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Endless Space 2 Behemoth Guide

Behemoth Guide Common Gameplay A Behemoth is a ship which is larger than a Carrier. The […]

Behemoth Guide

Common Gameplay

A Behemoth is a ship which is larger than a Carrier. The Behemoth’s ultimate purpose is to evolve and become specialized. For the most part of the game however, it will have a multi-purpose role determined by its equipped modules and can be used economically or militarily.


  • Behemoths will start with x1 multipliers on their modules. Unlocking new hull types will increase this multiplier up to x8
  • Behemoths will start with a base of HP, and unlocking new hull types will increase this value
  • A player will be able to field a limited number of Behemoths at a given time. This limit can be increased by researching more Behemoth-specific technologies (or building a specific improvement)

  • A Behemoth is the only ship in its fleet. It has a specific size, role, and takes 10CP
  • Behemoth content is unlocked in the tech tree as Behemoth specific technologies. Behemoth techs are visually distinct from regular ones
  • A Behemoth’s possible actions on the galaxy map are determined by its equipped modules

The actions are detailed below.

  • Support


  • The Behemoth will be able to place mining probes on uncolonized planets. The strategic and luxury resources for which the player has the technology will be mined
  • Mining probes have a set duration

Government Support

Placing the Behemoth in orbit of an owned or allied system will provide FIDS bonuses to the system

Science  Research

Research: Placing the Behemoth over a special node will provide research points and possibly other research discounts linked to Special node type

Analyzer: Placing the Behemoth over a special node will intensify the effect of the Special node for the system which has influence over it and/or generate strategic resources

Planet Improvement

All these modules require the player to have the corresponding anomaly/terraformation technologies unlocked.

Anomaly Reduction: Allows the Behemoth to reduce anomalies on neutral planets

Terraformation: Allows the Behemoth to terraform neutral planets

Rejuvenation: Allows the Behemoth to refill depleted planets and to reassemble destroyed planets


  • Provides more military slots to the Behemoth
  • Unlocks the tractor beam to be used in Behemoths or Carriers: prevents the enemy retreating from space battles


Once the corresponding Behemoth-tech has been researched, it can become specialized in the one that was unlocked. Specialization is permanent and changes the hull of the Behemoth. A specialized Behemoth can be embedded in a fleet alongside other ships.


Largest and strongest military ship in the game:

  • x8 Multiplier
  • 10 CP
  • Can unlock a special “Ion Wave” ability: destroys all fleets on node (including owned fleet) but leaves the Battleship deactivated for X turns (can’t move on the map nor attack in space battle)


The Obliterator is a System destroyer which has a quite weak hull with a very limited amount of slots:

  • Can fire a missile for free once every 20 turns
  • The action can be sped up by paying a Quadrinix and Orichalcix cost which decreases as the timer decreases

  • The missile travels on the map and needs X turns to reach its destination:

  • On impact, the missile will destroy the entire system:
  • All planets are destroyed
  • The sun type might change
  • All player owned assets are destroyed
  • Players can build a shield to keep their assets and suffer only 50% of damages on them
  • Citadels provide a native Obliterator shield (you can reach 100% protection on a Citadel, see below for more details)
  • Systems with a sun type “None” can’t be targeted by the Obliterator


The Behemoth embeds itself onto a system and transforms it into a Citadel (so you don’t have a ship anymore)

  • Provides strong defensive bonuses to the system (more manpower, stronger local troops)
  • Provides a native Obliterator shield
  • Prevents free move for enemies on this node
  • Provides a native guard on the system (no need to have fleets in orbit)
  • Unlock specific Citadel star system improvements that can only be built on Citadels:
  • Planetary Batteries, which will fire during space battles (but won’t take part otherwise)
  • Other improvements will focus on defense or industry/science

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