GRAVEN Cultivating Cruxfirth Puzzle Solutions

All the details you need to successfully solve the Cultivation Cruxfirth Puzzle are in this guide.

Cultivating Cruxfirth Puzzle Solutions

In this guide you will find the locations of the four clues for the Cruxfirth Archives (Library) Puzzle, as well as a post-1.0 working solution. The Cruxfirth Archives holds many deadly hazards as well as secrets, one of the latter being a locked door requiring a Turtle Key. In order to get that key, our grim Praest must successfully solve the Cultivating Cruxfirth Puzzle.

Cultivating Cruxfirth – I

The first note is at the foot of the door you ultimately want to open.

From the elevator that brought you up from the library cellar advance through the large doors.

While staying on the green carpet, look to your left and after four large bookcases, you will see the door requiring the turtle key, as well as the Cultivating Cruxfirth – I scroll.

Cultivating Cruxfirth 101
Trim the Western hedge
Farmer of the North

— Cultivating Cruxfirth – I

Cultivating Cruxfirth – II

The location of the 2nd note is upstairs, close to the important open tome that summons theGhost of the Archivist miniboss.If this is your first run through the Archives, some pathways will be locked, so let’s just take the path available for everyone.

From the first note, turn back towards the elevator and once back there, take a left.

Go up the spiral staircase for a single level.

Once on the 1st floor, turn left, advance, and take the first corridor archway to your right.

After passing the small arch, look for debris and glass shards on the ground to the right of the overturned table on the corridor near the bookshelves. Go through that window (use Mighty Kick for bonus points!).

On the balcony, turn left and go from one end to the other. As you re-enter the archives, you’ll spot the Cultivating Cruxfirth – II note on the ground to your left and the quest tome on its lectern to the right.

Cultivating Cruxfirth 101
Wheel the hedge trimmings
Directly away

— Cultivating Cruxfirth – II

Cultivating Cruxfirth – III

The 3rd note is right by the puzzle box, back at the ground level in a side wing of the Archives.

From the 2nd note, turn towards the quest tome, and then go downstairs via the double staircase until you face the Archives’ entrance doors.

Once you reach ground level, turn right and walk away from the Archives’ main entrance.

To your left is a grand stone stairway leading to a set of large doors and an impressively artistic dome beyond them. Go up the stone stairs.

In this domed wing of the Archives’, advance and go down the wooden staircase in the middle of the room. Take a left, and then at the ground level, turn left. You will see the puzzle box.

Approach the puzzle box and to its left, on the ground, you will find Cultivating Cruxfirth – III.

Cultivating Cruxfirth 101
Leave the trowel at home
Knead your Eastern plot

— Cultivating Cruxfirth – III

Cultivating Cruxfirth – IV

The location of the 4th note, is outside the Archives in a small area of the hedge maze garden that is not accessible from ground level. You’ll have to go back up to the location of the 2nd note (so from the 3rd note, up the small wooden stairs, out of the domed room down the stone stairs, turn towards the entrance, up the large double staircase, and then from the quest tome on the upper level facing left)

On the pathway where the 2nd note is, keeping the quest tome your right, advance through the small arch to the end of this corridor.

Once you near the end of the corridor, you’ll see more debris and glass shards on the ground, and a breakable window to your left.

Going through the window, turn left and you will spot wooden beams from outer balcony’s banister laying on the stone balcony floor.

Descend down the two levels of the wooden scaffolding attached to the outer wall of the library (crouch to avoid some falling damage if you opt to not take the ladders).

Turning to the left, there is a statue, a checkpoint marker, and some lit candles on the ground. Cultivating Cruxfirth – IV will be among the candles.

Cultivating Cruxfirth 101
Travel South beyond the barrow
Dip the bucket to bathe the sparrow

— Cultivating Cruxfirth – IV

“Cultivating Cruxfirth” Puzzle, Solved

Cultivating Cruxfirth Combined:

  • Trim the Western hedge
  • Farmer of the North
  • Wheel the hedge trimmings
  • Directly away
  • Leave the trowel at home
  • knead your Eastern plot
  • Travel South beyond the barrow
  • dip the bucket to bathe the sparrow
Cultivating Cruxfirth 101

I was able to unlock it like this but Jared on the 3DR stream pulled it off with thebucket under the hedge trimmer instead of the hands.Regardless, enjoy your new Turtle Key and the treasure that it unlocks.

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