplicates. Carry on!

PSA: The “Lab Crystaliser” does the exact same thing as dryers but holds less product in exchange for working faster. There’s no reason to buy this over a large dryer. The game doesn’t explain this well.

This section is where I will add mix-breakdowns that are shared by others which have positive results. They may not be the best possible outcome, you may have different results, and your mileage may vary. I will test everything out myself before it gets added, but if you find that my results were a fluke and you are having in-masse terrible results from a specific recipe make sure to also post this so I can remove ones that need more tweaking! Team game mode here people. Team game mode.

If you have a good mix, please add it in the comments below and once confirmed it may be selected and added to this section. Your name will be included with the date of submission to give you credit.

Please also include what name you gave the mix as it will also be included for fun.

Known recipes that seem to work well:

(List is in the order of submission and does not reflect anticipated results or a “ranking” order.)

Note: That all numbers will be divided DOWN to low numbers so they can be more easily used for a variety of batch sizes. Just keep the ratios the same and you are good.

  • If you want a larger batch multiply each number by 10 for easy math. Or you know, you are at a computer that has a calculator tool.
  • If you are manually adjusting your pricing you can still get complaints for proven recipes. No one likes prices that are too high.

The Appendix: Proven Recipes

There are 2 different types of Ibuprofen in the game (see the guide above) and this section will not tell you which one is which.

Remember that the one from the drug store is STRONGER by a little but not more toxic. Use of the drug store version where possible is usually going to be a better option.

Marijuana Recipes

Until weed-growing is added to the game in the coming weeks, there is currently no reason to mix anything with green. Mix other stuff and come back to this when that gets added. This guide will be updated with another section for this when it comes!

And yes, you can technically mix using green right now. And yes, some people will buy it and not always complain. However, it makes little to no profit and seems to always drop your reputation meter regardless of what you mix or how much people buy. It really feels like this system isn’t complete yet.

Amp Mixes

BluAmp (An early-game go-to)

  • 10g Amp + 2g sugar + 1g Ibuprofen.
  • Makes a good early game mix that helps get you your first regular clients and won’t cause any issues, while also getting you some extra grams out of your products. I still use this recipe in the game; there are greedier recipes out there but they carry more risk.

(Submitted by Holyvision for the creation of this guide on 4/18/2020)

SweetAmp (Use when upgrading from BluAmp)

  • 10g Amp + 1.5g Sugar + 1g Viagra
  • A step-up in the game over BluAmp that still uses early game ingredients. Should be migrated to when you can get the Viagra for better addiction over BluAmp. As always, with stronger ingredients comes a greater chance for overdoses, so don’t be afraid to use
  • BluAmp for your addicts to keep them alive longer as they don’t need the extra addictive properties.

(Submitted by Luromed on the DDS Mods Community on 4/20/2020! Thanks Luromed!)

GreenAmp (Use late-game from Blu and/or SweetAmp)

  • 20gAmp + 2g Fentanyl + 2g Viagra + 1g Sugar.
  • A stronger LATE GAME Amp mixture compared to BluAmp and SweetAmp that also uses more end-game ingredients, and so named because the mixture results in an increase from the base addictiveness by 420%.
  • The mix contains Fentanyl and as with all mixes which do, use caution when selling this to addicts as they will have a higher chance to overdose because they use more stuff faster, and thus more dangerously. Compared to other stuff (like Crystal Palace which requires you to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER BASE) this is a lot safer though.

(Submitted by some noob called Luromed with help from the DDS Mod community @DDS Mods on 4/20/2020)

Cocaine Mixes


  • 22g Cocaine + 2.5g Ibuprofen + 5g sugar.
  • A decent cocaine mix that can probably be bested by something else but uses stuff you can get in the early-game. You’ll want to improve to something else when you can — but you can always fall back to this if you need to make something while low on cash or the later-game ingredients.

