Endless Space 2 – Economic Behemoth

Economic Behemoth

This section is about these modules:

Once you have unlocked behemoths, and E&D S2, you’ll have acces to very first of these modules, without unlocking any new tech. To acces the upgraded version, you’ll need to unlock “Mission flexibility” in E&T S3.

Both will give you bonus from exploited nodules. To get its bonus the only thing you have to do is to park a behemoth equipped with them over one of your systems, and you’ll start getting FIDSI bonus.

In this screenshot you can see a behemoth equipped with them, which I called “Economic behemoth”:

If you look at the desing, I occupied a support module with an engine. Have in mind, that this slot can be used for an extra bureau nodule in case you don’t want to move your behemoth from the system it is providing its bous.

Here also I got 5 support slots, originally you’ll only have 3, but by unlocking “Mission flexibility” tech, you’ll got two extra support slots which are very useful.

In this other screenshot, you can see the behemoth guarding a system and providing its FIDSI bonus. This one is a passive skill and bonus will be automatically applied:

Two things to notice:

  • First, the icon into the yellow square indicates that the system is receiving bonus from a behemoth. Remember this icon, because all passive skills that gives bonus from guarding a node will use the same.
  • Second, you can move your cursor over the icon and a tooltip with the bonus you’re are receiving will appear.

As note, the blue sphere visual effect on the system is due to a Riftborn singularity and not related to behemoth, so don’t expect it.

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