Tekken 8: Ranking System Explained & Rank List

Tekken 8 has a seemingly complex but simple ranking system. In this guide, we’ll review the 30 stages currently available in the game and explain Tekken 8’s unique Ranked Play format and Rank List.

Tekken 8 Ranked System Explained

Ranked Play in Tekken 8 introduces a Best of Three system, departing from the infinite rematch feature of previous games. Noteworthy changes include Dan ranks remaining unaffected even after a loss, up to the yellow rank. With a total of 30 ranks and practice functions available while waiting, Tekken 8 brings a fresh approach to competitive gameplay. Keep an eye on the Dan rank gauge, showcasing friends and competitors, and access Ghost Data of your opponent post-match.

Rank List and Points

Tekken 8 boasts an impressive array of 30 ranks, seven fewer than its predecessor. The pinnacle is the coveted Tekken God of Destruction rank. These ranks are further divided into 10 color-coded divisions:

How to Rank Up in Tekken 8

promoted to warrior in tekken 8
Rank up in Tekken 8

Ranking up in Tekken 8 involves engaging in Ranked Matches and strategically accumulating points to ascend through the ranks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to rank up effectively:

  1. Play Ranked Matches:
    • The primary method to increase your online rank is by participating in Ranked Matches.
    • Winning matches will earn you points based on the skill difference between you and your opponent.
  2. Points System:
    • Points are crucial in Tekken 8’s ranking system. The higher the skill level of your opponent, the more points you can gain upon victory.
    • Conversely, losing matches may result in a deduction of points, potentially leading to a demotion to a lower rank.
  3. Essence of Competition:
    • Ranked Play comes with its ups and downs. Before diving into the competitive arena, consider honing your skills in Player Matches and Super Ghost Battle.
    • Familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the game and be prepared for the challenges that come with the ranking system.
  4. Local and Online Play:
    • Tekken 8 allows you to achieve ranks in both local and online play. Both modes use the same point system to determine your rank progression.
    • Ensure that you meet the points requirement for each rank, as indicated in the rank table.
  5. Points Requirement:
    • Refer to the rank table to understand the points required to move from one rank to the next.
    • Each rank has a specific points threshold that must be met through successful matches.
  6. Offline Rank vs. Online Rank:
    • While your offline rank reflects your overall experience with the game, your online rank is a more accurate measure of your skill.
    • Achieve milestones and unlock achievements by increasing your offline rank in modes like Arcade Quest.

Your online rank, coupled with your Tekken Prowess score, showcases your overall skill as a player. The combination of these factors provides other players with insights into your gaming proficiency.

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  1. Alexander Treviranus

    This is a good guide on this I knew something was up when the “Arcade mode” didn’t reflect the rank I got from regular ranked.
    Granted from experiencing both the hardest CPU in Vs and Hard Arcade battles vs ranked I can tell you regular ranked is a much tougher experience across the board because the CPU is not insanely skilled in Tekken 8 compared to old school fighting games thus is not comparably tough to them and it also cannot learn habits like players can.

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