(Submitted by Holyvision for the creation of this guide on 4/18/2020)

Granny’s Ashes

  • In a FLASK: 1g Acetone + 100g Cocaine + 10g Crystal Meth + 10g Viagra + 10g Baking Soda
  • Combine the ingredients -> Dry the ingredients -> Grind the ingredients -> Package
  • A strong and very addicting mixture that has a lower toxic level as it does not use Fentanyl. If you are selling to addicts you may want to increase your baking soda to what your equipment allows you to work with. Need to know your customers and remember there are no 100% safe-from-OD mixes and there’s an RNG element in play there. As of now
  • Granny’s Ashes is the best $/gram profit potential in this guide at a base value of $20.34/g before your custom tweaks to the cost.

(Submitted by Holyvision and the team @DDS Mods on 4/20/2020. Check discord link at the top!)

The Li’l Blue Coke

  • 20g Cocaine + 1g Fentanyl + 1.5g Baking Soda + 7.5g Viagra.
  • An improved Cocaine mix that offers unexpectedly good addiction rates coupled with low toxic numbers, for a cocaine mix. Because of this Li’l Blue has been pretty-safely used even with addicts with no overwhelming issues. If you were to sell only one cocaine mix and not change throughout the game or based on your clients, this wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.
  • GenCo+AddCo below are awesome too if you want a more targeted approach but try this too! Gotta’a catch ’em all!… wait..

(Submitted by Radempter on 4/21/2020 via the DDS Mod Discord Community!)

Add-Co. (Use before Gen-Co.)

  • 10g Cocaine + 4g Viagra + 1g Fentanyl.
  • A coke mix for helping cause addictions (hence the “Add(iction)”Co.). Use the recipe below this for already addicted persons.

(Submitted by Syphin on 4/19/2020 via Discord with permission)

Gen-Co. (Use after Add-Co. does its thing)

  • 10.25g Cocaine + 2.25g Crystal Meth + 1g Sugar + 1.5g Heroin.
  • This is a unique mix that results in a less toxic and less dangerous product than what is listed directly above. Use this on clients which already are addicts so that they are less likely to overdose. (Hence the “Gen(eral)”-Co.)

(Submitted by Syphin on 4/19/2020 via Discord with permission)

Ecstasy Recipes

Concerning Hobbits Ecstasy

Ecstasy is in a weird place in DDS right now. You get it early-ish in the game but you need the pill machine to process mixes with it. By the time you get the pill machine, you are likely late enough in the game that other stuff will be much more profitable than Ecstasy mixes. Because it’s an early-game sale item, I really wanted to include a recipe that could use Ex in the early game without use of end-game ingredients. We’ve managed to figure out a couple good ones, just keep in mind Ecstasy doesn’t sell for as much as some of the much harder stuff. Remember that ecstasy must be made into pills with the pill machine from the Drug Store!

E-Juice (Early-game Ecstasy)

  • 30g Ecstasy + 1g Ibuprofen + 2g Baking Soda + 5g Sugar + 2g Amp
  • So here we are, the “early game” mix for Ex. It doesn’t have any stats that will knock your socks off, but it can be made with starting-game stuff (minus the pill machine you need).
  • The profits aren’t crazy but they are stable and reliable, plus this isn’t likely to kill anyone — this is the least toxic mix recipe in this entire guide. Because it isn’t too expensive this could be a potential mix to use for giving out free samples, but there’s also other options for how to handle that. Also, do not attempt to load E-juice into your vape pen. Also, don’t use a vape pen.

(Thanks to BuzzedLightBeer and the DDS Mod Crew for this mix on 4/21/2020)

Silent-E (Mid-game Ecstasy, replace E-Juice with this)

  • 22g Ecstasy + 5g Viagra + 3g Sugar
  • Thanks to Silent1, we have a nice Ecstasy mix that gets solid order numbers with safe levels of toxicity for general usage. Don’t expect mass addicts (from any E mix really) but this is probably the best you are going to be able to find.
  • This mix doesn’t contain Fentanyl like HolyWood does so you can use this as soon as you get the Drug Store with access to the pill maker and the Viagra; while this is mid-game in DDS it can be considered early-game for Ecstasy (cause you need the pill maker). This mix just may give you a solid reason to re-think disabling Ecstasy as a sale item!

