Dungeon Mage Crafting Guide

Check out our guide to learn the details of crafting and crafting combinations in Dungeon Mage.

Crafting Guide

Just a small list of crafting combos we have discovered so far.

Starting Out

When you begin the game you have access to a Letter, A Broken sword, a Broken Pickaxe, a Crafting table, and a Large Chest.

Unfortunately i do not see another save option to be able to start over to show that.
How do you un-broke-ify the sword and pickaxe? Well let’s get in to it.

[WIP] Crafting guide

For your first runs focus in the free dungeon gate you will want to look for Coal and Copper Ore as well as killing any enemies for Souls as that is also required to craft besides the 2 Items.

[WIP] Crafting guide

You will need at least 2 copper ore and 2 coal and 30 (15×2) souls for make the 2 copper bars

[WIP] Crafting guide

Then place your broken sword/tool plus the cooper bar and mash them together. If you do not have enough souls keep doing runs for them in the free dungeon. you may run in to the soul consumable item which is just free money.

Alternatively if you are short on cash, you COULD sacrifice stuff to the Baphomet? Statue in the last room over. Just be careful though you could lock your progress if you sell your only weapon and pickaxe. Which means you may have to reset your progress and start from scratch.

[WIP] Crafting guide

With the basics done Ill just list what I figured so far.

Crafting Combos

My counts may be off I tried to count the shapes that cycle when i put in just one ingredient on the crafting table but if i lost count i just added +++ to the list to indicate there may be more.

Coal based crafts

  • Coal + (Raw) Copper Ore + 15 souls = Copper ingot
  • Coal + (Raw) Iron Ore + 30 souls = Iron Ingot
  • Coal + (Raw) Gold Ore + 50 souls = Gold Ingot
  • Coal + Fish Bluegill + 3 souls = Fish Filet
  • Coal + Fish Perch + 3 souls = Fish Filet
  • Coal + Fish Anchovy + 3 souls = Fish Filet
  • Coal + Paper + 5 souls = Bomb

Empty Vial based crafts

  • Empty Vial + Mushroomcap + ? souls =
  • Empty Vial + Slime Core + ? souls =
  • +++


  • Wooden Plank + Log + 5 Souls = Workbench
  • log + log + 10 souls = plank


  • Copper Ingot + Broken Sword + 30 Souls = Copper Sword
  • Copper Ingot + Broken Pickaxe + 30 Souls = Copper Pickaxe
  • Copper Ingot + Plank + 10 Souls = Small Chest
  • Copper Ingot + Stick + 30 Souls =copper Spear

Iron based crafts

  • Iron ingot + copper sword + 60 souls = Iron sword
  • Iron ingot + copper pickaxe + 60 souls = iron Pickaxe
  • +++

The sword and pick axe upgrade seem linear so far but I am still less than an hour in to the game. Again ill try to update as I play or make updates per comments.

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