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Fae Farm: How to Farm Hybrid Flowers

Detailed about how to farm hybrid flowers in the game.

In Fae Farm, you earn money from the flowers and crops you plant. One of the flowers that will make you more money is Hybrid Flowers. In this guide, we told you how to grow them.

Hybrid Flowers Farming

Among the flora are hybrid flowers, boasting unique hues that cannot be acquired through purchase but must be nurtured from seeds in Fae Farm.

Set within a vibrant village teeming with companions and potential romances, players will find themselves immersed in interactions, commerce, and exploration. Certain flowers are often requested as gifts or quest items by villagers, adding to the allure of floral cultivation. Below is a comprehensive guide on growing hybrid flowers, encompassing various color combinations.

How to grow Hybrid Flowers

Hybrid flowers originate from the genetic fusion of two distinct parent flowers, resulting in a spectrum of new colors. Before embarking on floral cultivation, players must first fulfill certain storyline tasks. At the onset of the game, Rosalind, the owner of the flower shop, presents players with a challenge: to breed a rare hybrid flower.

Rosalind elucidates that by planting a red rose adjacent to a white zinnia, players may yield a hybrid bloom. This task necessitates the crafting of at least three Flower Soil Beds. Accessible solely within the homestead, the crafting menu requires the following materials:

  • Oak Log x1: Obtained by felling trees with the axe.
  • Silt x1: Harvested from dirt piles using the shovel.
  • Mulch x1: Excavated from wood piles in the Spooky Woods and mines.

To fulfill Rosalind’s request, players must crossbreed a red flower with a white flower to produce a pink variant. The most efficient combination involves a red rose and a white lily. Once planted, these flowers should not be picked upon blooming. Daily watering is essential to foster their growth.

An intermediary seed will sprout between them, giving rise to a red, white, or pink bloom. As success isn’t guaranteed, players may need to sow multiple flowers to achieve their desired outcome.

Furthermore, players must unlock all flower species at the shops to cultivate all hybrid flowers and complete their Almanac. Rosalind exclusively vends red roses, white lilies, and yellow tulip seeds.

Zinnias are solely procurable from the flower shop within the Fae Realm. However, players must first traverse the floating ruins and restore the Fae Realm before gaining access to the shop, owned by Asphodel. Asphodel stocks blue hyacinths, green zinnias, and magenta trillium seeds in their floral inventory.

With the prerequisites in place, players can commence the cultivation of hybrid flowers, offering a repertoire of six flower species and 12 distinctive colors. Refer to the chart below to ascertain the methods for producing each hue in Fae Farm.

Desired ColorFirst ColorSecond Color
How to Farm Hybrid Flowers

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