Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts How to Refit or Change a Captured Ship

Modify captured ships in Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts! Learn to refit or integrate them into your designs with detailed insights in the How to Refit or Change a Captured Ship guide.

Do you know how you can fit a ship from another nation on the Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts into one of your own design? Or can you rebuild? Here we have explained what you need in this Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts How to Refit or Change a Captured Ship guide with detailed information.

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Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts How to Refit or Change a Captured Ship

Okay, so you won a war and took some ships from the enemy, but you can’t fix them? All right, we’ve explained what you need to do in this Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts How to Refit or Change a Captured Ship guide.

First make a new design with the same Hull Classification, if you have a light Cruiser you use CL hulls, you go with Heavy or Armored CAs, etc. Now that you have made the hull you named after the ship you want to repair, you can go ahead and do whatever you want with it and save it, if you haven’t already.

OK, now you need to do something that creates a renovation, add some armor or something else and save it, as long as you save a renovation, that’s fine.

Now for the final step, go to the Ship Designs and select the class that you made, and if you did it right, the “repair” option should be available. What you’re doing now is fixing the ship, you just press the repair button and you can fix them. It’s a little cursed, but it works well enough as a stopgap if you really want to repair a ship that you captured in a Peace Agreement.

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Okay, here’s something absolutely cursed I’ve found out, I’ve had an old Austro-Hungarian Light Cruiser from a while ago and I decided I wanted to try something and see if I can modernize it in some way, so I did the former thing but I did it with a hull from a different period, I used a Modern Light Cruiser Hull while the original ship was an extremely outdated Semi-Armored Cruiser… I think, anyway, I honestly haven’t looked at the Austro-Hungarian hulls much but point is it is a very old CL I had lying around I figured why not give it new life and have it be an active part of my fleet.
This is the results of my first experiment.

How to Refit or Change a Captured Ship

Now, as you can see something has obviously gone a bit weird. Now, if you want to make such Abominations to make even Georgia herself tell you to slow down then boy do I have news for you! By following the same basic principles as the the above guide we can go beyond just refitting captured ships, we can rebuild them, remake them, and bring them to life!

Now, before we begin I have to ask, do you have anyway of editing or unlocking tech fast or just have random Prize Ships hanging around? If yes then we can go on ahead and make it wild as can be, you see the only thing that matters is that you have the same Hull Classification Symbol and Class Name as the ship you want to… Improve the hull being of the same time period does not matter at all. So with this knowledge we can theoretically change even a Coastal Defense Ship into a Super Battleship, the results of such a drastic move? Well that’s up to you dear readers, I am merely giving the knowledge on such insanity and how to do it as long as the Devs don’t patch it. Honestly in my opinion this should just be a toggle if they fix it, because the potential chaos and madness of such a thing is too great to let but if they fix it they fix it. However, between now and the time it is patched I bid you all to have Fun with this bit of madness I have found. Note, this also works on your own old ships as evidenced here

How to Refit or Change a Captured Ship

I don’t know how well such things will preform in combat but if you all find them effective or just functional then please tell me.

Written by Kabob004

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