(Thanks to Silent1 (maker of your calculator tool!) for this mix on 4/29/2020)

HolyWood Party

(see what we did there?)

  • 75g Ecstasy + 2g Fentanyl + 10g Viagra + 4g Sugar + 2.5g Amp + 5.5g Baking Soda
  • HolyWood — compared to other Ecstasy mixes — is actually pretty profitable. This is of course because it also contains Amp and some later-game ingredients that help it boost it’s stats. It’s weaker than BluAmp but slightly more addictive, but of course this is Ex not Amp so people expect different stuff in terms of the end strength.
  • This is more of a mid to late-game mix because of the use of Fentany; however even with the Fent it’s toxicity is low enough you should not need to worry too much about pulling addicts off of this which are asking for Ecstasy. You probably don’t want to take an addict from this though and hand them something like Crystal Meth though cause yea… G.G. for them.

(Thanks to BuzzedLightBeer and the DDS Mod Crew for this mix on 4/21/2020)

Meth Mixes


  • 20g Meth + 2g Sugar + 2g Amp + 1g Viagra + 1g Acetone for liquid mixing
    After a lot of testing around, Crankshaft gives us something we have been searching for.
  • A Crystal Meth recipe that doesn’t need Fentanyl, isn’t a mass murdering monster from high toxicity, and has great addition and profit margins. Remember this is liquid mixing because of the Crystal Meth, so you need to grind the sugar, amp, and viagra first, then break down the meth with the acetone before combining; finally put it into a dryer to turn it back into crystals again and package for sale! (Reminder: The crystaliser is the high-end drier and isn’t required, but is nice to have). This is a perfect starting spot for your trip to the world of liquid mixing and a great first Crystal Meth recipe to try out.

(Submitted by DDS Mod Community on 4/26/2020, check the top of the guide for a link!)


Note: If you are new to mixing Crystal Meth and liquid mixing and/or you do not adjust your mix-“menu” to meet the needs of your customers often, consider trying Crystal Palace first. MethBang is awesome for what it is made to do, but you need to understand when and why to use it.

  • 16g Meth + 1g Fentanyl + 3g Viagra +1g Acetone for liquid mixing.
  • An improved mid-to-late game meth mix using improved mixing agents. Works wonders for getting addicted clients! Make sure you toss it in the dryer to burn off the acetone before you package it.
  • So go grinder -> liquid mixer -> dryer -> package. While this is very addictive, it is highly recommended you not give this to addicts as currently this is the most toxic recipe in the guide. This is also the second most addicting recipe here behind Superman.

(Submitted by VietKong on 4/19/2020 via Discord with permission)

Crystal Palace

Critical note for Crystal Palace:

You ‘must’ make this mix batch TWICE FIRST then add both batches of mix into the dryer at the same time. Your final product will result in 2x the amount listed in the base recipe below. Failure to do this will result in a product that isn’t fully mixed down in toxicity and may be more dangerous! It is not recommended you adjust Crystal Palace for different quantities from what is listed. You need a table with all the tools except the Pill Maker and the Crystaliser. You will need multiple pots, dryers, flasks, etc.

THE EXACT STEPS: Save your game first. Grind all the meth into pots, then put 100g of powdered meth into mixers, then add sugar to each mixer, then fent, etc etc, then mix them all… while that’s going, add 1g of Acetone to each flask. When the mixers are done, put 1g of each into a small pot to make sure they all stack correct (you do not need to confirm, just make sure it doesn’t give a warning.

If you get a warning reload the save you made). Next, SAVE YOUR GAME AGAIN then separate the mix into the two flasks evenly. Then put the flasks into each dryer before you run them all. Once this is done, do the 1g test again with the dried mix (reload the last save if it fails) — then they all go into the same batch pots (Thanks for the DDS Mod Discord team for helping sleuth this out. Meth mixes are tricky.)

100g Meth + 20g Sugar + 9g Fentanyl + 15g Viagra + 5g Salt + 1g Acetone for liquid mixing.

