Empyrion Galactic Survival Epic Weapons List

Arm yourself for planetary conquest in Empyrion Galactic Survival! Explore epic weapons with detailed insights in the Empyrion Galactic Survival Epic Weapons List guide.

You will need some weapons as you explore and conquer various planets in the Empyrion Galactic Survival adventure. One of these weapons is epic weapons. We have explained it in detail in this Empyrion Galactic Survival Epic Weapons List guide.

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Empyrion Galactic Survival Epic Weapons List

In this Empyrion Galactic Survival Epic Weapons List guide you will learn epic weapons list and how to get epic weapons in the game!

How to get Epic Weapons

You can get Epic Weapons from Alien Containers: Rare (low chance), Very Rare (mid chance) and Ultra Rare (high chance). Not sure about normal containers – never got anything epic from them.

Empyrion - Epic Weapons List

Spoiler: Alien Container’s containment is generated when you open it first time. So you can save game before opening it, go to “Load game” section, rename last save to “Rare” for example, and create several copies of it with “Copy” button, so you will be able to load save several times in case of wrong drop (game rewrite the save file you load during exit)

List of EPIC weapons

NameDamageAutomaticRate of fireSpreadRecoilDmg multi headMax RangeAmmoMagazineReload time
Pistol79YES3530.0750.3845119Pistol Round242.0
EM Pulse Rifle140YES6000.0380.1924224Laser Rifle Cell563.0
Plasma Rifle165YES35300.34.5180Laser Rifle Cell322.5
Heavy Sniper Rifle500NO1410.0110.525840015mm Bullet135.0
Assault Rifle110YES3530.060.2884.5198Projectile Rifle Round453.0
Laser Minigun80YES6000.1130.242198Laser Rifle Cell5603.1
Assault Shotgun55YES2400.82160Shotgun Shell113.1
Epic Weapons List in Empyrion Galactic Survival

Please be aware, that some Epic weapons require another type of ammo than their prototypes.

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