Dungeon Keeper Gold: Keybinds and Keeper FX

Detailed guide about keybinds, information and keeper fx in Dungeon Keeper Gold.

We explained the keybinds, information and keeper fx you need to make the steam version of Dungeon Keeper Gold playable in this guide.


So, here are the three most important keys for beginning:

(1) ALT+R = This renders the games graphics with the updated 3d version that got released, making the game look much better.

(However, this may require you to utilize the following two keybinds to make it most optimal – it seems the default pixelated game runs fine at launch, but Alt+R makes the game run slower due to how Dosbox emulates/code).

(2) CTRL+F12 = Speed up game. Might need to hit this a decent number of times to get it feeling like it won’t be chugging/lagging. For me, 8-10 uses of this command makes the game feel as though its running as it should, but this may vary due to dosbox/machine.

(3) CTRL+F11 = Speed down game, incase you set it too fast with the above command. You can play around with the speed and figure out what feels good; I’ll have to sit down and figure out the optimal number of speed ups to make it run right.

NOTE: DK1 runs via Dbox emulation, which utilizes your computer speed. I can’t say exactly how it works, only that the following number of speed up commands may be more, or less, depending on your machine – but it should be a good base point to figure out from.

Keeper FX

Short version: There’s a compilation of fixes with the ability for additional content (ie: Steam Workshop esque) on the side called Keeper FX. It fixes some of the hotkeys and in-game functions that seem to have stopped working properly (ie: picking up creatures via panel, highest level/lowest level/etc).

Located here: https://keeperfx.net/

It says commentary about new creatures, but as far as I’m aware, they’re only on custom maps/non-original campaigns – I haven’t seen anything during my current playing of the normal game. “New creatures” is listed as a bullet point more for the fact that it CAN be done now, something which wasn’t necessarily possible without replacing existing game files in the past.

That said, if I do encounter anything new during playthroughs of non-custom content (campaign, skirmish maps), I’ll definitely come back and update this part of the guide.

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