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Mining Probe This section is about these six modules: “Mining probe start” is unlocked once you […]

Mining Probe

This section is about these six modules:

Mining probe start” is unlocked once you reach E&D S2 fro free, while the other five are unlocked in E&T S2 and S3.

All those modules will grant you probes that will allow you to mine resources from any uncolonized planet you found. This is very useful in cases when you want a resource and from any reason you can’t colonize the planet where it is (like the system is owned by another player or you don’t have the required tech to colonize that planet type).

Different from previous sections, this one is an active skill and youll have to send the probes one by one.

Remember that those probes will mine either strategic and luxuries, so sometimes, even having a close special node that grants the strategic you want, a miner behemoth may be useful to get some luxuries from a system that is far away.

It’s hard to tell what kind of module it’s better here, basically deep miners offers large probe duration at expense of larger cooldown and fast miners have lower lifespan and cooldown. cre miner have large dooldown, large lifespan and offers the best % bonus to exploited resources, but costs adamantian to equip in your behemoth. Mining probe start is usefut at early game until you get any of the other techs. Having this in mind, equip what you think fits better with you gameplay or actual situation.

What i can tell you is that upgraded versions will grant you more resources, as you can see in the % multiplier to deposit value.

As in previous sections, let’s equip a behemoth with mining probes:

Here I equipped my behemoth with a sort of every type of mining probes, but when playing it will be more useful to have all of same kind. About the engine, in this case is more useful than in previous sections, cause sometimes the resource you want is far from your systems. Also unlocking “Behemoths generators” in S&E S2 will help you having more mobility.

Now let’s start mining. first you have to do is sent your behemoth to the system you want to mine. Then if there’s a suitable planet, an icon (yellow square) will appear:

Just click and start sending probes to the planet you want to mine, and you’ll get all resources the planet has. Remember that you need to unlock the techs required to exploit this resource, so if you try to mine antimatter from aplanet with it but you don’t have the required tech to exploit antimatter, you won’t get it, even if you can see it and sed a probe there.

Another way to send your probes is to zoom-in the system, and an icon to send a probe will appear over every suitable planet, like when you send exploration probes to search curiosities.

And here we can see our behemoth mining:

Here I sent two probes, moving you cursor over a resource, you can see how mauch of it you’ll get and how many turns, In the example I’ll be getting 4.5 darglitter during 36 turns.

Just as note, seems probe durations or probes theirself stacks, as here I get resources during 36 turns, while the best probe endures only 12. Sadly for you I cannot test it propperly and give exact advice, but anyway you can see that stacking mining modules is a good option.

In this other screenshot you can see the incon (in game it is animated) that appears on planets that are being mined in galaxy view:

Here, remember that in this case the behemoth can leave this system and the probes will continue granting you resources, until they end their lifespan on the planets are colonized. So another difference from getting resources from special nodes is that in that case you have to park your behemoth, but here you can move to next system with uncolonized planets and place more probes.

Lastly and awful thing that can ahppen:

Reasons why you cannot mine resources:

Planets are colinized.

  • Even having probes you need the tech to exploit this resource.
  • Sometimes you cannot reach the deired system, like in close borders.

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