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Agility Training Course Walkthrough

Go to the South-West end of the camp, and like the other courses you will find a terminal next to your test. This time you will have to run through an obstacle course while activating buttons at the beginning and end of each Challenge. You can’t take any short cuts and you can’t cheat the system! You must complete each obstacle correctly while remembering to press each button at the beginning and end. You have 2:00 minutes to complete the course.

Your first obstacle is a tire run.

Just jump on top of the tires and run across to the button on the other side.

Next up is the rope walk across water.

Just keep your center and walk slowly across the rope. If you fall in the water you must turn around and go back to the beginning of the rope, otherwise getting to the other side and pressing the button wont matter.

Next you will have to crawl under barbed wire under mud.

This one is pretty easy, other than the rad poisoning, just crouch and crawl under the post, pressing the button on the other side.

Next up is the beam walk.This will likely be the hardest obstacle for you to complete, so don’t be afraid to take it a bit slower. There are 3 buttons to press along this obstacle so make sure to press each one.

After the beams, all you have to do is run up and down a steep ramp.

Hop over each beam in the next challenge.

Then head to the base of the tower, pressing the button at the top and bottom, to complete the challenge.

Once you reach the top and activate the button, you will get your completion time and the test will be complete!

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