This is a great mix that fits inside a 150g flask! This mix is extremely addictive and because of it’s unique makeup — and the fact that you burn off the acetone — so far hasn’t been able to produce a single overdose in testing; and while possible, it will be rare assuming you are selling weaker stuff than this to your addicts… Again since it is a crystal mix you will need to use the liquid mixing tray and the dryer.

Heroin Mixes

A quick note for heroin recipes: Heroin in this game the most toxic drug currently available, and also has the highest MixSTR rating. While it may be possible to make a good heroin mix that incorporates Fentanyl, I have yet to test one that didn’t cause more deaths than I was OK with putting into this guide.

So before everyone comments “oh I have a more addictive heroin mix” keep in mind the mixes here are being tested A LOT to ensure they are not mass-murdering-mixes. Please still submit stuff if you think it’s worthy but remember we are dealers, not serial killers.


  • 10g Heroin + 1g Viagra + 3g Baking Soda
  • Currently the most addictive recipe in this guide. Because of the innate mixSTR stat that comes with Heroin, it is possible to make a really, really-really addictive substance. It can be tempting to use things like Fentanyl for this, however it usually leads to deadly results. This mix instead sticks with the good ol’ wood-wizard Viagra. Because of the mixSTR numbers this mix actually increases the addition levels to extremely effective levels.
  • In one of the test save run-throughs I had seven (7) clients become insta-addicts on their first purchases. You may not get this lucky, but this stuff WORKS. Because of the Viagra, the toxic levels here are higher than what you will find in other possible mixes so swap addicts over to something weaker than this one to keep them alive longer. Use caution selling too much of this to addicts.

(Submitted by GrundyBoy711 on 4/21/2020 via this guide! Thanks GrundyBoy711!)

Second Appendix: Fun with Monty

DDS Mod crew member MontyTheWorst has some pretty cool stuff.

Compound recipes are pretty tricky in DDS. Most of them are totally broken and won’t work at all (see: tips for self mixing section). However, Monty has worked to figure out some pretty cool stuff that is just too cool not to share.


  • I have not personally tested ANY of this section like I test EVERYTHING ELSE that is a recipe in this guide. You are being given these on an as-is no returns accepted all sales final no ma’am you may not speak to the manager yes the ice cream machine is broken basis.
  • They DO WORK but we cannot fully explain WHY or HOW they work. The numbers these generate should result in different reactions in the game than they have, but they work. This could be a bug, or something we don’t get yet.

Note: If you are new, try the recipes above in the main guide first. If you are a pro and looking for more fun, give some time to Monty’s mad fun and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

Questions on how, why, what do i do, etc. Will not be responded to for this section. If you don’t get something, learn with the other stuff in the guide first.

(And not being a broken record but remember we cannot fully explain why some of this works the way it does. Some of it should be better than it is but isn’t, some of it should kill everything it touches but still works, and everything in between.)

Brave enough to continue? Then check it out:

The contents of this section of the guide were made for use within this section of the guide. Using any of the mixes in this list outside of this list may result is really bad things happening. You have been warned!

  • Equipment Needed: Large mixing bowl, coffee grinder, lab crystalizer, large flask, pill press.
  • Ingredients Needed: Sugar, paracetemol, salt, acetone, safe fent (refer to BASE RECIPES), ibuprofen, Sweet tooth (amphetamine refer BASE RECIPES).

(Fentanyl is a additive and not to exceed more than 10% of a mix in this section)

Base Recipes

Use a large mixing bowl for these recipes.

CokeX, HeroinX, MethX(hard drugs safe for cutting ecstacy): Very useful for addictive ecstacy.

  • 200 grams pure cocaine(substitute Meth or Heroin)
  • 10 grams viagra
  • 40 grams milled sugar

Safe Fent: Safely cut Fentanyl to use in all substances

  • 200 grams pure fentanyl
  • 20 grams milled sugar
  • 20 grams salt

Sweet Tooth: Good additive to meth or coke.

