How to Defeat Bile Titans in Helldivers 2

Detailed about how to defeat Bile Titans in the game.

One of the largest bugs you can encounter in Helldivers 2, the Bile Titan is quite difficult to defeat. We have compiled the weak points of these insects and how to eliminate them in this guide.

How to Beat Bile Titans

Encountering a Bile Titan in Helldivers 2 is a daunting challenge, given its massive size and deadly attacks. Here’s a guide on how to take down these formidable foes:

Behavior and Weak Points

Bile Titans are frequently the primary objectives in extermination missions, especially in Challenging difficulty. However, in Hard difficulty and above, they may appear randomly across the map. Their frequency increases with higher difficulty levels, reflecting the escalating threat they pose.

Bile Titans employ two main tactics: trampling squads underfoot and unleashing corrosive acid vomit. For swift elimination, consider employing the Eagle 500kg Bomb if your level permits. Dropping this ordinance directly on the titan can dispatch it instantly, though it may evade incoming stratagems. Alternatively, mark the titan for an Orbital Railcannon Strike, which guarantees its demise but comes with a cooldown of around five minutes.

Note: When engaging a Bile Titan, target its mouth and rear. The mouth is particularly susceptible when it’s expelling acid, but this requires coordinated distraction tactics while positioning teammates for effective strikes. If forced to target its legs, aim for the joints for optimal damage.

Strategy for Subduing Bile Titans

The Recoilless Rifle and Expendable Anti-Tank (EAT) Launchers excel at delivering substantial bursts of damage against heavily armored adversaries. Organize a Recoilless Rifle team within your squad, comprising a shooter and a reloader, for coordinated assaults. Alternatively, if facing swarms of smaller enemies alongside the titan, prioritize EAT launchers, which offer comparable effectiveness and versatility. Concentrated fire with three or four rockets to the titan’s vulnerable points—its mouth or rear can swiftly neutralize it.

To contend with accompanying enemy swarms, deploy anti-infantry stratagems like the Eagle Strafing Run or Orbital Gatling Barrage to clear the area around the Bile Titan. While explosive stratagems inflict considerable damage against the titans, they also pose a risk of friendly fire, necessitating careful use in chaotic situations.

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