Espresso Tycoon Mission Tips

Hello from our Espresso Tycoon Mission Tips guide! There are many strategies to use while playing the missions. You will discover your own playstyle that works for you. This little guide will give you tips that you may or may not consider using on your own.

Espresso Tycoon Mission Tips

Welcome to our Espresso Tycoon Mission Tips guide. These tips and thoughts are written here to provide ideas you may not have considered while playing the missions.

General Tips

Each Mission adds to the overall challenge. The following tips are not exclusive to just one of the missions but could be useful to you throughout.

  • TIP: Create desirable menu drinks for all available personality types right from the start of each mission, even if you can’t afford the ingredients yet.
Espresso Tycoon Mission Tips
Espresso Tycoon Mission Tips
  • TIP: In order to know which each costumer type desires, hover over the type of customer you wish to make a drink for in the menu creation screen.
  • TIP: There is a limited amount of funds available when you begin each challenge. Therefore, try to create your desirable menu drinks with as many of the same ingredients as possible to cut down initial costs of ordering.
  • TIP: When ordering for your first menu drinks, do not feel obligated to buy a full 10 units of each item. Feel free to only buy 1 or 2 units to start. (Depending on how many drinks that item will be in, you might consider buying 3 or more.) This will allow you to add your created drinks to the menu much sooner.
  • This next tip is risky since you will be paying employees without gaining income… (I do not always use this tactic. But when I choose to use it and get past the ‘danger time’ it usually gives me a very good boost to customer satisfaction and in turn, bring in more profits and ratings sooner.)
  • TIP: Do not open your shop until all your ordered ingredients have come in. (3-12 Hours)
  • If you choose to open your shop while you are still waiting for ingredients to be delivered, its not the end of the world, just be sure to keep your drinks that do not have all its required ingredients off of the menu or you will start getting negative ratings.
  • TIP: Replace beginning coffee machine with the next one (has milk frother) on day 1 so that more drinks/ingredients can be made and put on the menu. ($300)
  • TIP: Pay off loans as soon as possible. The interest that comes at the end of each day can be real trouble.
  • TIP: Consider replacing your starting barista with one that will work for 12 hours. Concentrate on training them up as must as possible before getting another.
  • TIP: Alternatively, if funds are available, hire two 12h baristas so your shop can stay open 24/7. Be watchful of their schedule preferences when selecting them.
  • TIP: Be aware that in later missions, employees will quit because of finding a job elsewhere with a better salary/offer. Try to keep their wages in the green.
  • TIP: Each time you train up an employee they will expect more pay. Do not forget to adjust their salary so they do not find a better job offer elsewhere.
  • TIP: You may not always be told to order take out cups from the beginning but if you have the funds for it, consider ordering at least 1 or more units so customers that wish to take their drink to go won’t be left wanting if they should run out before you are aware of the need.
  • TIP: It is always a good idea to periodically look at your drink menu. If a drink is listed red, they do not have all the ingredients needed to make it. Hover over the drink name in the menu to see how many units of each ingredient you have in stock for it. If the drink is colored yellow/orange they are running very low on one or more ingredients. Order what is needed as soon as possible.
  • TIP: A tactic you might consider useful is to periodically look at your order tab. Even if your drink menu does not list anything in the red or yellow as needing anything, you can see from the ingredient/order tab how many units you have left of everything. Sometimes its a good thing to order more of a popular item if you have the funds, then to wait for a need to arise.

We have come to the end of our Espresso Tycoon Mission Tips guide. This is a WIP. The game is still being developed and adjusted according to the thoughts and opinions of the players. Feel free to comment for your suggestions and thoughts!

Written by Catzpaw

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