  • 200 grams of pure amphetamine
  • 20 grams milled sugar
  • 20 grams salt
  • 10 grams baking powder

Drug Recipes

Ziggy Stardust (CRYSTAL METH): Great quality 75/25 mix, very addictive and potent good for addicts and first timers.

In a large flask you add:

  • 2 grams acetone
  • 100 grams pure crystal meth
  • 8 grams Safe Fent
  • 2 grams Sweet tooth
  • 38 grams milled sugar


Fentastic (heroin): Safe fentanyl mixed with heroin and a low level painkiller good for getting people addicted and staying addicted.

In a large mixer bowl add:

  • 200 grams of pure heroin
  • 12 grams of Safe Fent
  • 8 grams of paracetemol
  • 15 grams of sugar
  • 15 grams of salt

Apply Mix Name: Fentastic. PACKAGE AS NEEDED.

MT.Everest (cocaine): Delicous safe addictive cocaine mix.

In a large mixer bowl add:

  • 200 grams of pure cocaine
  • 6 grams of Safe Fent
  • 4 grams of ibuprofen
  • 10 grams of Sweet tooth
  • 15 grams of milled sugar
  • 15 grams of salt

Trainspotting (heroin): Just how it was done in the 90’s. historic junkie mix.

In a large mixer bowl add:

  • 200 grams pure heroin
  • 5 grams parecetemol
  • 5 grams ibuprofen
  • 30 grams milled sugar
  • 10 grams baking powder


Boba Fett: Classic 60’s-70’s amphetamine party mix

In a large mixer bowl add:

  • 200 grams pure amphetamine
  • 5 grams paracetamol
  • 10 grams viagra
  • 5 grams baking powder
  • 30 grams milled sugar


Best Mixes for Every Drug

I searching long for a simple and lucrative way to play .

Takedown toxicity and push addictiveness and to make more money and its very simple thx too all other for giving the tables with values!

  • Use 100 g drugs and 25g my mix !
  • My mix is Viagra 2 parts and Fentanyl one part.

Amphetamine (Amp, Fet, Speed)

  • Toxicity = 4.0
  • strength = 2.5
  • mixStrengthening = 1.6
  • addictiveness = 1.7
  • price = 7/g

Ecstasy (Candy, MDMA)

  • Toxicity = 3.5
  • strength = 2.0
  • mixStrengthening = 1.3
  • addictiveness = 1.3
  • price = 7/g

Crystal Meth (Crystal, Meth)

  • toxicity = 5.5
  • strength = 3.0
  • mixStrengthening = 2.4
  • addictiveness = 3.0
  • Price = 9/g

Cocaine (Coke, Snow, Columbian)

  • toxicity = 5.0
  • strength = 4.0
  • mixStrengthening = 2.0
  • addictiveness = 3.0
  • price = 25/g

Heroin (Hero, China White)

  • toxicity = 6.0
  • strength = 4.0
  • mixStrengthening = 3.0
  • addictiveness = 4.5
  • price = 17/g

New Mixes 2024

Here is my list of recipes. In theory it’s 0% chance of overdose and never got one in many hours. My main filler is powdered weed, which can be obtained after milling crystalized weed at mortar):


  • Ingredients: 80% weed, 20% Viagra.
  • Procedure: Put 1g acetone, 80% dried weed, and 20% powdered Viagra in a flask. Mix it and dry it.


  • Ingredients: 80% amp, 16% weed, 4% Viagra.


  • Ingredients: 80% ecstasy, 16% weed, 4% Viagra.


  • Ingredients: 80% LSD, 16% weed, 4% Viagra.


  • Ingredients: 80% DMT, 16% weed, 4% Viagra.


  • Ingredients: 100% mushroom (cannot go back to its original form and cannot be mixed or cut).


  • Ingredients: 80% cocaine, 20% weed.

Crystal Meth:

  • Ingredients: 80% crystal meth, 20% baking soda.


  • Ingredients: 77% heroin, 23% baking soda.

La Ballena/Keiji Tips:

  • For La Ballena Gang: 80% coke with 20% weed or 80% meth with 20% baking soda. Alternatively, provide them with 100% pure for less profit.

