Duelists of Eden: How to Master Maurice

Details about how to master Maurice in the game.

In this guide we will teach you how to master and the best decks for Maurice, one of the new characters in Duelists of Eden.

Maurice’s Kit

Maurice is a duelist that got added in the most recent Duelists of Eden X Madagascar Collab

How to master Maurice

Maurice’s kit very unique and can be pretty strong if used correctly.

Main weapon: Mort Bomb

Maurice’s main weapon, Mort Bomb, consumes 2 mana to summon a Mort bomb with 10 HP 4 tiles away.
The Mort bomb will loose 2 HP per second, and once it reaches zero It will explode and apply Root and Mark on the surrounding tiles.

Maurice’s Subweapon: Hollow Technique: Purple

This technique brings the concept of motion and reversal into reality. Purple is born from merging both infinites: Blue and Red, to produce an imaginary mass that rushes forth.

When using this subweapon, Maurice consumes all his max mana and casts Purple all over the field.
When being hit with Pruple, the objetive will receive 100 Poison and Root, the downside of this midly good weapon, its the ability to Hit Self, which means we can damage ourselfs if we dont reflect the damage.

How to master Maurice

In general, Maurice is a middle difficulty character, you can really use whatever deck you like.

However you will almost everytime see top players playing Maurice with Spear decks; so this is a good option for him if you wanna get the max amount of damage from him.

However remember that the most important and most difficult element to master about Maurice’s its Deflecting your own Subweapon attacks to avoid eliminating yourself on cast.

Note: Remember that Maurice;s its still a very new character and his place in the meta has still to be decided. Future changes and meta decks will be updated.

Written by Pegasus732

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