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Lethal Company: Getting to High Quotas (Min-Max Runs)

This guide provides detailed information on optimizing high-quota runs, helping you maximize efficiency and make the most of your gameplay.

If you really want to squeeze out every last bit of your high-quota runs, you’ll find all the information you need in this guide.

The True MinMax Guide for Lethal Company

Luckily for you, I spent hours coming up with formulas and strategies for the perfect min maxing plan. This is a comprehensive and detailed guide of how to get the most out of your scrap, how to split up the roles in your team, and ways to deal with enemies you will encounter.

In this guide, there are two slightly different Min Max playstyles I will teach: The Soft Min Max, and The Hard Min Max. The Soft Min Max is easier to do, but may net lower profits than the more difficult Hard Min Max.

Early Game

The Quota

In the early game, you want to be saving as much scrap as possible. This means that we are going to use formulas to save as much as possible. On the soft route, we are going to March or Vow, with a preference for March. On the Hard route, we are going to March, no matter the weather. The goal for the first quota is to full clear everything without any deaths.

Starting Money

At the beginning of the game, you have 60 credits to spend.

Soft Route

  • You may spend the 60 credits as you wish for equipment.

Hard Route

  • Do not spend the 60 credits. Ensure that nobody dies so no money is lost.

Selling Scrap to the Company

Here’s where things get a little more interesting. We want to save as much scrap as possible when we are selling to the company for our quota. In order to do that, we need to know how the special mechanics work. When selling earlier than 0 Days/selling over the quota, you gain extra money from the overtime bonus. The calculation for this is as follows:

However, after leaving the Company Building, DaysUntilDeadline updates to -1 before the calculation is made, so we end up with this equation when selling on the final day:

We can then use this equation to determine how much we need to sell to get a certain amount of money:

I will use the Hard route as an example of this equation in use.

In the Hard route, we save the 60 credits we are given. The first quota is always 130. We want to go to Titan ASAP, which costs 700 credits. Therefore, we want to get 640 credits.

Plugging this into the formula gives us:

ScrapSold + (ScrapSold – 130)/5 -15 = 640

Using algebra:

  • ScrapSold + (ScrapSold -130)/5 = 655
  • 5ScrapSold + ScrapSold – 130 = 3275
  • 6ScrapSold = 3405
  • ScrapSold = 567.5

Rounding this to the nearest whole, we can see that we need to sell 568 credits worth of scrap to get a total of 640 credits with the overtime bonus.

We can confirm this is true:

568 credits sold

  • + (568-130)/5 – 15 = 72 credits overtime bonus (overtime bonus always rounds down to the nearest whole number)
  • 568 + 72 = 640 credits, and together with the 60 credits we have saved from the start, we have just enough money to go to Titan!

Mid Game

You’ve gotten through the first three days. What do we sell for?
There is again, two routes we can take.

Soft Route

  • Sell as much as you need to go to your choice of Rend, Dine, or Titan, or alternatively sell a little bit more so you have equipment on Titan.

Hard Route

  • It’s time for our first rounds on Titan! Sell only enough to get 700 credits with the overtime bonus. You’re going in with no equipment. You’re going to want to have someone staying on the ship to ensure you don’t team wipe. It doesn’t matter that you can’t teleport dead bodies, you have no money anyway. You’re gonna stick to Titan no matter the weather, and staying as late as you can while ensuring that as much loot as possible gets back to the ship. Use the power doors to your advantage, and don’t take out the apparatus unless it’s the last item, or if you’re confident you can get back without dying, and without putting anyone else in your team at peril.

You aren’t going to have any equipment, so utilising any stop signs you found previously on the March runs as a weapon is highly recommended, as long as you make sure you don’t die with them. You also have no ship upgrades, so you need to make sure you have good levels of communication and you don’t have a team wipe.

Keep on sticking to this, and you’ll eventually get to 700+ quotas and can begin the endgame.


You’ve powered on through to the endgame. What’s left to do?
Now that you’re past the low quotas and you are getting more money than you need to go to Titan, you can finally start spending some money on equipment and ship upgrades. Here’s what I would recommend:

700-800 quota:

  • Pro Flashlights
  • Shovels
  • Extension Ladder

800-1000 quota

  • Signal Translator

1000-1200 quota:

  • Teleporter
  • Radar Booster
  • Stun Grenades

1200-1400 quota:

  • Loud Horn
  • Spray Paint
  • Jetpack
  • Top up what you need

1400+ quota

  • Whatever you want, and the inverse teleporter

You’re really only going to use the inverse teleporter for a last hurrah, when you’re doing insane things to barely scrape by. The quota is only going to get higher, and eventually you won’t be able to get enough scrap to meet the quota. This is why Min Maxing is super important to the high quota runs. Above all else, try to stay alive, but always focus on the scrap. Coming back empty handed is as useless as being dead.

If you’re doing the soft route, you’ve already got some equipment for Titan, so you should focus on saving more money. You can go to whatever of the Tier 3 moons is good enough, and eventually you’ll have enough money to swap between the Tier 3 moons when you want to.

I wish you the best of luck on your runs!


What is a Min Max run?

  • A Min Max run is a run in which we sell the bare minimum to maximise our chances at getting to high quotas.

What planets are we going to

  • March for the first 3 days, then Titan, Titan, Titan.

Should we have a terminal guy?

  • Yes. They are helpful for locking monsters behind doors, disabling turrets, and helping to ensure you don’t get a team wipe.

Are Min Max runs difficult?

  • Yes. They definitely are. You’re probably gonna have a few hiccups when trying to do this strategy, so don’t feel bad about it. High quota runs in general are difficult.