Bckdoe’s Recipes


Normal stuff isn’t addictive, right?

Amphetamine Strain: Shock

ADD Shock – 800g Amp + 80g Viagra + 80g Sugar + 40g Coke + 40g SAFEfent —> Toss it in the mixer, then store.

Shock – 800g Amp + 160g Sugar + 80g Baking Soda —> Toss it in the mixer, then store.

Cocaine Strain: Dolia

ADD Dolia – 100g Coke + 8g Viagra + 16g Sugar + 6g SAFEfent —> Toss it in the mixer, then store.

Dolia – 100g Coke + 15g Baking Soda + 15g Sugar —> Toss it in the mixer, then store.

Crystal Meth Strain: Blast

ADD Blast – 100g Crystal Meth + 10g Sugar + 10g Baking Soda + 5g Viagra + 5g SAFEfent —> Mill your PUREmeth, toss it in the mixer, add the other stuff, mix, then throw it in a lab flask. Once done, rename it, throw it in a Crystallizer, and store.

Blast – 100g Crystal Meth + 30g Sugar or Baking Soda —> Mill your PUREmeth, toss it in the mixer, add the other stuff, mix, then throw it in a lab flask. Once done, rename it, throw it in a Crystallizer, and store.

Heroin Strain: BlackLagoon

ADD BlackLagoon – 100g Heroin + 15g Sugar + 10g Baking Soda + 5g SAFEfent —> Toss it in the mixer, then store.

BlackLagoon – 100g Heroin + 40g Sugar or Baking Soda —> Toss it in the mixer, then store.

Fentanyl Strain: SAFEfent

SAFEFet – 80g Fentanyl + 10g Baking Soda + 10g Sugar —> Toss it in the mixer, then store.

Weed Strain: Demon Reflectent

ADD Demon Reflectent – 105g DRYweed + 10 Viagra + 10g Sugar + 5 SAFEfent + 1g Acetone —> Toss 1g Acetone and the ingredients into a Lab Flask, then a Crystallizer, and finally a Dryer.

Demon Reflectent – 105g DRYweed + 25g Sugar + 1g Acetone —> Toss 1g Acetone and the ingredients into a Lab Flask, then a Crystallizer, and finally a Dryer.

Kenji Gang: Zoom


  1. (Mixing) Throw 235g Crystal Meth into Mixer, then add 165g of Sugar or Baking Soda, mix.
  2. (Flask) Throw 1g Acetone into a Flask, then add 200g Zoom into the Flask.
  3. (Crystalizer) Throw 200g of Zoom into the Crystalizer and apply mix.
  4. (Deliver) Go deliver the drugs, confirm on ShadyComm, and grab your money.

La Ballena Gang: Dolia


  1. (Mixing) Throw in 380g Cocaine into a Mixer, then add 120g Sugar or Baking Soda, mix, and deliver.
  2. (Deliver) Go deliver the drugs, confirm on ShadyComm, and grab your money.

Psychedelic Gang: Demon Reflectent

  1. (Drying) Dry your Demon Reflectent, then set it on a table or inside a container.
  2. (Flask) Add 1g Acetone into a Flask, then add 105g of DRYweed and 25g Sugar into the Flask, apply the mix.
  3. (Drying) Dry your Demon Reflectent again, then put it into a backpack for delivery.
  4. (Delivery) Go to the Psychedelic Gang, deliver the Demon Reflectent, then go to the safe behind you and get your money.

32 thoughts on “Drug Dealer Simulator Recipes – Mixing Guide (2024)”

  1. Found a good mix for crystal meth using the above tool by Silent1’s
    Crystal Meth – 200g
    Peracetamol – 3g
    Acetone – 1g
    Sugar – 10g
    Fentanyl – 4g
    Viagra – 22g

    This is not tested, but by his calculations using the games stats on the listed items you end up with a crystal meth that is 6% stronger, 11% more addictive, and slightly less toxic than the basic drug.
    It’s showing a profit margin of almost double, however I’m wondering how this is accomplished with only 40g of additives.
    Either way it’s more money in your pocket with a stronger/more addictive product.

