Slaves of Rome: Tattoo & Brand Locations

Details about tattoo and brand locations you will need in the game.

In this game, where you can buy and train slaves, we have shown in detail the tattoo and brand locations you will need in our guide.

Tattoo and Brands

Here are the ones I’ve found so far…

1 – Inside your house – in a room at the back

2 – At the back of the main temple – follow the path around the back

3 – In the compound where the Eructus brothers send you for their quest, it’s located next to the horses. It means jumping over a wall and not getting spotted by guards

4 – At the back of the Erectus brothers house in a wooden bucket

5 – At the side of Valeria’s house

6 – At the entrance to the catacombs

7 – Inside the temple of Juno (the little temple) – unlocked with the second Maximus quest

8 – Dungeon

Now this one, I saw appear, but I’m still trying to work out what triggers it. I noticed it fairly late game…

If you’ve found any more please comment and I’ll add them!

Written by Talon

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