Above all else, remember to take breaks!

  • High quota runs are exhausting, so make sure you take good breaks in between runs. Don’t overwork yourself, don’t get tilted, and remember that’s it’s just a game. Have fun!

Good luck on your runs, and I’ve provided some information about the monsters you’ll encounter below. (Work in progress!)

Inside Monsters

When you’re looting the facilities, you and your crew aren’t alone.

  • You will likely encounter a few enemies when you’re trying to get that sweet, sweet, scrap. Here’s how to deal with them.

The Bracken

  • Power Level: 3
  • Health: 5
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: S

The Bracken, also known as the flower man, is a red humanoid creature with plant-like appendages and glowing white eyes. It is hostile, and only one can spawn in any moon. It’s method of attack is quite difficult to deal with. It will sneak up to the nearest player by any means necessary, stalking them until it is close enough to attack. However, it treats this like a game. If it is spotted trying to sneak up on someone, it will back away. However, if you stare for too long, attack it, or back it into a corner, it will become aggressive and start chasing you. When being stalked by the Bracken alone, you must remain incredibly vigilant. Make sure to close doors behind you so that you get some warning of him behind you, as he is practically silent when stalking. Check behind you and be careful around corners, as he can be hiding right up against a wall, lying in wait. If physical contact with the Bracken is made, he will kill you, so if you’re being stalked, don’t run around corners. If you’re with someone else, you should both be keeping an eye out, but when spotting the Bracken, turn away quickly so as to not anger it, as more people looking at it angers it quicker. Paired with the Ghost Girl or Coil-heads they become even harder to deal with, as the girl spawns behind you and Coil-heads require constant attention. As of version 47, you can circle strafe a Bracken with a shovel. If you have a shotgun handy, a close range shot will kill the Bracken. Killing the Bracken is a good idea, as they are consistently problematic. However, you should keep in mind that killing the Bracken will free up THREE power levels.

Bunker Spider

  • Power Level: 3
  • Health: 5
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: D

Bunker Spiders are large arachnids that set up a den of webs, which slow crew members down when touched while also alerting the spider to their location. Bunker Spiders only aggravate after being hit, a web is triggered or broken, or if a player gets too close during its patrolling phase. Bunker Spiders will find an area to set up its webs. If a player sees the spider during this phase, it will freeze and stare at the player, allowing the player to prevent a spider from setting up its webs by staring at it as if it was a Coil-head during this phase. Do not approach the spider, else it will aggravate. These spider move slowly but deal a ton of damage, however they aren’t that dangerous. As long as you don’t touch their webs or break them they can be avoided entirely. I would advise not to kill them, as you will free up THREE power levels. If you need to kill it for whatever reason, backing away with a shovel is an easy with to kill it. It will speed up after 3 and 4 hits, though it isn’t that much of a problem. Do not try to kill it with a shotgun, as its irregular hitbox makes it hard to hit, and you will end up wasting precious ammo. Only one can spawn.


  • Power Level: 1
  • Health: Immune to damage
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: S+

Ah, Coil-heads. These are very, VERY, annoying to deal with. They patrol the area until a player is close enough, at which point they will start hunting them. Coil-heads move very quickly, but do not move when looked at. They have been known to ocassionally move even when being looked at, but only a small distance. If there is one around, it’s advised to have one person dedicated to looking at them and any other Coil-heads that are found. They have trouble opening doors, so if you need to get away from one, get to a door and close it behind you. They can be stunned for 5 seconds with a flash grenade or a radar booster. Up to 5 can spawn.

The Ghost Girl

  • Power Level: 2
  • Health: Cannot be damaged
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: B

The Ghost Girl, also known as The Girl in the Red Dress or the Schizophrenia monster, is a little girl in a red dress that chooses one player to haunt. She can only be seen by the ship’s cameras or by the player she is haunting. She will make loud breathing noises and laughing sounds when manifesting, as well as causing auditory effects such as reverb and muffling. Lights can ocassionally flicker when she is haunting someone. If you do not look at her when she manifests, she cannot hunt you as long as you don’t get within 5 units of her. If she starts chasing you, she will start to skip towards you, and if she touches you, she will instantly kill you, with your head popling off. The chase will last for 20 seconds, or until you get 50 units away from her, or until you die. If the targeted player dies, the Ghost Girl will choose another target to haunt. She can also appear outside of the facility. Can easily be dealt with by not looking at her.

Hoarding Bug

  • Power Level: 1
  • Health: 2
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: D


  • Power Level: 1
  • Health: Immune to damage
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: C

The Jester

  • Power Level: 3
  • Health: Immune to damage
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: A

The Masked

  • Power Level: 1
  • Health: 4
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: B

The Nutcracker

  • Power Level: 1
  • Health: 5
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: B

Snare Fleas

  • Power Level:1
  • Health: 3
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: C

Spore Lizards

  • Power Level: 1
  • Health: Immune to damage
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: F


  • Power Level: 3
  • Health: 4
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: B

Outside Monsters

Monsters aren’t just in the facility

As the day goes on, or if the moon is eclipsed, monsters will begin to spawn outside.

Baboon Hawks

  • Power Level: 1
  • Health: 6
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: D

Circuit Bees

  • Power Level: 1
  • Health: Immune to damage
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: D

Earth Leviathan

  • Power Level: 2
  • Health: Immune to Damage
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: B

Eyeless Dogs/b]

  • Power Level: 2
  • Health: 12
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: C

Forest Keepers

  • Power Level: 3
  • Health: Can only die if eaten by Earth Leviathan
  • Webber’s Hazard Level: A
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