  2. Thought I’d share info found elsewhere searching for info, hope this helps gather info together. Adding info so right person gets credit.

    Saw these on:

    By username : knoxville131

    The most current mixture at present:
    -10% ibuprofen / paracetamol
    -90% amphetamine
    Most buyers will get amphetamine thanks to this mixture:
    -20% baking soda
    -80% amphetamine
    Addictive, will help in the beginning of drug sales to accumulate buyers:
    -20 / 25% ibuprofen, or 20/25% sugar
    -75 / 80% amphetamine

    The most basic mixture, 10% ibuprofen, will never let you down:
    -10% ibuprofen or paracetamol
    -90% cocaine
    Once you have the most inveterate clients you can do another mix:
    20% ibuprofen or paracetamol
    -80% to Cain
    This mixture quickly begins to buy and it does not kill buyers (also suitable for amphetamine):
    -10% sugar
    -10% Nebilanex or Viagra
    -80% cocaine
    A light and balanced mixture with an excellent end result:
    100 g cocaine, 20 g washing powder (grind in coffee grinder).

    To reduce its mortality, you can add 5% sugar.
    Try this mix:
    -5% sugar
    -10% amphetamine
    -85% heroin
    The easiest mix to start with:
    -5% sugar
    -5% ibuprofen or paracetamol
    -90% heroin
    Works great. Low probability of poisoning and addictive:
    25 g of sugar, 15 g of ibuprofen, 5 g of fentanyl, 40 g of heroin.

  3. please add the credits to this group of ppl that worked very hard to make the mix guide, ty.
    “Lixbin, rapper, THK Reaper, Silent1, Syphin, Holyvision”

    1. if that was referenced to my post I’m sorry if I missed crediting, I was working with a basic translator to translate the russian, that’s why I added the link to it incase I missed credits when I posted

  4. I make what I call CoCandy and my dealers buy it 35+ grams at a time multiple times a day.
    100g Cocaine/ 20g Powdered Ecstasy/ 10g Amp / 10g sugar/ 5g Fentanyl

    Another solid recipe with great addictive qualities is what I named Hetty.
    100g Heroine/ 20 amp/ 12 baking soda/ 8 Fentanyl I also learned 10 Fent with this recipe will start killing people.

    1. FentByPro2.0 as a substitute should work better than the straight fentanyl. Here’s the recipe, (I think it’s from the killionaire Cook Book.):

      Fentanyl 20g
      Sugar 50g
      Viagra 20g
      Baking Soda 10g

      Hope it helps, I checked the numbers and it looked like those batches are quite toxic, the fent replacement should sharpen it up by mellowing it down.

  5. Ecstasy mix I’ve been using and have had no ODs and sell 40g packs to dealers regularly

    100g Ecstasy and 20g Sugar, then pressed back into pills (reduce to match batch quantity required)

  6. Ketracel Gold (My most recent of my Ketracel White line)
    10g Amp
    2g Ibuprofen
    2g Sugar
    1g Ecstasy

    So far I have had pretty good results. Got my first addiction with this one. Hope it helps.

  7. I call this Iron Amp. Got quite a few people addicted and has been working pretty good so far.

    100g Amp
    15g Viagra
    7g Paracetamol
    3g Sugar

  8. I found a recipe for how to cook your own meth, someone could find out its stats
    G %
    Amp 100 0,80
    Fentanyl 7 0,06
    acetone 10 0,08
    sugar 8 0,06

  9. Thank you for the work you do
    it’s really useful
    google sheets is really cool not easy to understand for beginners
    continue to share us I congratulate you for the work that you give to these games
    sorry for the translation google translation i’m french
    courage to you thank you again
    sorry for spelling I’m not good at French
    Ps: luckily you are here otherwise it would be complicated.

