Endless Space 2 – Special Nodes

Special Node Behemoth

This section si very close to previous and modules explained here works in same way, so I’ll only go into differences.

There are two other modules that will give you bonus from special nodes, that can be unlocked in S&E S2 and S3:


Both are useful in different cisrcunstances. First is useful in early-mid game if you’re short of dust, science or influence. In mid late game those bonus won’t be so significant, and probably will be better changing to a pure scientific behemoth or a one that grants you strategic resources.

The second is useful at any moment you’re shor of strategic resources and don’t have any in your colonized systems. Alas, as you can see, the resources youi get depens on the special node type you parked your behemoth. Note also that the scond one will grant you a +25% special node effect, which is useful if you’re receiving bonus to FIDSI is this node is into your influence zone.

In this screenshot, you can see a behemoth equipped with two of each:

This is probaly not the best configuration you can do, but useful for explaining purposes. As in previous section, consider sacrifice one slot for an engine depending how far you’re from the desired special node.

And in the las screenshot you can see the bonus provided by this behemoth parked over an special node:

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