  10. I love the table.
    I have one question though.

    According to the table the addiction of a mix is the product of the “% Addict” from the whole mix and the “Strength” of the final product. (“% Addict” * “Mix Strength (result)”)
    Is that how the strength works in the game?
    Because that would mean the addiction from a mix goes through the roof, if a add a really small amount of something that is not addictive (like salt or baking soda).
    For example 100g heroin and 1g salt would be 1070% more addictive than heroin itself.

    Hope its understandable, i am not a native speaker.

  11. If my calculations are correct, Ganny Ashes can be topped by in all values by 100 Concaine, 3 Salt, 27 Viagra, and 1Acethone.

  12. Heyho,
    i did some math and tried to get the best stats for a cocaine mix…
    the goal was to stay at about Tox ~ 5 and >75% Cocaine

    my recipe:
    91g Cocaine
    2g Fentanyl
    18g Heroin
    10g Viagra

    Tox: +4.0% (~5.2)
    Str: +106.2% (~8.2)
    MixStr: +6.6% (~2.1)
    Add: +21.8% (~3.7)

    -$22,05/g (a little expensive)
    -I haven’t tested it long enough in the game!

  13. I have been making Granny’s ashes for about a week now (real time) and have had a few addictions to it and all of a sudden my dealers started telling me its crap, I know the mix is the same because I saved 10g of the first batch I made and try to put it into the every new batch and it would let me every time, do the customers and the dealer need a change now and then?

  14. hey there nice aritcle.

    i made a mix witc i call CRYCocke!

    its 100 g crystal
    20g asetone
    and 30 grams cocke.
    got some good results in from of addiction in my clients and no complains, i even use it my self on a busy night out working.

    1. What the actual… That looks like an insane mans combo

      Does the coke go in first or does the order not matter here? I’d presume mixing it like that would make it meth not coke. The acetone is completely pointless btw, it gets cooked out in the dryer, should only need 1g.

  15. I found a good heroin mix including fentanyl if anyone is intetested, still isn’t completely without OD’S but it works pretty good imo.

    The mix details:

    • Heroin: per 100G – 2G fentanyl – 20G sugar – 18G baking *Hero12*

  16. Hi is this still going to be updated ? I really like this mixer!

    Got a fun mix as well! bit of a starting amp mix when you got meth and Ecstacy
    I call it Salty Crystal Speed
    22 Amp
    4 Crystal meth
    2 Ecstacy
    2 Salt/Sugar (with sugar bit weaker)
    its less toxic than with Ibuprofen the Ecstacy is in its place with Ibu i got 2 OD’s with the Ecs i gave an addict 13G of it no OD

    my personal mix of coke: (less tox, less mixStr, less add, same Str)
    Is a mix at 58,8% of coke. Less drug, more earnings. no one buyer complained.

    Coke 20gr
    Salt 3gr
    Sugar 4gr
    Soda 5gr
    Viagra 2gr

    Tox 3,45
    Str 4,05
    MixStr 1,61
    Add 2,18

  18. i found that even if the mix has more strong and less toxic of the pure drug, with low % of drug many clients are discontents.

  19. Crankshaft’s mixing is to grind sugar and Viagra, then put 1g of acetone and methamphetamine in the flask and then add the ground sugar, Viagra and amphetamines? Does meth also grind?

  20. I think there may be some flaw in the addictiveness formula that Silent1’s spreadsheet uses. From what i could find as to how it is calculated is it not,

    Addictivness = MixStrengthening(DrugAddictiveness + IngredientAddictiveness)

    The options tab of the spreadsheet that there are 2 addictivness formula options neither of which seem to represent the above formula.

  21. I made a simple coke mix i call it “Coka” its is pretty good had no complaints, works good for customers, dealers and La Ballena.
    -750g Pure Coke (75%)
    -250g LSD, Sugar, Amp, Baking Powder (25%)

  22. Best La Ballena Mix I’ve used so far is Mobby-D from the Killionaire Cook Book.
    Can’t complain at 30% profits.


    Cocaine: 70g
    Sugar: 26g
    LSD/Amp: 4g

    I use the Amp version as I don’t need to try to get the gangs addicted -_-‘

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